2019 Wag-Aero

Customer Number SHOP WITH US AT WAGAERO.COM Priority Code Number 2019-2020 Edition of Wag-Aero’s Catalog © | 1-800-558-6868 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | wagaero.com | Printed in USA Vacuum Pumps by Rapco These new cooling fins provide 90% more housing surface for cooler operation and the unirotational pump design and canted vances provide 50% more usable vane length. All insure longer service life. A field tested inlet screen and beveled rotor protect the pump from contamination. Includes a two year or 1000-hour manufacturer’s warranty. Call for your specific aircraft engine application. Code 4 Cat. No. Price RAP215CC I-217-001 $339.00 RAP215CC-9 I-217-003 $339.00 RAP216CW I-217-002 $339.00 More Vacuum Pumps on Page 34 Windsock & Frame Windsock & Frame Windsock made of bright red orange Nylon with a white powder coated frame. Code 7 Cat. No. Price 13” Windsock & Frame M-083-100 $59.50 18” Windsock M-084-000 $44.50 See Page 122 for More Windsocks & Frames Handheld Tow Bars Deluxe Cessna. Most twin & single Cessna with 5/8” lugs on nose gear strut, most 210’s Cat. No. Price M-340-011 $68.75 More Tow Bars on Pages 59-60 10-1/2" 7" Runway Light Kits These realistically priced lights are inexpensive to install and maintain. The shield has a baked on finish equipped with high illuminating lens. Also includes 6” attach pigtail. Operates on standard 115V. Code 7 Description Cat. No. Price 3200 FT. Strip Kit Includes 18 white lamps and 4 green threshold lamps. B-124-200 $895.00 2200 FT. Strip Kit Includes 10 white lamps and 4 green threshold lamps. B-124-100 $579.00 Threshold Dual Red/ Green Assembly Designed for threshold installations requiring this type of configuration. Includes 6 red/green lamps. B-124-300 $296.00 More Runway Light Components on Page 28 Fuel Tank J-3 Main Tanks Exact replacement, aluminum. Ideal for most homebuilts. 17-1/2”L x 13”W x 14-1/2”H. 12 gal. tank. Uses Cat. No. G-658-000 drain valve, not included. Code 4 Cat. No. Price E-316-000 $535.00 More Fuel Tanks on Pages 38 & 92 Window Vent Window Ventilator Plexiglass cabin ventilator. Mounts firmly at four points. Closes tight for winter flying. Code 8 Cat. No. Price Uses 2-1/2” dia. hole H-833-000 $18.95 More Window Vents on Page 43 Sport Trainer Drawings Code 7 A replica of the classic J-3 Cub with numerous design improvements; higher gross, more baggage area, and increased cruise speed. 15 pages of engineered construction drawings, including full scale wing rib patterns for convenient assembly of the Sport Trainer. Cat. No. Price Q-001-000 $135.00 More Kit Plane Drawings on Pages 80, 82 & 83 Spring Connector Kits Compression Type Kit Keeps rudder neutral - no tension on the post. Complete with 2 springs, 4 connector clips and 2 linkage chains. Code 4 Cat. No. Price D-205-100 $32.00 More Tail Spring Connector Kits on Page 56 D-205-100 Reinforced Engine Baffle Material 3/32” Reinforced Engine Baffle Material improves engine cooling; prevents deterioration from fuel and oil by replacing the engine baffle gasket material on your aircraft. 3” x 9 ft. roll can be cut and trimmed for multiple uses. Handles temperatures from -65º F up to 550º F. Meets the AMS 3320. Material has fiberglass mesh for reinforced strength and is better suited for wider openings. Code 5 Cat. No. Price Meets AMS 3320 I-912-200 $48.95 More Baffle Material on Page 42