2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice | 1.800.558.6868 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 27 n ComponentsAll Code 4 Description Cat. No. Price A612 Clear Lens For Cessna single engine, 1972 and later. Replacement lens for A610 strobe tube assembly. Mounts directly onto wingtip retainer. For installation use the A612 as a template for cutting a hole in the existing light shield. B-137-027 $64.05 A427 Strobe Tube Assembly For A429 wingtip strobe. B-138-000 $194.00 HD60 Installation Package, 60’ Includes 60’ cable, sockets for both ends, hardware, labels & instructions. B-137-006 $160.50 A440 Mounting Ring For 3-3/4” opening. Fuselage installation for HR, CFA and Model SA, CF. B-140-000 $52.50 H103 Mounting Adapter Allows strobe light head assemblies to be installed in 3-3/4” diameter standard rotating beacon mount. B-137-013 $69.00 n Navigation Light Replacements LED Replacement 7512-12 Bulb for Navigation Lights by PSA Replace your old incandescent recognition lights with the new LED lamp. Lamps fit standard S.C. Bayonet Indexed Base Sockets (Bay15S). Converts common incandescent lamps to LED lighting without modifications. Use a new clear plastic lens (below) for maximum brightness. Lasts longer, runs cooler, and draws less than .2 amps. Non-PMAMade in USA Description Code P/N Cat. No. Price Red LED NAV 12V 8 7512-12VR B-214-001 $33.50 Red LED NAV 24V 8 7512-24VR B-214-101 $33.50 Green LED NAV 12V 8 7512-12VG B-214-002 $33.50 Green LED NAV 24V 8 7512-24VG B-214-102 $33.50 Clear LED Tailight 12V 8 75 TPL-12 B-214-003 $33.50 Clear LED Tailight 24V 8 75 TPL-24 B-214-103 $33.50 Clear Incandescent BulbNAV 12V 4 7512-12 B-143-000 $28.25 Clear Incandescent BulbNAV 24V 4 7512-24 B-146-000 $28.25 Instrument Bulb12V 8 330 B-114-000 $.69 Instrument Bulb14V 8 334 B-109-001 $1.20 Instrument Bulb24V 8 327 B-105-000 $.45 Replacement Glass Lens Red 8 B-168-000 $27.45 Replacement Glass Lens Green 8 B-169-000 $39.50 Clear Polycarbonate Lens For use with the new LED lights. Direct replacement for the standard red, green and clear lens. 8 T1284PCC B-214-004 $14.75 n Self-Contained Strobe LightsAll Code 4 HR-CFAThis technology gives four high energy pulses per burst of light, appearing as a streak of light! High-visibility flash pattern provides four times the overall ‘on-time’ of the light. Can be mounted on vertical fin, top or bottom of fuselage in any standard beacon mount. 3-3/4” dia. For 12 Volt or 28 Volt. While Supply Lasts! Description • Components only P/N Cat. No. Price Clear Lens Only A402AW B-136-002 $25.00 A470A Remote Strobe Light FAA/PMA’dCan be installed on the vertical fin or fuselage. (Requires power supply) It incorporates a vibration proof flash tube for flush mounting. Requires either H102 or H103 mounting adapter shown below. Split Red/White A470AS B-137-024 $232.50 Red A470AR B-137-028 $232.50 A500A Combination Strobe/Tail Navigation Light Installs directly on the tail cone and replaces existing tail position light. Fits directly in place of the Grimes Model S position light. Provides a position light and a third strobe light for perimeter anti-collision light system. Vertical 14V A500AV14 B-137-014 $350.00 B-137-013 B-137-024 B-137-006 B-137-027 B-138-000 B-140-000 B-136-002 (lens only) B-137-014 STROBESFAA/TSO’d REPLACEMENT COMPONENTS B-143-000 B-146-000 B-114-000 B-105-000 B-109-001 B-214-001 B-214-002 B-214-003 B-214-004 B-168-000 B-169-000 B-214-101 B-214-102 B-214-103