2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice | 1.800.558.6868 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 9 DUAL CHT KITS CYLINDER HEAD TEMPERATURE GAUGES Description P/N Code Cat. No. Price Single-Lead CHT Kits Imported. Unlighted CHT Kits include one each gauge, lead thermocouple. Non-TSO’d. 2-1/4” 14mm Kit 8 A-092-014 ea. $54.50 2-1/4” 18mm Kit 8 A-092-018 ea. $54.50 2-1/4” Gauge Only 8 A-092-100 ea. $42.95 3-1/8” Gauge Only 8 A-238-000 ea. $44.95 A-092-014 A-092-018 A-092-100 A-238-000 A-104-018 A-236-014 A-236-018 3-1/8” Dual Gauge Kits by Westberg Monitors cylinder head temperature on all cylinders. Detects heating problems, monitors leaning accurately, continuously checks engine performance and reliability. Includes gauge, thermocouples, hardware and instructions. Description P/N Code Cat. No. Price 18mm Gauge Kit 3DA8 8 A-104-018 $203.00 3-1/2” Gauge Only 3DA8 8 A-104-100 $188.00 2-1/4” Square Dual Gauge by Westberg Same features as 3-1/8” unit, except a 2-1/4” square face. 14mm Gauge 2DA8 8 A-236-014 $220.00 18mm Gauge 2DA8 8 A-236-018 $220.00 A-044-000 A-041-000 n Remanufactured Original Style Gyros 4-1/2” Square Remanufactured Directional GyroThis unit was used in early model Cessnas. Vacuum operated gyro complete withfilter, caging and setting knob. 4 A-044-000 $1137.65 3-5/8” Remanufactured Gyro HorizonFresh overhaul! This 5736-1 gyro horizon with black face and dial is vacuum operated. 4 A-041-000 $1137.65 n Certified Remanufactured Unit 3-1/8” Directional Gyro Standard vacuum operated units with fresh certification & yellow tag. Purchase outright or send in trade-in unit for additional savings. 1-year warranty. Note: Cores we are unable to accept are Standard Precision, IFR, ANS, RC Allen 11 Series, AN-Old Style, Garwin, Aeritalia, Weston, & all 5” units & single pitch bar units. Cores must be inspected & accepted by Manufacturer before core credit will be issued. Outright 4 A-050-000 $733.00 A-046-000 / A-046-100 A-047-000 / A-047-100 GYROS 2-1/4” Unlighted Gauge by Westberg Accurately check for carb icing. With probe and kit. Uses Cat. No. A-029-200 replacement probe. Non TSO’dP/N 2A3-1 8 A-029-000 $148.50 Carb Air Temperature Replacement Probe by Westberg 48” long, P/N 399W 8 A-029-200 $59.50 A-029-000 A-029-200 CARB AIR TEMP GAUGE AIRCRAFT CLOCKS 2-1/4” Quartz Clock Quartz clock with ETA (estimated time of arrival) feature and special movement. Full 1 year warranty. Description P/N Code Cat. No. Price 12 Volt Clock CA-7264-12 8 A-098-100 $147.00 24 Volt Clock CA7264-24 8 A-098-200 $147.00 A-098-100 A-098-200 n Newly Manufactured Gyros Description Code Cat. No. Price 3-1/8” Directional Gyro TSO’dLatest dial configuration. Vacuum operated. 6-1/4” deep. Includes installation kit. 4 A-046-000 $1,083.35 3-1/8” Gyro Horizon TSO’dLatest dial configuration. Vacuum operated. 6-3/4” deep. Includes installation kit. 4 A-047-000 $1,083.35 SALE! 3-1/8” Gyro Horizon Non-TSO’dLatest dial configuration. Vacuum operated. 6-1/2” deep. Imported. 8 A-047-100 $571.00 A-050-000 n www.wagaero.com n 24-Hour Order Line 1.800.558.6868 n 24-Hour Fax 1.262.763.7595 n Customer service 1.262.763.9586 n E-Mail: wagaero-sales@wagaero.com n onlinecatalog.wagaero.com easy ways to order!