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2  |  onlinecatalog.wagaero.com  | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice Engine Mount Bushings, FAA/PMA’d Replace your engine mount rubber bushings and restore that vibration-free flight. For conical mounts only. Code 4 Description Cat. No. Price Continental Bushings For A-65, C-85 and C-90 Engines. Replaces P/N 22387 I-907-300 ea. $5.45 8 OR MORE ea. $5.07 Washer P/N 21530 I-907-200 ea. $18..00 Lycoming Bushings For the following engine models: 0235- C1, 0290-D2, 0320-A2A, 0320-A2B, 0320-A2C, 0320-A3A, 0320-A3B, -A3C, 0320-B2A, -B2B, -B3A, -B3B, -B3C, IO-320- E2A. Code 4 Replaces P/N 71032 I-982-001 $4.85 8 OR MORE ea. $4.12 Whelen Landing & Taxi Light Replacements by Whelen PAR36 - Plus Series LED® 40% BRIGHTER! FAA/PMA approved, these lights are a drop-in replacement for outdated halogen or HID lamps. Lightweight, low-current and moisture resistant, they provide stable light output for thousands of operating hours. Three year warranty. Made in USA. 14V = 1.36 amps @ 14VDC. 28V = .68 amps @ 28VDC 4.38” round x 1.75” face to screw terminal. Code 4 Description Model No. P/N Cat. No. Price 14V Landing Light P36P1L 01-0771833-10 B-251-000 $227.95 14V Taxi Light P36P1T 01-0771833-15 B-253-000 $227.95 28V Landing Light P36P2L 01-0771833-20 B-251-028 $227.95 28V Taxi Light P36P2T 01-0771833-25 B-253-028 $227.95 PAR46 - Plus Series LED® 40% BRIGHTER! Same as above, except replacement lamp for PAR-46 halogen or HID lamps. 14V = 2.6 amps @ 14VDC. 28V = 1.3 amps @ 28 VDC. 5.65” round x 2.25” face to screw terminal. Code 4 14V Landing Light P46P1L 01-0790750-10 B-252-000 $289.95 28V Landing Light P46P2L 01-0790750-20 B-252-028 $289.95 Lighting & Strobes on Pages 24-28 B-252-000 B-251-000 Wheel Chocks Description Cat. No. Price Heavy Duty Rubber Wheel Chocks 4” x 4” x 8” ribbed chock with reflective tape on three sides. Code 7 3’ nylon rope  WC-20 pr. $42.50 Wood Wheel Chocks Heavy-duty wood construction. Finished in bright safety yellow. Conneced with 18” of braided nylon rope, 10”L x 3-1/4”H x 4-1/2”W. Code 7 3’ nylon rope WC-10 $29.25 Available with your aircraft “N” number or company name! Maximum six numbers, characters or spaces. WCN-15 $42.00 WC-10 WCN-15 WC-20 New Seat Belts and Harness Kits FAA /STC’d/PMA’d Shoulder Restraint Systems for Cessna, Piper, Beech, Aeronca and Stinson Models The kits include one standard belt with a three-bar slide (retain your present fitting), one “Y” style shoulder harness (with attaching hardware) and installation instructions. Constructed with the highest quality materials and with careful attention to workmanship. Available in Red, Tan, Brown, Olive Green, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Silver Gray and Black. Please specify your color. All Code 4 Sample listing below. See pages 72 and 73 for our full line. Model Color Cat. No. Price Each Cessna 150A-H, J-M & A152/152 Black H-601-000 $190.00 Cessna 172, A-I, K, L-N, P, F172N & P Black H-603-000 $190.00 Cessna 182, A-H, J-N, P-R, T & TR182 Black H-605-000 $190.00 Piper J-3, PA-11, Front Black H-617-001 $190.00 Piper J-3, PA-11, Rear Black H-617-101 $222.00 Piper PA-22 S-150, 160, PA-22/22-108, 135, -150 & 160, Front Black H-608-000 $190.00 Stinson Harness Kits 108-1, 2 & 3 Black H-609-000 $190.00 Aeronca 7AC, 7ACA, S7AC, 7CCM, 7DC, S7DC, 7EC, 7ECA, 7FC, 7GC, 7GCA, 7GCAA, 7GCB, 7GCBA, 7GCBC, 7HC, 7JC, 7KC & 7KCAB, Front Black H-618-001 $195.00 I-982-001 I-907-300 Aircraft Winches Code 7 Standard Aircraft Winch Just hook cable to the tail tie down ring and press the button. Moves aircraft up to 3,000 lbs. rolling weight. Floor mount. Includes 75’ of cable and 100’ of control cord with an automatic safety shut off. Cable speed is 30 ft. per minute. Floor mount requires Wag-Aero Mounting Kit shown below. (Cat. No. AW-001). Description Cat. No. Price Standard Aircraft Winch AW-100 ¨ $429.95 Heavy Duty Aircraft Winch Includes metal wind up drum, 100’ of cable and 125’ of control cord. Moves aircraft up to 6,000 lbs. Floor mount requires Wag- Aero Mounting Kit shown below (Cat. No. AW-001). AW-200 ¨ $469.95 Aircraft Winch Mounting Kit Everything you need to secure the winch to the floor. For Wag- Aero’s winches above. AW-001 $57.50 AW-100 AW-200 ¨ Oversize shipping charges apply. Where Dreams Take Flight! TWO CHAMPS Tom and Jason Harry came to WagAero for parts when they began their restorations. What a beautiful job they’ve done! Congratulations and thank you from the WagAero Team! Primers Zinc Phosphate Primer Recommended for painting bare metal. Alternative to Zinc Chromate. Code 8 Cat. No. Price Yellow Primer K-267-001 $9.95 Green Primer K-267-002 $9.95 More Covering Materials on Pages 76-79 Oil Filter Bib Oil Filter Bib This unique disposable product takes the mess out of changing aviation oil and oil filters. It makes a seal around the filter and catches the oil without spilling a drop. Code 7 Cat. No. Price 3 Pack I-203-003 $9.95 10 Pack I-203-010 $29.95