2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice | 1.800.558.6868 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 25 n Whelen LED Beacons 71080 Series Red LED Beacon with Clear Lens, FAA/ TSO’d For fixed wing aircraft. LEDs have direct DC voltage hook up without any need for a power supply. Designed to replace existing beacons utilizing a 2-1/2” diameter footprint. (Ref. Class I - 150 effective candlepower). Internal mounting plate provided with choice of mounting holes to retrofit most existing mounting patterns. Code 4 Description P/N Cat. No Price 14V LED Beacon, Red .65 lbs., 2.6” Mount 01-0771080-51 B-260-001 $650.00 14V LED Beacon, Red w/3.75” Adapter, Flying Leads 01-0771080-55 B-260-002 $725.00 90520 Series LED Flashing Beacon, FAA/TSO’d Self-contained LED anti-collision lights are designed to replace strobe light heads as small as the A470A with available models to replace HR self-contained beacons (HRCFA) or legacy 70900 LED beacon. (Ref. Class III 100 effective candlepower) Mounting plate included with assembly. Code 4 14V LED Beacon, Red/White, .65 lbs. 01-0790520-51 B-261-001 $650.00 14VDC Beacon, Red/White w/3.75” Adapter, Flying Leads 01-0790520-55 B-261-002 $725.00 B-261-001 B-261-002 n Kuntzleman Red LED Beacon Aviation red LED with a clear polycarbonate Fresnel lens, this self-contained 14V beacon uses surface mounted LED technology and meets FAA requirements or anti-collision light systems in both airplane and rotorcraft categories. This rugged little unit measures 1.7 inches in dia., 3.5 in. tall and weighs 8.4 oz. The average current draw at 14V is 0.6 amps. It has a flash rate of 60 per minute and will not produce EMI or RFI interference. Projected life is up to 100K hours. Mounts with a #10-32 stainless steel stud that is in the bottom center of the base. Code 8 Description P/N Cat. No. Price Red LED 14 VDC RACB B-288-000 $224.95 BEACONS & STROBESNon-TSO’d B-260-001 B-260-002 LED BEACONSFAA/TSO’d n PSA LED Anti-Collision Beacon LED self-contained based anti-collision beacon. Lighter, brighter and cooler. Draws 0.2 amps at 12 VDC. Weighs only 1.6 ounces. High impact polycarbonate optical lens. Up to 50,000 hr. life. Measures approximately 1.6” high and 1.4” in diameter. Includes flasher. All Code 8 Clear LED 927ACB-C-12V-45 B-214-005 $109.50 Replacement Bulb P927-45-12VW B-214-006 $55.50 Red LED 927ACB-R-12V-45 B-214-007 $109.50 Replacement Bulb P927-45-12VR B-214-008 $55.50 B-214-005 n Kuntzleman LED Strobe The SC-LED strobe is a self-contained white LED 12/14 VDC operated strobe light. Designed specifically for use where an external 12 VDC power source (battery) is available. Its size is the smallest of any self-contained LED strobe light in its class. Measuring 2.5” diameter at the base by 4.75” tall and weighing only 7.8 ounces. It is fitted with a Fresnel lens. The flash is in a 5 MULTIPLE BURST PATTERN of 72 cycles per minute. Power consumption is 500 ma (1/2 Amp) with an average draw of 0.3 Amps. The SC-LED strobe is mounted with a 1/4 X 20 stud located in the center on the bottom of the unit. A stainless steel tang is supplied for mounting. Its rugged construction makes it a great economical stand-alone unit. Code 8 White LED 12/14 VDC SC-LED B-287-000 $159.95 n Landing & Taxi Light Replacements PAR36 - Plus Series LED® 40% BRIGHTER! FAA/PMA approved, these lights are a drop-in replacement for outdated halogen or HID lamps. Lightweight, low-current and moisture resistant, they provide stable light output for thousands of operating hours. Three year warranty. Made in USA. 14V = 1.36 amps @ 14VDC. 28V = .68 amps @ 28VDC 4.38” round x 1.75” face to screw terminal. Code 4 Description Model No. P/N Cat. No. Price 14V Landing Light P36P1L 01-0771833-10 B-251-000 $270.00 14V Taxi Light P36P1T 01-0771833-15 B-253-000 $270.00 28V Landing Light P36P2L 01-0771833-20 B-251-028 $245.00 PAR46 - Plus Series LED® 40% BRIGHTER! Same as above, except replacement lamp for PAR-46 halogen or HID lamps. 14V = 2.6 amps @ 14VDC. 28V = 1.3 amps @ 28 VDC. 5.65” round x 2.25” face to screw terminal. Code 4 14V Landing Light P46P1L 01-0790750-10 B-252-000 $295.00 28V Landing Light P46P2L 01-0790750-20 B-252-028 $295.00 LANDING & TAXI REPLACEMENT LAMPS Landing Lights Sealed beam aircraft lamps for landing light, taxi light, recognition and search light applications. 12V and 24V applications. Note: “H” stands for Halogen 50 watt, 100,000 candle power and equal light output. The “Q” is a Powerful 100 watt Halogen with 140,000 candle power and is 30% brighter. Both have 4 times longer life! Limited Supply! P/N Watt Volt GE Cat. No. Code Price Generic Cat. No. Code Price 4509 100 13 B-159-100 4 $15.50 B-159-000 8 $7.95 4522 250 13 B-160-000 8 $16.85 4553 250 28 B-152-100 4 $23.50 Q4509 100 13 B-212-000 8 $12.95 H7604 50 12 B-147-100 4 $27.50 B-147-000 8 $9.50 PAR36 Landing Light PAR 46 Taxi Light Sale