2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

60 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice DELUXE TAILWHEEL TOW BAR WING ROTATORS TUG Heavy Duty Tow Buddy Features a battery operated electric design for reliable cordless operation. Easy to use. The forward, reverse and speed control buttons are conveniently located on the control handle. One set of adaptors tofit one aircraft available at no charge at initial order, please specify. No oil to change and no tune ups. With our chain drive you do not experience the stretched, burned out jumpy belts found on belt driven units. Uses one 12 Volt battery (not included). Tow Buddy less battery weighs 95 lbs. Code 7 Cat. No. Price Each Tows up to 5,000 lbs TB-3000¨ $1,550.00 Tow Buddy Accessories Adapters Piper “A” Tow Pin GS00013 $10.90 Piper “B” Tow Pin GS00014 $23.65 Piper Gear Tow Pin GS00015 $20.00 Beech Tow Pin GS00016 $20.00 Cessna Tow Pin GS00017 $20.00 Mooney Tow Pin GS00018 $31.20 Ercoupe Tow Pin GS00064 $21.80 PA-24-180 Comanche Tow Pin GS00085 $49.97 Glasair Tow Pin GS00086 $31.25 Features: • 12 V Cordless Electric Power • Easy To Use • Infinite Speed Control • Versatile Applications • Push button forward and reverse controls • Nose gear quick attach for easy nose gear hook up. • The adjustable fork height fits virtually any light aircraft • Trickle charger for battery included at no extra charge • Adjustable handle height • Large 16 x 6.50 - 8 turf tire • Black Finish Deluxe Tailwheel Tow Bar Simply the best Tailwheel Tow Bar on the market! Uses a positive locking control cable to attach towbar to wheel from a straight on position. No maneuvering or lifting required. Easy to use, convenient to store. Adjusts to various tailwheel sizes from 5” thru 10” in diameter. Code 7 Cat. No. Price TB-1000¨ $299.00 Saw horse pictured not included. M-345-000 TB-3000 Wing Rotator Hoop & Base Kit If you already have the Standard Wing Rotator and want to make it better and easier to use, this is just what you need. Code 7 WR-201¨ $540.00 Description Cat. No. Price Standard Wing Rotator One person can now rotate virtually any wing safely and in complete control. Tool adjusts to various work heights and holds the wing in vertical and horizontal positions with the use of one sawhorse. Code 7 WR-100¨ $372.75 Deluxe Wing Rotator Not only can one person rotate the wing but with one hand. Put the wing in any position with ease and safety. Setup takes only minutes and works with most wing shapes. Includes one Cat. No. WR-100 and one Cat. No. WR-201. Code 7 WR-200¨ $860.00 n Universal Joy Bar, Parts For use on more than 80 aircraft. All-in-one hookup adapter andflexible, easy-to-use, adjustable bar and fork assembly. Standard line service equipment. Length 7’6”. Maximum aircraft weight is 10,000 lbs. Caution: Do not pull aircraft with tube extended, it will cause tube to bend. Code 7 Description P/N Cat. No. Price 2000SC M-340-010¨ $299.95 Replacement parts for Joy Bar Joy Bar Main Body Assembly FMB-2 M-344-108 $210.00 Adjustment Fork Arm FAFA-2 M-344-100 $50.00 Fork Tightener FFT-2 M-344-101 $13.00 Adapting Coupling FAC-2 M-344-102 $27.50 Adapter (for Pipers w/nose fender) FA-2 M-344-105 $36.00 Cotter Pin FCP-2 M-344-103 $.25 Spring-Main Body FSMB-2 M-344-104 $1.60 Locking Plunger FLM-2 M-344-106 $3.15 Snap Ring FSR-2 M-344-107 $1.25 Tail-Dragger DraggerTM Aircraft Tug This hand-powered device works on virtually any tail dragger without adjustments. Automatic adjustable brake. Disassembles tofit in baggage compartment. The tug is a dolly which contacts the aircraft tire only and rolls on its own wheels to the aircraft. Hookup time 5 Seconds! Shipped FOB Factory $38.00 Shipping Fee. Code 7 Description Cat. No. Price M-345-000 $278.75 Completely Adjustable, Easy to Operate, Sets Up in Only Minutes ¨Oversize shipping charges apply. M-340-010 M-344-102 M-344-103 M-344-106 M-344-104 TOW BUDDY CORDLESS POWER TOW BAR GROUND SUPPORT