2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

28 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice n Individual Runway LampsAll Code 7 Description Cat. No. Price Runway White B-124-004 ea. $46.50 Heliport Amber B-124-005 ea. $46.50 Threshold Green B-124-002 ea. $46.50 Obstruction Red B-124-001 ea. $46.50 Red/Green Split B-124-006 ea. $56.00 Dimmer Control Unit The MaxDim is a solid state lamp intensity controller. Low temperature operation, high current capability and small in size. 12/35VDC 350 Watts. Code 4 B-233-000 $227.50 RUNWAY LIGHTS Runway Light Kits These realistically priced lights are inexpensive to install and maintain. The shield has a baked onfinish equipped with high illuminating lens. Also includes 6” attach pigtail. Operates on standard 115V. Code 7 Description Cat. No. Price 3200 FT. Strip Kit Includes 18 white lamps and 4 green threshold lamps. B-124-200 $899.00 2200 FT. Strip Kit Includes 10 white lamps and 4 green threshold lamps. B-124-100 $589.00 Threshold Kit Designed for threshold installations requiring this type of configuration. Includes 6 red/green lamps. B-124-300 $305.00 Replacement Parts for Runway Light Kits All Code 7 Description Cat. No. Price Runway Light Bulb B-129-001 ea. $5.25 Runway Light Bulb B-129-101 set of 12$52.50 Shield B-129-002 ea. $19.95 Socket B-129-008 ea. $8.80 Pipe B-129-009 ea. $5.25 Wall B-129-010 ea. $2.95 Ring B-129-011 ea. $8.00 White Lens B-129-003 ea. $5.75 Green Lens B-129-005 ea. $5.75 Red Lens B-129-006 ea. $5.75 Amber Lens B-129-007 ea. $5.75 Red/Green Lens B-129-012 ea. $18.00 Our runway lights are used around the world. Lamp Assemblies as Low as $40.68 • 10 Watts • Equipped with long-life high optical bulb. • Uses No. 8 or No. 10 standard underground cable. Check w/state & local building codes. • Uses standard 1” wood or steel stake. • Marker cone has high luster baked-onfinish. • High illuminated optical lens. • Constructed of lifetime aluminum components. • Preassembled – Strip kits ready for hookup. • Excellent quality. • Economical. • Minimum installation & maintenance cost. 10-1/2" 7" n Whelen Power Supplies Description Code P/N Cat. No. Price HDACF Power Supply 14/28 Volt. Provides four high-energy pulses with twice the visibility. 42 bursts per minute per light. Canflash simultaneously, alternate flashing or both. The wingtip appears as a continuous streak of light. No increase in power required. Wing outputs can be disabled when trigger function is activated. Operates one, two, or three strobe lights. 14 Volts, current draw 7 amps/ 28 Volts, current draw 3.5 amps. 5.5" L X 2.37" H X 5" W. Wt. 2.1 lbs. 4 AHDACF B-137-001 $810.00 A490TCCF Strobe Power SupplyThis model is designed for installation adjacent to the strobe but has a mounting plate with additional holes that directly replaces factory installed systems on single engine Cessnas, Aero Commanders, and Grumman Americans. 14 Volts, current draw 1.7 amps/ 28 Volts current draw .85 amps. 5” L X 2.38” H X 3.12” W. Wt. 1.2 lbs. 4 A490TCCF B-137-043 $767.00 A490ATSC Strobe Power Supply 14/28 Volt. The HTS, CF produces an accumulated 34 joules of energy. Equipped toflash simultaneously with up to 5 other HTS, CF power supplies by connecting an 18 gauge wire between the synchronization mechanisms in each power supply. Unit powers one strobe only. An 18 gauge low voltage wire supplies power to each HTS power supply, 5” L X 3.06” H X 3.12” W. Wt. 1.7 lbs. 4 A490ATSCF B-137-025 $746.25 B-137-001 B-137-025 B-137-043 POWER SUPPLIES INSTRUMENT LIGHTS Whelen Post Light Illuminates instrument faces. P/N A350CN/BKSH. Includes bulb. Code 4 Description P/N Cat. No Price Clear Lights 14 Volt A350CN11 B-111-000 ea. $60.85 28 Volt A350CN17 B-111-100 ea. $60.85 2-1/4” Imported Eyebrow Light New manufacture. Includes 18” lead wire. Operates on 12V or 28V. Code 8 LIMITED SUPPLY! B-109-200 $4.50 n Position Detector, Wingtip Fairing Position Light Detector Made of plexiglass for durability and strength. When lights are on, detectors transmit sufficient light from edges to be clearly visible to pilot. High or low wing. Code 8 B-110-000 pr. $9.95 Piper Wingtip Light FairingFAA/PMA’d. Wing tip mount for use in installing lights on PA22, PA22-108, PA22-135, PA22S-135, PA22-150, PA22S-150, PA22-160 and PA22S-160 only. Code 4 B-107-000 ea. $72.25 B-110-000 B-107-000 ELECTRICAL B-111-000 B-109-200