2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice | 1.800.558.6868 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 33 SLICK IGNITION UPGRADES FAA ApprovedKit includes two factory new Slick magnetos, a complete Slick ignition harness, spark plugs & conversion information. Kits are shipped FOB factory. Prepayment Required. Freight charges billed after shipment, minimum of $33.00. $500 Magneto core credit only. Special order for red or yellow harness, an additional $90.00 for 4-cylinder or $130.00 for 6-cylinder, and an additional 2 weeks for delivery. CORE INFORMATION: Champion will only accept the following magnetos for core credit: Slick 400/600, 4200/6200, 4300/6300 series Magnetos as well as any LASAR Magnetos. This includes Slick magnetos overhauled by third parties. Acceptable Continental Motor’s Bendix core magnetos are: Bendix 20, 200 and 1200 series Magnetos. For customers converting away from the Bendix dual mag to two individual mag systems, Champion will accept the D2000 & D3000 dual magnetos for core credit against the purchase of a new Slick ignition upgrade kit. Champion would approve a $1000 core credit for a returned complete dual magneto in this instance. All cores must be received at Wag-Aero within 30 days or your core credit will be forfeited. All Code 4 Slick Kit Spark Plug Size Uses Spark Plug(s) Only Cat. No. Price w/Core Price w/o Core 4-Cylinder Continental Engine Applications: K4334-40 A-65, A-75, C-75-8, C-85-8, C-90-8 All Models (includes new drive gears) 5/8” REM40E I-974-300 $3,307.00 $4,307.00 K4520-40 C-75-12, -15; C-85-12, -14, -15; C-90-12, -14, -16; O200-A, -B, -C All Models 5/8” REM40E I-974-100 $3,083.00 $4,083.00 6-Cylinder Continental Engine Applications: K6327-38 O-300 -A, -B, -C, -D, -E 5/8” REM38E I-974-400 $3,211.00 $4,211.00 K6327-40 O-300 -A, -B, -C, -D, -E 5/8” REM40E I-974-401 $3,211.00 $4,211.00 K6320-32 IO-470 -D, -E, -F, -H, -L, -LO, -M, -N, -S, -U, -V, -VO; IO-520 -A, -B, -BA, -BB, -C, -CB, -D, -E, -F, -J, -K, -L, -M, -MB, -N, -NB; TSIO-520 -A, -BB, -C, -D, -DB, -E, -EB, -G, -H, -J, -JB, -K, -KB, -L, -LB, -M, -N, -NB, -P, -R, -T, -U, -UB, -VB, -WB; IO-550 -A, -B, -C, -D, -E, -F, -G, -L, -N 3/4” RHB32E I-974-200 $3,243.00 $4,243.00 K6320-38 IO-470 -G, -P, -R, -T; O-470 -M, -M-C1, -N, -P, -R, -S, -T, -U 3/4” RHM38E I-974-201 $3,243.00 $4,243.00 K6320-40 IO-470 -G, -P, -R, -T ; O-470 -M, -M-C1, -N, -P, -R, -S, -T, -U 3/4” RHM40E I-974-202 $3,243.00 $4,243.00 K6520-40 IO-470 -A, -C, -J, -K; O-470 -A, -B, -B-CI, -CI, -E, -G, -G-CI, -H, -J, -K, -K-CI, -L, -L-CI, -N, -P 5/8” REM40E I-990-100 $3,417.00 $4,417.00 4-Cylinder Lycoming Engine Applications: K4516-37BY O-235 -C1A, -C1C, -C2C, -E1, -E2B, -F1; O-320 -A1A, -A2D, -C1A,-C3A, -D1D, -D2G, -D2H, -D3G, -E1J, -E2D, -E2G, -E3D; IO-320 -B1B, -E1B, -E2B; AEIO-320 -E1B, -E2B; AIO-320; AIO-360 -A2B; O-360 -A1H6, -A2H, -A4K, -A4M, -B1A, -C1E, -C1F, -C2B, -C2E, -D1A; IO-360 -B1F6; AEIO-360-A2B, -B1F6, -B2F6, -H1A 5/8” REM37BY I-973-102 $2,956.00 $3,956.00 K4516-38 Same as ( Cat. No. I-973-102) 5/8” REM38E I-973-100 $2,956.00 $3,956.00 K4516-40 Same as (Cat. No. I-973-102) 5/8” REM40E I-973-101 $2,956.00 $3,956.00 K4517-37BY O-235 -C, -C1, -C2A, -E2A, -F2A, -G1, -G2A, -J2A; O-290-D; O-320 -A1B, -A2A, -A2B, -A3A, -A3B, -B1A, -B1B, -B2A, -B2B,3 -B3A, -B3B, -C1B, -C2A, -C2B, -C2C, -C3B, -C3C, -D1A, -E1A, -E2A, -E2H; IO-320 -B2A, -E1A, -E2A; AEIO-320 -E1A, -E2A; O-360 -A1A; IO-360 -A1B; AEIO-360 -A1D, -B4A 5/8” REM37BY I-973-202 $2,956.00 $3,956.00 K4517-38 Same as (Cat. No. I-973-202) 5/8” REM38E I-973-200 $2,956.00 $3,956.00 K4517-40 Same as (Cat. No. I-973-202) 5/8” REM40E I-973-201 $2,956.00 $3,956.00 6-Cylinder Lycoming Engine Applications: K6536-38 O-540 -A1D, -A1D5, -A4D5, -B1A5, -B2A5, -C1B5, -C4B5, -C4C5, -D4A5, -E1A5, -E4A5; AEIO -540-D4A5 5/8” REM38E I-973-300 $3,211.00 $4,211.00 K6536-40 Same as (Cat. No. I-973-300) 5/8” REM40E I-973-301 $3,211.00 $4,211.00 SLICK HARNESSES SLICK MAGNETOS Magneto Spark Plug Size Slick P/N Cat. No. Code Price Continental A-65, A-75, C-85-8, C-90-8 Slick 4300 Series 5/8-24 M2045 I-976-008 4 $825.00 C-75, C-85, C-90, O-200 Bendix S4-20/S4-200 5/8-24 M2007 I-976-005 4 $546.15 C-75, C-85, C-90, O-200 Slick 4301 5/8-24 M1780 I-976-003 4 $546.15 O-300, C-125, C-145 Bendix S6-20/S6-200 5/8-24 M2130 I-976-007 4 $825.00 O-470, IO-520 Bendix S-1200 3/4-20 M1740 I-976-002 4 $803.65 O-470, IO-520 Slick 6300 Series 3/4-20 M2381 I-976-004 4 $803.65 O-470, IO-520, TSIO-520 Bendix S6-20/S-200 3/4-20 M1730 I-976-001 4 $803.65 TSIO-360, IO-360, LTS10-360 Bendix S6-20/S6-200 3/4-20 M2015 I-976-006 4 $825.00 Lycoming O-235, O-320, O-360 Slick 4250/4251 5/8-24 M4004 I-975-005 4 $546.15 Slick 4300 Series 5/8-24 M4001 I-975-003 4 $546.15 O-235, O-290, O-320, O-360 Bendix S4-20/S-200 5/8-24 M2364 I-975-002 4 $546.15 O-540, IO-540, AEIO-540 Series Bendix S6-1200 5/8-24 M2154 I-975-001 4 $803.65 O-540 Bendix D-2000/3000 3/4-24 M2919 I-975-004 4 $1,083.20 O-540, IO-540, TIO-540 Bendix S6-20/200 5/8-24 M2121 I-981-001 4 $834.00 O-540, IO-540, AEIO-540 Bendix S6-1200 3/4-20 M2157 I-980-001 4 $775.00 4300 (4-Cylinder) & 6300 (6-Cylinder) Series Slick Magnetos The units are completely rebuildable and only weigh 3.75 pounds. 6-month Manufacturer’s warranty. CORE INFORMATION Champion-Slick will only accept 4300 and 6300 series cores. Please remove drive gears before returning acceptable magnetos for core credit. All cores must be received at Wag-Aero within 30 days or your core credit will be forfeited. All Code 4 Slick P/N Cat. No. With Core W/O Core Continental Applications C-75-12, -15; C-85-12, -14, -15; C-90, O-200 Series (replaces 447, 4001, 4101) M4301 I-974-001 $1,315.80 $2,333.33 A65-8, 1975-8, C75-8, C-85-8, C90-8 M4333 I-979-001 $1,125.00 $2,333.33 LTSIO-360, O-470, IO-470, IO-520, TSIO-520, IO-550 Series M6310 I-974-002 $1,432.00 $1,932.00 TSIO-360, TSIO-520 Series M6320 I-974-003 $1,432.00 $1,932.00 LTSIO-360-KB, O-470, IO-470, IO-520, TSIO-520, LTSIO-520 Series M6362 I-974-004 $1,468.00 $1,968.00 O-300 Series M6364 I-974-005 $1,468.00 $1,968.00 Lycoming Applications O-235, O-320, IO-320, AEIO-320, O-360, IO-360, AIO-360, AEIO-360 Series (replaces 4050, 4150, 4250) M4370 I-973-001 $1,366.85 $1,866.85 O-235, O-320, IO-320, AEIO-320, O-360, IO-360, AIO-360, AEIO-360 Series M4371 I-973-002 $1,345.00 $1,845.00 O-235, O-320, IO-320, AEIO-320, O-360, IO-360, AIO-360, AEIO-360 Series M4373 I-973-003 $1,345.00 $1,845.00 O-235-L2C, -M2C, -N2C M4381 I-973-004 $1,345.00 $1,845.00 O-540 M6350 I-973-005 $1,486.00 $1,986.00 O-540 M6393 I-973-006 $1,462.25 $1,962.25