Spring/Summer 2018 - Wagaero

Customer Number CHECK US OUT! WAGAERO.COM Priority Code Number Lycoming Oil Filter Adapter Kit 90-Degree Oil Filter Adapter Kit, FAA Approved by B&C Specialty Products For Lycoming O-235 through IO-720 engines. Includes mounting hardware, gasket and Champion CH-48108-1 filter. Weights 2.25 lbs. with the filter. Prepayment required. Shipped FOB. Shipping charges billed later. Code 4 Cat. No. Price I-899-000 $450.00 More Filter Adapters on Page 36 Cowling Chafe Seal Cowling Chafe Seal Used where cowl sections overlap . Can be used around inspection doors. Phenolic cure Nigen cord is not affected by heat, cold or chemicals. Code 5 Cat . No. Price Mfd. to MIL-C-5649 1-908-000 $14.85 Baffle Material on Page 42 Windsock & Frame Windsock made of bright red orange Nylon with a white powder coated frame. Code 7 Cat. No. Price 13” Windsock & Frame M-083-100 $59.50 18” Windsock M-084-000 $44.50 See Page 122 for More Windsocks & Frames W i ndsock & F r ame Deluxe Tailwheel Tow Bar Simply the best Tailwheel Tow Bar on the market! Uses a positive locking control cable to attach towbar to wheel from a straight on position. No maneuvering or lifting required. Easy to use, convenient to store. Adjusts to various tailwheel sizes from 5” thru 10” in diameter. Code 7 Cat. No. Price TB-1000 $262.00 More Tow Bars on Pages 59-60 Runway Light Kits These realistically priced lights are inexpensive to install and maintain. The shield has a baked on finish equipped with high illuminating lens. Also includes 6” attach pigtail. Operates on standard 115V. Code 7 Description Cat. No. Price 3200 FT. Strip Kit Includes 18 white lamps and 4 green threshold lamps. B-124-200 $895.00 2200 FT. Strip Kit Includes 10 white lamps and 4 green threshold lamps. B-124-100 $579.00 Threshold Dual Red/ Green Assembly Designed for threshold installations requiring this type of configuration. Includes 6 red/green lamps. B-124-300 $296.00 More Runway Light Components on Page 28 10-1/2" 7" 2018 Wag-Aero Spring/Summer Catalog © | 1-800-558-6868 | onlinecatalog .wagaero.com | wagaero.com | Printed in USA Spring Connector Kits Tension Type Kit Attaches tailspring to tailwheel. Includes 2 springs, 2 connector clips and 2 linkage chains. Code 4 Cat. No. Price D-205-000 $28.00 More Tail Spring Connector Kits on Page 56 D-205-000 Sport Trainer Drawings Code 7 A replica of the classic J-3 Cub with numerous design imp r ovements; higher gross, more baggage area, and inc r eased cru i se speed. 15 pages of engineered construction drawings, including full scale wing rib patterns for convenient assembly of the Sport Trainer. Cat. No. Price Q-001-000 $135.00 More Kit Plane Drawings on Pages 80, 82 & 83 Window Vent Window Ventilator Plexiglass cabin ventilator. Mounts firmly at four points. Closes tight for winter flying. Code 8 Cat. No. Price Uses 2-1/2” dia. hole H-833-000 $18.95 More Window Vents on Page 43 Fuel Tank J-3 Main Tanks Exact replacement, aluminum. Ideal for most homebuilts. 17-1/2”L x 13”W x 14-1/2”H. 12 gal. tank. Uses Cat . No. G-658-000 drain valve, not included. Code 4 Cat. No. Price E-316-000 $525.00 P.O. BOX 181, 1216 NORTH ROAD, LYONS, WI 53148