2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

92 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice REPLACEMENT PARTS 1341 0797 1546L AA140R A8036 A898 A48 Description OEM P/N Cat. No. Price Baggage Compartment Custom designed to provide an area for storing baggage, books, charts, etc. Made of heavy duty canvas. Code 8 M-930-000 $36.00 Seat SlingMade of heavy duty canvas. Easy to install. One piece design. Code 8 M-931-000 $124.69 Bungee Tool Code 7 M-942-000 $215.00 n Wings, Rudders, Fins Front & Rear Spars, FAA Approved Direct replacements for Front and Rear Spars. Complete with Phenolic Bushings (installed) and two coats of Spar Varnish. Code 4 Front Spar B-A87 BA87DF $915.00 Rear Spar B-A88 BA88DF $785.00 Elevator Trim Tab Framefor L2A, B and M models. Made of wood. Code 4 D-4026 D4026 $68.00 Rudder Trim Tabfor L2, L2A and TG6. Code 4 B-410 B410 $18.00 Stabilizer FAA Approved For BC12D. Code 4 D-A419 DA419 $469.00 D4026 B410 Front Spar Rear Spar A4002 A-986 L-699-301 L-699-506 n Sealed Taylorcraft Lift Strut Assemblies *Approved replacement for OEM Part Numbers. Aero Fabricators, the manufacturing division of The Wag-Aero Groupnow has FAA approval to manufacture NEW sealed 4130 Steamline tubing lift strut assemblies as well as approval to REPAIR and seal existing lift strut assemblies (as long as there is no corrosion) for Taylorcraft Models A, BC, BCS, BC-65, BCS -65, BC12-65, BCS12-65, BC12-D, BCS12-D, BC12-D1, BCS12-D1, BC12D -85, BCS12D -85, BC12D -85, BCS12D -4-85, BF, BFS, BF -60, BFS -60, BF -65, BF12-65, BL , BL S, BL-65, BL S -65, BL12-65, BL S12-65, FA- I I I , 19, F19, F21, F21A , F21B, F22, F22A , F22B, F22A . These sealed lift struts satisfy the requirements of AD 2007-16-14. All Code 4 Description Major Minor Wall Thickness OEM P/N Cat. No. Price Each Rear Lift Strut w/clamp 1.78 1.06 .049 A-A854* AA854SK† $680.00 Rear Jury Strut clamp only 1-296-1* 1296-1 $14.00 Front Lift Strut w/clamp 2.67 1.44 .049 A-A815* AA815SK† $760.00 Front Jury Strut clamp only fits Aero Fabricators strut A8922 $18.50 Front Jury Strut clamp only fits original strut A-892 A892 $16.75 Remanufactured Front Sealed Lift Strut without clamp. AMOC replacement for Airworthiness A-989-000 $250.00 Remanufactured Rear Sealed Lift Strut without clamp. AMOC replacement for Airworthiness A-989-100 $300.00 Rear Clamp Front Clamp Tail Flying Wires Description OEM P/N Cat. No. Price n Tail Flying Wires, Drag Wires, Accessories Set of Four Stainless Steel Taylorcraft Fying Wires. Includes 2 each A461, D-40 wires, 8 each nipples A-986, end insert A4002 and 8/36” hex nut; two each fuselage straps A4001, fin straps A4008; four each stabilizer straps. Code 4 Set of 4 A4009 L-846-000 $399.95 Tail Flying Wires 38-1/2” A-460 A460 $24.50 40-5/8” A461 A461 $33.65 36-1/2” A-4029 A4029 $35.35 44-1/8” D-40 D-40 $32.00 Drag Wires Made from 304 Stainless Steel, .125 Inboard, 42-1/4” A-8003 A8003 $16.45 Outboard, 64” A-8020 A8020 $18.10 Lift Strut Fitting, 33-1/32” A-844 A844 $15.80 Drag Wire Nipple A-8089 A8089 $8.75 Tie Rods, Accessories Tie Rod Fuselage Strap A-4001 A4001 $22.50 Tie Rod End Insert A-4002 A4002 $18.00 Tie Rod Fin Strap A-4008 A4008 $29.25 Tie Rod Stabilizer Strap A-4009 A4009 $26.50 Nipplefor #8-36 tie rods A-986 A-986 $9.60 Hex Nuts for drag wire. 8/36” Code 8 L-699-301 $.10 8/36”, MS35650-384 Code 5 L-699-506 $2.00 DA419 DA420 M-942-000 M-931-000 TAYLORCRAFT † Shipped truck, prepayment required. Description OEM P/N Cat. No. Price Wing Fuel Tanks 6 gallon Wing Fuel Tanks, for Models B, B12, BC, BC12D, BCS, BCS12D, 19, F19, F21. Code 4 LH 1546 1546L ea. $565.00 RH 1546 1546R ea. $565.00 Fuselage Fuel Tank12 gallon Fuselage Fuel Tanks, for Models B12, BC12D, 19, F19. Code 4 0797 0797 $725.00 LH StepCode 8 A-A140L AA140L ea. $115.00 RH StepCode 8 A-A140R AA140R ea. $115.00 Aileron Ball Stud1 1/2” long, 1/4-28 thread, 304 stainless steel. Code 4 A-898 A898 $35.75 Fender Fits 600 x 6 tires and other classic models. Code 4 1341 1341 ea. $237.50 Controls BushingCode 4 A-8036 A-8036 $6.00 Pin Tail Surface Hinge Code 4 A-48 A48 $4.95