2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

34 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice Rapco Vacuum System Kit Substantial savings over purchasing the components separately. Kit includes: Dry Air Pump - RA215CC, Vacuum Regulator with Garter Filter, Suction Gauge, Filter RA-D9-18-1, 6 Fittings, Hoses (5/8” X 3’, 3/8” X 5’, 1/4” X 6’), 14 Hose Clamps (5/8” and 7/8”) and Installation Diagram. For Lycoming O-235, O-290, O-320, O-360, IO-360, O-540, IO-540, Rotax 912, 914. Engines with counter clockwise turning accessory drives on a standard AND20000 mounting pad. P/N VAC-1. Code 8 Cat. No. I-306-000 $805.35 n Vacuum Regulators by Rapcoby FAA-PMA approved for vacuum instrument systems. Designed to maintain a constant setting at various pressure altitudes. Adjustable setting. Vacuum regulators come with the RA-B3-5-1 garter filter. Description Code Cat. No. Price RA2H3-2 FAA ApprovedIt has a 1/2” hose fitting on the instrument side and a 5/8” threaded firewall fitting on the pump side. This regulator is used in several General Aviation applications using Vacuum type systems. Direct replacement for the Airborne Models 2H3-2, 133A3; Aero Accessories P/N 2H3-2. 4 A-264-000 $287.80 RA2H3-12 FAA ApprovedDesigned to maintain a constant setting at various pressure altitudes. Adjustable setting. This vacuum regulator comes with the RAB3-5-1 garter filter, 5/8” hose fitting (pump), and two 3/8” hose fitting (instruments). Direct replacement for Airborne P/N 2H3-12, 2H3-16, 133A16; Cessna P/N C482001-0401. 4 A-265-000 $287.80 RA2H3-23 FAA ApprovedUsed in most general aviation applications, it is similar to the RA2H3-12, except its two 3/8” hose fittings (instruments) are parallel to each other. The regulator comes preset to 5.0 PSI in inches of Mercury (Hg). Direct replacement for the Airborne Model 2H3-23, 133A4; Piper P/N’S 492-065, 492-272. 4 A-262-000 $287.80 Vacuum Relief & Pump Inlet Foam Garter Foam polyurethane garter filter should be replaced every 100 hours to protect the relief valve seat and vacuum pump. Fits all Airborne series 133 and 2H3 regulating valves. P/N RAB-3-5-1 4 A-108-000 $3.15 Vacuum Pump Wrench by Rapco For the removal and installation of dry air vacuum pumps. Hardened steel with nickel plating. Shaped to provide easy access to tight areas between the pump and accessories. P/N RA-716 7 M-940-000 $24.00 VACUUM PUMPS & REGULATORS These new coolingfins provide 90% more housing surface for cooler operation and the unirotational pump design and canted vanes provide 50% more usable vane length. All insure longer service life. Afield tested inlet screen and beveled rotor protect the pump from contamination. Includes a two year or 1000-hour manufacturer’s warranty. Call for your specific aircraft engine application. Code 4 New Model Old Model Cat. No. Price RAP215CC 211CC I-217-001 $357.15 RAP215CC-9 211CC-9 I-217-003 $357.15 RAP216CW 212CW I-217-002 $357.15 A-264-000 A-262-000 Hose Clamps Code 5 Hose I.D Cat. No. Price Hose Clamps 7/16”-25/32” E-713-000 $1.75 Hose Clamps 11/16”-1-1/4” E-713-001 $1.35 Hose Clamps 1-1/6”-2” E-713-002 $1.75 AE102 Fire SleeveFor use with 303 and 701 hose. It functions within a continuous operating temperature range of -65˚F to 450˚F. Meets FAA/TSO Requirements. Code 5 I.D. Fire Sleeve Req. Clamp Cat. No. Price 1/4” J-242 E-711-000 $8.90 3/8” J-242 E-711-001 $9.80 1/2” J-242 E-711-002 $13.05 9/16” J-242 E-711-006 $10.85 5/8” J-253 E-711-003 $14.55 7/8” J-253 E-711-004 $15.55 1” J-253 E-711-005 $16.55 Clamps for Fire Sleeves P/N J-242 E-712-000 $2.50 P/N J-253 E-712-002 $2.90 P/N MS 35842-13 E-712-003 $2.05 HOSES AND FITTINGS Medium Pressure Hose 303For hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel, oil and coolant systems. Synthetic rubber reinforced with two layers of braided impregnated oil-resistant cotton yarn. Operating temperatures -65˚F to +250˚F. Conforms to MIL-DTL-8794. Used with Aeroquip 491 hose fittings. Code 5 Hose P/N Hose O.D. Hose I.D. Max. (PSI) Oper. Press. Wt./ft Cat. No. Price per ft. 303-3 .453 .125 3000 .120 E-700-000 $6.85 303-4 .516 .188 3000 .132 E-700-001 $8.40 303-6 .672 .313 2000 .228 E-700-002 $9.00 303-8 .766 .406 2000 .264 E-700-003 $9.75 Oil and Coolant Hose MIL-DTL 6000All purpose hose for oil, alcohol, coolant and water lines. Oil resistant with reinforced high strength mildew resistant yarns. Withstands temperatures from -40˚ F to +250˚ F. Meets or exceeds US military specs. Code 5 6000-4 5/8” 1/4” 1000 .14 E-708-000 $6.55 6000-6 3/4” 3/8” 1000 .18 E-708-001 $6.75 6000-8 7/8” 1/2” 1000 .22 E-708-002 $7.45 6000-10 1” 5/8” 1000 .26 E-708-003 $7.66 6000-12 1-1/8” 3/4” 1000 .27 E-708-004 $9.85 6000-16 1-3/8” 1” 1000 .38 E-708-005 $11.20 ENGINE PARTS n Gyro Filter Assembly FAA Approved. Extend your directional gyro and gyro horizon life. Convenient gyrofilter with replacement cartridge. Standard on many current production aircraft. 5-1/4” deep. All Code 4 P/N RA1J7-1 A-109-001 $37.50 Replacement Cartridge P/N RA-D9-18-1 A-109-002 $19.00 A-265-000 n Vacuum Pumps by Rapcoby Rapco