2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

26 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice n The Flight Strobe FS4400 by UniversalFAA/PMA’d Modern technology and circuitry has been applied to develop this strobe to a point of unmatched reliability, visibility and longevity. This compact unit mounts easily on top or bottom fuselage and directly replaces rotating beacons. Features clear lens and 3-3/4” dia. mounting base. One year MFR’s. warranty or 500 hours. STC’d for Cessna 180 series. Form 337 Field Approval required for other applications. Description Code P/N Cat. No. Price 12V Strobe 4 FS4400-14 B-210-014 ea. $221.00 Replacement Parts Bulb 8 FS227 B-210-001 $35.85 Clear Lens 4 FS210C B-210-004 $22.35 Red Lens 4 FS210R B-210-005 $25.00 Red/Clear Lens 8 FS210CR2 B-210-002 $38.75 Mounting Ring 8 FS205 B-210-003 $21.40 INCANDESCENT POSITION LIGHTS n Whelen Wingtip Position Light A600 PR Wingtip Position/Strobe Light Gasket Code 4 Description P/N Cat. No. Price Gasket Only for A650 or A600 SALE! While Supply Lasts! W1283 B-137-038 $19.50 A555A Tail Light Exposed height: 1.4” (36mm), mounting diameter: 1.06” (27mm), power consumption: 1 amp @ 28 VDC, 28 volt only,0 weight: 0.1 lbs. (45gm). Description Code P/N Cat. No. Price Vertical Mounted Tail Light 4 A555A-V-28 B-101-002 $50.00 Horizontal Mounted Tail Light 4 A555A-H-28 B-101-004 $50.00 Replacement Bulb 8 GE93 B-142-000 $.55 ELECTRICAL A650 Wingtip Strobe Add-OnFor updating lighting systems on homebuilt and production aircraft. Two A650 Wingtip Lights may be added to existing Whelen W1285 position lights. Alsofits most Grimes Type E lights. The wingtip strobe retainer supports the position light tip as the original retainer did, and is interchangeable with the A429. Needs additional power supply. Code 4 Strobe Add On A650 B-137-004 $232.50 B-137-004 B-101-002 n www.wagaero.com n 24-Hour Order Line 1.800.558.6868 n 24-Hour Fax 1.262.763.7595 n Customer service 1.262.763.9586 n E-Mail: wagaero-sales@wagaero.com n onlinecatalog.wagaero.com easy ways to order!