2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

8 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice A-105-000 / A-105-100 EXHAUST GAS TEMPERATURE GAUGES Description P/N Code Cat. No. Price Single-Probe EGT Kits Imported Unlighted Kits includes single gauge 700-1700˚, 48” long clamp-on exhaust probe. Ideal for most light aircraft. 2-1/4” Non-TSO’dEGT Gauge and Probe Kit 8 A-087-000 $113.00 2-1/4” Non-TSO’dEGT Gauge Only 8 A-087-100 $92.75 3-1/8” Non-TSO’dEGT Gauge Only, 700˚ - 1700˚F 8 A-239-000 $44.95 Dual EGTs by Westberg.Monitors two engines simultaneously. Includes gauge, two each of 4’ lead/probe, 7’ total patch cable, hardware and instructions. 2-1/4” Non-TSO’dEGT Gauge Kit 8 A-237-000 $272.00 2-1/4” Non-TSO’dEGT Gauge Only 8 A-237-100 $168.00 3-1/8” Non-TSO’dEGT Gauge Kit 8 A-105-000 $276.00 3-1/8” Non-TSO’dEGT Gauge Only 8 A-105-100 $192.00 A-002-000 A-239-000 A-246-000 A-247-000 A-237-000 / A-237-100 A-087-000 / A-087-100 Direct replacement for CHTs shown above, except the Alcor units. Length 48” Leads Non-TSO’d Leads Imported 18mm lead 8 A-092-118 ea. $21.00 14mm lead 8 A-092-114 ea. $15.50 Non-TSO’dLeads by Westberg 18mm lead 712-5WK 8 A-092-318 ea. $38.25 14mm lead 712-4WK 8 A-092-314 ea. $38.25 Bayonet Thermocouple by WestbergThermocouple for both single and combination cylinder head temperature gauges where bayonet type end is desired. 48 inches in length. 712-7DK 8 A-220-000 $83.50 CHT Probe only w/13” lead by UniversalNon-TSO’d 5 A-136-000 $59.40 Note: Most engines require 18mm thermocouple; Franklin and Volkswagen engines, however, require 14mm. A-136-000 REPLACEMENT LEADS AND THERMOCOUPLES A-087-001 A-087-003 INSTRUMENTS A-002-001 A-002-100 A-092-118 A-092-114 A-092-318 A-092-314 A-220-000 COMBINATION CHT, EGT Save panel space while getting necessary information for that all important fuel conservation. Cylinder head temperature gauges range 100-700˚F and exhaust temperature gauges range 700-1700˚F. Includes gauge, EGT probe and lead, CHT lead and thermocouple. Description Code Cat. No. Price 2-1/4” Unlighted Gauges, Non-TSO’dImported CHT/EGT 18mm Kit 8 A-152-008 $104.95 CHT/EGT 14mm Kit 8 A-152-004 $104.95 CHT/EGT Gauge only 8 A-152-100 $88.45 A-152-004 A-152-008 A-152-100 REPLACEMENT PROBES 48” long clamp-on exhaust probe. Direct replacement for EGTs and engine analyzers shown, except the Alcor units. Description Code Cat. No. Price Non-TSO’d48” Lead Imported, 1” probe 8 A-087-001 ea. $33.50 Non-TSO’d48” Lead by Westberg 712-2-DWK 8 A-087-003 ea. $58.00 PATCH CABLESby Westberg A-112-106 For EGTs & CHTs with Cat. Nos. A-087-000, A-092-014, A-092-018 & A-152-004, A-152-008. These Cat. No. A-112 Series cables are for Non TSO’dgauges only. 6’ Cable 206-SS-SS 8 A-112-106 $18.20 7’ Cable 207-SS-SS 8 A-112-107 $19.95 12’ Cable 212-SS-SS 8 A-112-112 $19.20 A-112-107 A-112-112 Description P/N Code Cat. No. Price Dual EGTImported 2” EGT Gauge Only Non-TSO’dImported 700˚ - 1700˚F/700˚ - 1700˚F 8 A-246-000 $52.75 2-1/4” Square Dual EGT Gauge Only Imported 700-1700°F/ 700-1700°F 8 A-247-000 $59.50 2-1/4” Single Engine Type K EGT by Alcor.Quality deluxe gauge with heavy-duty lead and probe. Homebuilders – easy to install with no electrical system required. Single engine model. Complete Unit 4 A-002-000 $389.00 Alcor Probe 86255 4 A-002-001 $99.50 Alcor Lead, 90” 42525 4 A-002-100 $41.75