2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice | 1.800.558.6868 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 35 Description Code Cat. No. Price J-3 Style Reproduction BoxAlso adaptable to most Cont. A-65 through 0-200 powered aircraft. Uses filter Cat. No. I-345-001. Airbox Only 8 I-837-000 $300.00 Box & Filter Kit 8 I-837-100 $334.50 Copy of Cessna 150 BoxUses filter Cat. No. I-345-001. Airbox Only 8 M-441-000 $291.50 Box & Filter Kit 8 M-441-100 $312.50 Carb Air Box Support Required for installation of all carb air boxes to eliminate air box cracking. 4 I-837-999 $69.00 Lycoming Style Carb Heat Boxes Adaptable to most Lycoming 0-320 and 0-360 engines. Uses filter Cat. No. I-345-001. 0-320 Style Box 8 I-871-000 $276.95 0-360 Style Box 8 I-871-100 $253.85 Carb Heat Box Overhaul Repair Kits Extend the life of your present air box using this repair kit, which consists of new bearing mounted actuated shaft and arm. 4 ozs. Continental C75, 85, 90, O-200 4 I-867-000 $89.10 Continental C85, C90 and 0-200 8 I-860-000 $44.50 Continental C145, 0300 Airbox Replacement Kit 8 I-860-100 $44.50 Continental O-300 4 I-867-100 $94.75 Continental Air Box Arm Hole Replacement Kit 8 I-860-200 $14.00 CARB AIR HEATERS, PREHEATERS E-314-000 E-317-000 E-558-000 E-557-000 M-852-002 M-853-000 I-860-000 n Reusable Valve Cover Gaskets A permanent cure for a chronic problem - the constant leakage of valve cover gaskets on reciprocating engines. Reliable and reusable for service life of the engine. FAA ApprovedAll Code 4 Description P/N Cat. No. Price Continental C-65, C-75, C-85, C-90, C-145, O-200, O-300. 6 holes. RG530162 E-314-000 $8.40 Continental IO-360, TIO-360, TSIO-360. 4 holes. RG632310 E-317-000 $4.25 Continental O-470 except A,K; IO-470, IO-520, TSIO-520. 8 holes. RG534857 E-315-000 $9.80 Lycoming O-235, O-320, O-360, O-540, IO-540 and O-290. 6 holes. RG75906 E-558-000 $9.00 Lycoming IO-360, GO-435, IO-540, IO-720, GO-480, VO-435, VO-540 and TIVO-540. 8 holes. RG67193 E-557-000 $7.95 E-315-000 I-837-000 M-441-000 I-837-999 I-871-000 n Preheaters FAA/PMA’d Safe-HEET Preheaters Permanent installation. Thin, flexible, silicone pad bonds to engine oil sump. Heats the air inside the engine. S.T.C. or Form 337 not required. No engine or airframe modifications required. Uses standard 110 AC. Less than 1 hr. will warm engine oil from subzero to safe starting temperature reducing costly starter and engine abuse during cold weather starts. External ground wire allows engine and airframe to be grounded to eletrical outlet, reducing the risk of electrical shock. Unit maintains temperature less than 160˚ F. NOTE: Where oil sump is limited, model 700 may be used. Description Code Cat. No. Price Model 700Fits Cont. C-125, C-145;O-300; GO-300; IO-360, TIO-360, LTSIO-360; E-165, E-185, E-225. Alsofits Lyc. O-235; O-290; O-320 (except O-320-H), IO-320; AIO-320, LIO-320, AEIO-320; O-360, HO-360, LO-360, HIO-360, AIO-360, LIO-360; GO-480, GSO-480, IGSO480. 4” Width x 4” Length. 4 M-852-001 $185.95 Model 720Fits Cont. O-470, IO-470, LIO-470, FSO-470, TSIO-470, GIO-470; IO-520, GTSIO-520, LTSIO-520; IO-550. Alsofits Lyc. O-540, VO-540, TVO-540, IO-540, HIO-540, AEIO-540, IGO-540, IVO-540, TIO-540, LTIO-540, TIVO-540; IO-720. 4” Width x 4” Length. 4 M-852-002 $185.95 Safe-HEET Temperature Controller Model 707 Provides temperature control for continuous preheat without promoting internal corrosion. Use with any 700 series pre-heaters. Includes 25 ft. cord. 7 M-853-000 $76.50 Tanis Engine Preheat System For ROTAX® 912/914This preheat system applies heat to strategic locations on the engine including the cylinder heads, crankcase, and oil tank. The kit comes complete with all heating elements, heavy duty wiring harness with 120 volt plug, installation instructions and documentation. 8 M-938-000 $687.00 M-938-000 M-852-001 Dow Corning® 732 Multi-Purpose Sealant, 3 oz. General-purpose bonding and sealing; making formed-in-place gaskets. Use for sealing flashing, vents and electrical boxes; caulking joints in sheet metal stacks and ductwork; making formedin-place gaskets for compressors, gearboxes and pumps. Dries clear. Remains permenently flexible, resistant to weathering -76° to 360°F. Conforms to MIL-A-46106. Code 5 Cat. No. K-289-000 $7.70