2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice | 1.800.558.6868 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 59 WAG-AERO TOW BARS n Tow Bars from the Nation’s #1 Supplier of Tow Bars! All Code 7 Tow Bar Types Aircraft Application Collapsible Length Overall Length Cat. No. Price UNI VERSAL Two-piece tow bar. Fits most Cessna with 5/8” lugs on nose gear strut. Piper Colt, Tri-Pacer, Warrior, Archer, Tomahawk, fixed gear Cherokees, Navajo, Apache, Aztec, Comanche and Twin Comanche, Beechcraft, Travel Air, Baron, Duke, Bonanza, Debonair, Musketeer, Sierra, Sundowner and aircraft with Scott tailwheel models: 3200, 3400, 3425, and 3450. 34” 57” M-340-023 $116.60 STANDARD Beechcraft Beechcraft Travel Air, Baron, Duke, Bonanza, & Debonair. Most Beechcraft models with 1/4” dia. tow pins on nose gear strut 20.5” 37” M-340-103 $65.85 Duchess, Piper Lance, Seminole, and Malibu 28” 48” M-340-015 $67.50 Axle Towbar 28.25” 47.5” M-340-017 $76.56 Beech/ Cessna Fits most single engines with 5/8” lugs on nose gear strut except 208. Alsofits Beech Musketeer, Sierra, and Sundowner 24” 42.5” M-340-002 $65.00 Cessna Twin Most 300 & 400 series with 5/8” lugs on nose gear strut, three section extendable unit 34” 55” M-340-006 $67.00 Cherokee All fixed gear only Cherokees, Tri-Pacer, Colt, Warrior, Archer, Tomahawk. Non-collapsible 31” M-340-001 $65.00 Mooney Most models Non-collapsible 33.5” M-340-013 $64.20 Piper Twin Twin Comanche, Apache, Aztec, and Navajo. Two section unit 33” 49.5” M-340-007 $64.20 Piper Fits PA-24 series Non-collapsible 34” M-340-004 $65.00 Piper Arrow, one piece offset “T” Fits PA-28R series, Lance, Seminole & Malibu Non-collapsible 33” M-340-016 $65.58 Beech/ Duchess/ Piper Duchess/Piper, two piece tow bar tofit the nose axle. Fits Beechcraft Duchess, Piper Lance, Seminole & Malibu. Provides additional nose clearance 28” 48” M-340-015 $67.50 DELUXE Beechcraft Deluxe Beechcraft, spring loaded design that fits 1/4” tow pins on most Beechcraft Travel Air, Baron, Duke, Bonanza, Mentor and Debonair 28” 47” M-340-025 $83.41 Bellanca Fits most Viking models 28.5” 46.5” M-340-024 $90.57 Cessna Deluxe Cessna. Most twin & single Cessna with 5/8” lugs on nose gear strut, most 210’s 26” 46.5” M-340-011 $79.90 Cessna/ Piper 1-1/8” Axle. Fits Cessna 310, 337, 414, 421, Piper Comanche, Twin Comanche, Apache Aztec, Navajo, Cheyenne and Seneca with twin fork nose gear 33” 56” M-340-020 $81.77 Ercoupe Ercoupe with dual fork nose gear and 7/8” axle cups 28” 46.5” M-340-014 $78.47 Grumman Cheetah Tiger, two piece spring loaded design, Selected as original equipment for the American General. Fits most AA1 , AA5 series and AGAC Tiger; Cirrus 20 and 22 26” 43” M-340-019 $84.50 Mooney Fits most Mooney models 27” 41” M-340-022 $68.60 Piper Deluxe Piper. Fits Colt, Tri-pacer, Warrior, Archer, Tomahawk, most fixed gear Cherokees, Aero Commander model 100 & Lark 24” 42” M-340-018 $79.54 Rockwell Commander, for most Rockwell 112/114 series, and Commander 114B 28.5” 46.5” M-340-021 $80.13 RV-A Series RV-6A, RV-7A, RV-8A, RV-9A 26” 43” M-340-026 $79.00 Tailwheel Most aircraft with Scott 3000 series tailwheels 26” 45.5” M-340-012 $79.50 n Replacement Parts for Wag-Aero Towbars Towbar Pull Pins M-340-202 $2.00 SpringFits our Cat. No. M-340-011, M-340-012, M-340-014, M-340-019, M-340-020, M-340-021 and M-340-024 M-340-203 $2.00 SpringFits our Cat. No. M-340-023, M-340-025 and M-340-026 M-340-204 $2.00 Beech Tow Pins These tow pins attach to the nose gear on your Bonanza, Baron or Duke. Fits early model Beech Bonanzas (35 up to M35) Code 4 M-340-200 $33.95 For later models Beech Bonanzas (N35 up to B36TC) & all Barons & Dukes M-340-201 $28.60 M-340-001 M-340-002 M-340-004 M-340-006 M-340-007 M-340-011 M-340-012 M-340-014 M-340-015 M-340-016 M-340-018 M-340-019 M-340-024 M-340-200 These Universal Tow Bars Are Standard FBO Equipment! Fits Piper, Cessna, Beech, Mooney, Aero Commander, and many others. Adjustable fork allows you to extend the fork assembly from 3” to 10”. Extra Long 7’6”. Code 7 Description Cat. No. Price Tow Bar w/Ring Hitch T-100¨ $275.00 Cessna Universal One-Piece Tow Bar Overall Length: 71” Fits most Cessna Singles & Twins with 5/8” diameter attachfittings on nose strut. Beech Singles and Twins with 1/4” attachfittings and Mooney, Alon, Lear Jet, Lake & Twin Aero Commander. For use with tug, tractor, or by hand. Wt. 13 lbs. Code 7 Clevis Pin Style Hitch T-105 ¨ $200.00 2” Ball Style Hitch T-105-2¨ $230.00 Piper Universal One-Piece Tow Bar Overall Length: 71” Fits Piper Malibu, Seminole, Arrow, Lance and Seneca models with single fork nose gear. For use with tug, tractor, or by hand. Wt. 13 lbs. Code 7 Clevis Pin Style Hitch T-110¨ $191.50 2” Ball Style Hitch T-110-1¨ $192.50 T-100 T-105 T-110 ¨Oversize shipping charges apply.