2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

52 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice n Brake Discs FAA Approved Application shown below for reference only. Complete series of model shown may not require same disc. Check your particular installation before ordering. All Code 4 Description Wheel Disc No. Cat. No. Price 6.00 x 6 Steel Disc P/N 40-97A, B, C, D For Cessna 120, 140, 140A, 150H, 150J, 150K, A150K, 170, 170A, 170B, 172, 172A-I, 172K, P172D, 175, 175A-C, 177A, 177B, 180, 180A-F, 182, 182A-H, 182J-N, 305A-F; Stinson 108, 108-1, -2, -3, & -5. Mooney M10; Maule M5-180C, -200, -210C, -210TC, -220C, -235C. 16402601 D-303-002 $86.55 6.00 x 6 Chrome Disc. 16412601 D-326-002 $331.98 6.00 x 6 Steel Disc P/N 40-86A, BFor Piper PA-28, -140, -150, -151, -160, -161, -180, -181, -235; PA-28R-180, -200, -201, PA28RT-201, -201T; Grumman AA-1, AA-1A, B, AA-5, AA-5A, AA-5B; Mooney M20C, E, F, G, J, K. 16402000 D-303-003 $94.80 6.00 x 6 Chrome Disc 16401200 D-326-001 $290.00 n Brake Parts Remote Reservoir Kit Includes the hydraulic lines andfittings to attach it to two master cylinders. The clear plastic reservoir allows you to see the fluid level in the system. P/N R-100K. Code 8. D-215-000 $65.55 Brake Fluid Reservoir Remote reservoir for firewall mounting. Code 8 D-223-000 $57.49 BRAKES & CYLINDERS n Wheel & Brake Kits by Grove Description P/N Cat. No. Price 5” Magnesium Wheel and Brake Kit Magnesium wheel and brake combofits 1-1/4” axle. Used on many aircraft with a gross weight of 2570 pounds or less. Code 8 50-201 D-407-000 $1,304.85 6” Magnesium Wheel & Brake Kit Magnesium wheel and brake combofits 1-1/4” Cub-type Axle. Used on many aircraft with a static load rating 1250 pounds or less. A gross weight up to 2500 pounds or less. Code 8 65-205 D-409-000 $1,709.45 6” Magnesium Wheel & Brake Kit Magnesium wheel and brake combofits 1-1/2” Cub-type axle brake calipers and utilizes standard brake pads and O-ring seals. Used on many aircraft with gross weight of 2400 lbs. or less. Code 8 61-211 D-408-000 $1,727.80 D-326-002 D-326-001 D-303-002 D-303-003 n Brake Cylinders Description P/N Code Cat. No. Price Master Cylinder by Matco The MC-5 master brake cylinder is a vertically mounted cylinder with a built in reservoir and can be used individually or in a dual brake application in which it acts as a remote reservoir for the MC-4 or the MC-4A master cylinder under the copilot pedals which are connected in a series. Measures 8" from end to end and 7.5" from mounting hole to mounting hole. Replaces Cleveland P/N 10-35 MCMC-5 8 D-204-200 $131.65 NEW! MC-5 Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit by Matco MCMCRBD5 8 D-204-201 $13.80 Master Cylinder by Matco The MC-4 is used for heel brakes as well as dual applications in which it replaces the shuttle valve in the braking system when placed under the copilots pedals connected in a series. For vertical or horizontal mount and uses a remote reservoir. Measures 8-1/4" from end to end and 7-7/8" from mounting hole to mounting hole. Replaces Cleveland P/N 10-20 MCMC-4 8 D-202-000 $124.15 NEW! MC-4 Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit by Matco MCMCRBD4 8 D-202-101 $11.95 Cylinder FAA Approvedby Cleveland Same cylinder as used in many production aircraft. Built-in reservoir, cast aluminum construction. Outlet 1/8” NPT. Pin center length 8”. Mounts on rudder pedal. 10-34 4 D-204-000 $997.61 Master Brake Cylinder by Cleveland For vertical or horizontal mount. Use with remote fluid reservoir. Post size 1/8-27 NPT. Pin center length 7.90”. Beech P/N 169-380100-3 10-55 4 D-216-000 $718.85 Master Brake Cylinder by Cleveland Spring loaded piston type assembly without reservoir Pin center length 7.88”. Bore 5/8”. Stroke 1.62”. Wt. .45 oz. Ports in-line, nofittings. 10-54 4 D-216-200 $491.46 Parking Brake Valveby Cleveland Aluminum valve as used in production aircraft with Model A-110 master cylinders for dual brake installations. Complete with ANflarefittings. Wt. 8 oz. 5 D-216-100 $859.37 Brake Cylinder Bracket 8 D-298-100 $69.95 M-022-000 M-933-000 D-327-000 n Brake Parts AMC Brake Bleeder SystemThe AMC Brake Bleeder system allows you to quickly and easily bleed andflush your brakes without another person. By using the reverse flow system, combined with slowfluidflow, one person canfill an empty brake system in less than 15 minutes without having air in the brakes. Code 7 M-022-000 $85.40 Brake Line Bleeder Assembly Fits all Cleveland brakes, McCauley & Gerdes. P/N 87-5. Code 8 D-327-000 $207.25 Clyde’s Pressure Brake Bleeder Easy to use just pump andfill. Code 7 M-933-000 $39.50 D-204-200 D-204-000 D-204-201 D-216-000 D-202-000 n Axles, Adapters Axle assemblies for building your own landing gears! Axle Adapter Bushing adapters for mounting standard 1-1/2” bearing wheel and brake to 1-1/4” axle. Two pair required. 8 Q-006-001 pr. $56.17 6.00 X 6 Tube Style Axle For use on welded type gear. 1-1/2”-12 threads per inch 1-1/2” O.D. x .120 wall x 12” long. 8 D-227-000 ea. $24.95 5.00 X 5 Tube Style Axle 1-1/4”-12 threads per inch. 1-1/4” O.D. x .120 wall x 12” long. 8 D-226-000 ea. $14.75 n Axle Nut Size and Type 1-1/4” castle 5 D-256-000 ea. $15.85 1-1/2” 16 pipe thread castle 5 D-257-000 ea. $1.00 1-1/4” round for axle 8 D-258-000 ea. $13.80 1-1/2” 12 standard thread for use on axle 8 D-259-000 ea. $21.50 D-407-000 D-409-000 D-408-000 LANDING GEAR n Cub-Type Master Cylinder by Grove Maintain the classic Cub look with modern high pressure performance. For aircraft with disc brakes and oversized tires. Master cylinder incorporates shuttle valve which allows system to self-adjust for top-of-the-pedal feel. Vented Reservoir is located at the top of the cylinder which insures no air in the system. Reservoir capacity is 0.75 cu. in., has a black anodizedfinish and weights 1.49 lbs. Brake Assy. LH P/N95-1 8 D-410-001 $535.55 Brake Assy. RH P/N95-2 8 D-410-002 $535.55