2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

82 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice WAG-A-BOND n Drawings Description Cat. No. Price The Wag-A-Bond Traveler is a two-place side-by-side, quick response, cross-country airplane with exclusive fold-down seat which provides comfortable sleeping for two occupants. This is an excellent first time builder project as the construction drawings are complete and explanatory. Each of the 23 pages is a full 34” x 22” size. Included with each set of drawings are Builder’s tips covering construction of the fuselage and wings; how-to-do sheet metal; finishing; rigging; weight and balance. These drawings make the building process understandable and are very easy to follow. Code 7 R-001-000 $135.00 n WAG-A-BOND Kits Versatility Supreme A respectable 110 MPH cruise at 65% power. Adequate panel space for communication and nav. Map and convenience pockets in each door. Adjustable seat. High visibility with overhead skylight & rear D windows. Shoulder harnesses. Large baggage area. All Code 8. Strut Materials Kit R-504-000† ** Landing Gear Fabricated w/die Spring, 1-1/2” Axles R-506-400¨ ** Landing Gear Materials w/die Spring, 1-1/2” Axles R-506-200¨ ** WAG-A-BOND BLANK INSTRUMENT PANEL Made of 3003-H14 Aluminum M-157-000 $78.00 WAG-A-BOND LANDING GEARLanding Gear A frame. Limited supply on SALE items. 1-1/4” Landing Gear A Frame, LH M-462-100 $645.00 1-1/4” Landing Gear A Frame, RH M-462-200 $645.00 1-1/2” Landing Gear A Frame, LH M-462-101 $645.00 1-1/2” Landing Gear A Frame, RH M-462-201 $645.00 Wag-A-Bond Shock Strut Adapter Kit M-465-000 $220.00 Wag-A-Bond Engine Mount, Lycoming M-488-000 $600.00 Wag-A Bond Rib Kit M-884-700 ** ¨Oversize shipping charges apply. † Shipped truck, prepayment required. **Call for pricing and availability. CAN BE BUILT TO FIT LIGHT-SPORT AIRCRAFT CATEGORY! Specifications | Performance Data Classic Traveler Engine from 65 hp to 100 hp Engine from 108 hp to 115 hp Top Speed 105 MPH 136 MPH Cruising Speed 95 MPH 120 MPH Stalling Speed 45 MPH 45 MPH Rate of Climb 625 FPM 850 RPM Gross Weight 1250 lbs. 1450 lbs. Empty Weight 700 lbs. 800 lbs. Wing Span 29.3 sq. ft. 29.3 sq. ft. Wing Area 147.5 sq. ft. 147.5 sq. ft. Length Overall 18.7 ft. 18.7 ft. Height Overall 6.0 ft. 6.0 ft. Baggage Capacity 40 lbs. 60 lbs. Fuel Capacity 12 gal. 26 gal. Specifications and standard equipment subject to change. Performance at gross load under standard sea level conditions. The Wag-A-Bond is truly a one of a kind recreational LSA (Light Sport Aircraft). Yes, this aircraft has all the capability for providing snappy maneuvers, fast cross country transportation, plus the unique provision for being easily converted into a camping aircraft. As the Builder, you can choose a classic configuration, which is the true replica of the famous Piper Vagabond, or if you desire a practical, recreational oriented, camping style Traveler aircraft, our drawings provide you this option as well. KITS