2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

118 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice PILOT TRAINING / TIE DOWNS / SUNVISORS n Sunvisors Code 4 Models Cat. No. Price Cessna Tinted Sunvisors by ARFC FAA/PMA Approved. Eliminate 95% of ultraviolet rays as you travel the skies. Easy to install, only requires a Phillips screwdriver. 150, 150A-H; 172, 172A-I, K-N; P172, D; R172E-H, J & K; 175, 175A-C; 180,180A-H, J & K; 182, 182A-H, J-N,P & Q; R182; 185, 185A-F, A185E, F; 206, U206A-F, P206, P206A-E, TP206A-E, TU206A-G ; 210, 210A-F;210-5, 5A; T210F (S/N 51823 to 72884). P/N 70200 M-909-001 pr. $253.00 Piper Side-Mounted Sunvisor Uses existing hardware. Fits PA-28/44 OEM P/N 65866-00, -804 M-892-000 ea. $94.00 Fits PA-32/34 OEM P/N 65866-02, -803 M-892-001 ea. $93.00 n SunguardCode 7 Place Sunguard panels on the inside of your windshield to protect your eyes from the glare. They adhere by static electricity. Made of olive green see-through Transeal. 6” x 9” Sunguard M-851-000 ea. $2.95 9” x 12” Sunguard M-851-100 ea. $4.75 n Restop 1Code 7 Disposable urinal pouches with funnel design prevents accidental spills. Easily used by men and women. Turns liquid into an odorless gel. Restop is sanitary, non-toxic, spill-proof, odorless, safe and convenient, trash container safe, and small enough tofit in your pocket. Pack of 3 F-604-100 $5.50 n Cargo/Tie Down Ratchet Strap Code 7 Tough red polyester strap measures 1” x 65”, ratchet clamp with S-Hooks. While Supply Lasts! SALE! WAS $14.95 Pair H-709-000 $6.95 n License Holders Code 4 Description Cat. No. Price Clear plastic 5” x 7” case. F-411-000 $5.50 Black leatherette with clear plastic window.. 8 1/4”W x 7 3/8”H F-424-000 $3.50 PILOT SUPPLIES n Tie-DownsCode 7 FlyTies Tie Downs Rated “Top Choice” by Aviation Consumer, FlyTies® unique design allows quick insertion and quick removal using the easy-out extraction tool provided. Rugged, die-cast steel rods are 3/8” x 14” for deeper penetration into subsoil. Cumulative load capacity is 3,600 lbs. Kit includes 3 aluminum hubs, 9 steel rods, three 3/8” x 10’ ropes, easy-out removal tool, and rugged compact canvas tote bag. Complete kit weighs 6 lbs. and has a lifetime warranty. H-949-000 $99.95 SALE! Tie-Downs Screw-Type Includes 17” stakes with pitched coil for turning in the soil and high tenacity nylon tiedown ropes with a tensile strength of 2300 lbs. Set of 3. Green canvas bag included. While Supply Lasts! H-708-000 $12.95 SALE! Tie Down Bag Made of durable green canvas. Measures 171/2” x 8-1/4”. While Supply Lasts! H-708-100 $4.95 n The Claw C100 Aircraft Anchoring SystemCode 7 Developed by avid pilots, the C100 Aircraft Anchoring System provides superior protection for aircraft from damaging winds. The C100 System exclusively utilizes the Claw®, a patented lightweight, high-strength earth anchoring system. The C100 Kit includes one carry bag that stores three Claw® anchors, nine spikes, one hammer and 30-ft of rope. It total weight is just 8 lbs. Each one of the three Claw® anchors can withstand 1,200 lbs. of force, yet, it requires little effort to install or remove, making it far superior to any other aircraft anchor system. In addition, its simple, low profile design, helps reduce tripping hazards and will not puncture tires. And unlike other anchor systems, the Claw does not damage your turf. The Claw is ideal to provide temporary or long-term security for your aircraft. Total Weight: 8 lbs. • Easy installation and removal - no more struggling with screw-in anchors Includes Carry Bag, 3 Anchors, 9 Spikes, Hammer, 30-ft. Rope H-988-000 $99.95 “How To Fly a Piper Cub” A step-by-step pictorial of how to fly this special airplane. J-3 and Sport Trainer builders. Code 7 F-496-000 $7.85 EAA SportAir Workshop’s Aircraft Fabric Covering DVDA two-hour, easy-to-understand video that presents all you need to know to cover your own airplane using Poly-Fiber aircraft coatings. Code 7 F-610-000 $39.95 M-909-001 M-892-000 M-892-001 F-604-100 H-709-000 F-411-000 F-424-000