Spring/Summer 2018 - Wagaero

Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice | 1.800.558.6868 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 5 Description Cat. No. Price Fuel Gauges by Fuelhawk Easy to use. Simply insert slowly until gauge touches bottom of tank. Place finger firmly over top opening to lock fuel in tube. Remove to see instant readout in gallons usable on calibrated card. Eliminates the guess work! All Code 7 11” Universal For any aircraft, used for both main and auxiliary tanks. G-780-000 $12.50 16” Universal For any aircraft, used for deeper wing and tip tanks. G-780-004 $16.35 26” Universal Good for Piper Cubs, helicopters & aircraft with deep tip tank G-780-007 $19.50 Cessna 152 Precalibrated for standard 13 gal. tanks (usable on 12 gal. tanks). Great for flight schools and student pilots and for working weight, balance, and fuel range problems. G-780-003 $12.50 Cessna 172 Precalibrated for standard 19 gal. tanks. G-780-002 $12.50 Cessna 172 With 26.5 gallons per tank. G-780-005 $12.50 Cessna 182 Precalibrated for standard 39 gallon bladder tanks. G-780-001 $12.50 Cessna 182 With 43.5 gallons per tank. G-780-006 $12.50 The Original Fuel Stop Fits all standard straw fuel gauges and prevents gauge from ever slipping into the tank. Code 7 G-780-100 $6.95 FUEL GAUGES Description Code Cat. No. Price 2-1/4” Fuel Quantity Gauge by Rochester Gauges Measures fuel level from full to empty. Usable in tank depths from 3” to 12”. 8 A-107-000 $92.95 2-1/4” 18 Gal. Aeronca, Citabria Fuel Gauge For 7ECA, 7GCAA, 7GCBC, 7KCAB and Scout 8GCBC with 35 gallon tank. 4 22082 $179.95 Glass Only 4 110001 $4.20 Gasket Only 4 110007 $5.10 Fuel Quantity Gauge Ideal for homebuilts. Direct reading. Usable in tank depths up to 9” as used in Luscombe, Aeronca 7AC and 11AC. Measures fuel level from full to empty. 1-1/2” dia. P/N A9312-D 8 A-139-000 $43.50 Fuel Quantity Gauge For Aeronca auxiliary fuel tanks 8 A-139-200 $72.50 Rebuild Kit For Cat. No. A-139-000 (shown left) includes neoprene float, gaskets and glass face. Float is ethanol resistant rather than cork float. 8 A-139-100 $11.70 SALE! 2-1/4” Fuel Pressure Gauge by UMA Lightweight vented unit for saving space. 0-50 PSI, easy to read large numbered dial. P/N 3-102-XX 8 A-168-000 $179.50 SALE! Fuel Sender by Westberg 6”-12” Non-bendable. P/N 395-5S 8 A-093-200 $79.50 2-1/4” Dual Fuel Gauge Imported Gauge Only without low level warning light. 8 A-121-000 $69.50 2-1/4” Single Fuel Gauge Imported Gauge Only without low level warning light. 8 A-243-000 $44.50 12” Straight Bendable Fuel Senders Imported 8 A-244-000 $69.50 24” Straight Bendable Fuel Senders Imported 8 A-242-000 $72.50 2-1/4” Fuel Pressure 0-9 PSI Gauge Electronic 12VDC. Uses high grade 1/8-27 NPT sender to keep fuel out of the cockpit. Features a programmable high and low alert (LED) as well as back lit for low light conditions. Peak high and low recall. Microprocessor controlled stepper motor precisely controls needle through the full 270 degrees of movement. Composite plastic case with black anodized aluminum bezel. 12 ft. sensor cable included. Made in the USA. 8 A-271-000 $169.95 Description P/N Code Cat. No. Price 2-1/4” Dual 12 Volt Ammeter Kit by Westberg Includes gauge and shunt. 2DA10-18 8 A-198-000 $228.00 2-1/4” 12 Volt Ammeter Kit by Westberg 60-0-60 amp range. Includes lead & shunt. 2A6-15 8 A-034-000 $141.95 Replacement Shunt for Cat. No. A-034-000. 8 A-034-200 $57.00 2-1/16” Round Ammeter 30-0-30 amp range. AP0045 8 A-004-000 $13.95 2-1/4” Volt Meter by Westberg Checks generator, alternator charging and accessory draw. Unit is magnetically shielded and accurate to within 2%. 12 Volt DC. 6-16 Volts DC required for operation. 2A5 8 A-209-000 $104.75 A-168-000 A-121-000 A-243-000 SUCTION GAUGES A-167-000 A-081-000 Description Code Cat. No. Price Mini 1” Suction Gauge by UMA Ultimate instrument panel space utilization. Full manufacture warranted. 8 A-167-000 $147.90 2-1/4” Suction Gauge by UMA Units measure 0-8 inches. P/N 3-102-10 8 A-081-000 $182.50 M-937-000 M-311-000 22082 A-107-000 A-271-000 A-139-000 A-139-200 AMMETER, VOLTAGE GAUGES A-004-000 A-209-000 A-198-000 A-034-000 A-034-200 Wing Tank Sight Gauge Float Assembly FAA/PMA’d For PA-12, -14, -20. Usable on other models with Form 337 Field Approval. Copy of original unit. Ideal for homebuilts needing sight type gauge. Uses Cat. No. E-400-000 weldable fitting, 3/8” pipe thread. Code 4 M-311-000 $91.50 Replacement Glass Tube For above sight gauge, but will not fit original unit. Code 4 M-311-100 $7.95 Gas Sight Gauge For PA-18 Style aircraft. Constructed of 6061 aluminum, gold anodized. Used on Wag-Aero’s 11.5 gallon gas tank (Cat. No E-424-100). Code 8 M-937-000 $79.95 A-244-000 A-093-200 A-242-000