2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

78 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice K-283-000 Description Code Cat. No. Price 9” Pinking Shears by Fiskars Heavy duty, heat treated, stainless steel blades. Handy cutting notch in blade for cord, rope, and light wire. Blades are serrated to hold material while cutting. Adjustable pivot point tension. Manufacturer’s Lifetime warranty. 7 M-248-100 $29.50 Fabric Tester Now test fabric without removing or punching holes. Calibrated in one inch pounds, reading from 25 to 80 lbs.. 7 M-001-000 $500.00 Sewing Needles 3” Curved Sewing Needle 7 K-379-001 $4.35 6” Curved Sewing Needle 7 K-379-002 $7.35 12” Curved Sewing Needle 7 K-380-003 $19.85 12” Rib Lacing Needle w/straight tip 7 K-380-001 $10.75 18” Rib Lacing Needle w/straight tip 7 K-380-002 $21.40 Spray GunSpecially designed for painting horizontal surfaces - wings, tail, etc. Accomplish a professional job with controlledfluid output. Model A5G-460GM. 7 M-351-001 $28.97 Iron Calibration Thermometer Use for a more accurate reading than coil thermometers to calibrate irons. Displays both Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales. 7 M-001-100 $14.40 Silicone Heat Sink Compound Use for a more accurate transfer during iron calibration. 7 K-455-000 $15.80 Description Code Cat. No. Quart Price Cat. No. Gallon Price Pour IT Pour Spout SALE! 7 K-417-100 $ 1.00 K-417-200 $2.00 Metl-Sol Cleaner, C-2200 7 K-334-100 $ 22.70 Qty. Cat. No. Price Superfil Epoxy Filler 2 parts 8 quart K-283-000 $34.75 Aluminum Paste P/N 701, MIL-TT-A-468 5 1 lb. can K-252-000 $23.20 Sewing Thread 4 250 yds K-325-000 $14.90 Rib Lacing Std Round Cord 4 400 yds K-302-000 $59.76 Rib Lacing Braided Flat Cord 4 500 yds K-302-100 $59.76 1/2” Inter Rib Brace Tape (Polyester twill) 4 36 yds K-329-000 $35.05 Seaplane Drain Grommets - AN231-A4 5 One K-262-000 ea. $.31 Plain Drain Grommets 4 One K-261-000 ea. $.20 4 Qty 100 pkg. K-261-000 ea. $.19 K-417-100 K-417-200 K-334-100 K-252-000 TOOLS, SPECIALTY ITEMS FABRIC & FINISHING TOOLS SPRAY PAINTS, PRIMERS K-271-002 K-268-013 K-279-000 Description Code Cat. No. Price Zinc Phosphate Primer Primers recommended for priming bare metal. These primers provide maximum bonding to bare aluminum and steel. Zinc Oxide has been recently introduced to provide a “safer, healthier” alternative to Zinc Chromate with equal performance. 12 oz. can. Yellow Primer 8 K-267-001 ea. $13.50 Green Primer 8 K-267-002 ea. $13.50 PlastiKote Engine Enamel 11 oz. spray can. Gloss Black 8 K-271-002 ea. $9.60 Tempo Aviation Aircraft Enamels Fast drying. 12 oz. can. Gloss Black 8 K-268-013 ea. $11.10 Gloss White 8 K-268-015 ea. $11.00 Flat Black 8 K-268-017 ea. $10.55 Epoxy Propeller CoatingSpray is formulated with the extra adhesion and abrasion resistance needed to protect propellers from corrosion and wear. Compared to other standard paints, our epoxy formula stays on the blade more flying hours. Medium Gray 8 K-279-000 ea. $10.95 White 8 K-279-001 ea. $10.75 Flat Black 8 K-279-003 ea. $10.75 Sorry, spray paints cannot be shipped to Canada, or via Parcel Post or Air in the U.S. AIM-A-SQUIRTAllows spray lubricants, cleaners, dust-removers to precisely apply in confined or hard-to-reach areas while simultaneously allowing the can to remain upright. Includes twoflexible tubes of different diameters. Will interface with all can nozzles. 7 K-433-000 $4.95 K-267-001 K-267-002 Description Code Cat. No. Price Acid Proof Battery Box Paint Use on metal surfaces adjacent to battery to prevent corrosion. May also be sprayed on the bottom of aluminumfloats for protection from algae. Thin with enamel thinner. Black MIL-TT-L-54. P/N 20-345 5 K-251-000 qt. $27.80 EAA SportAir Workshop’s Aircraft Fabric Covering DVD A two-hour, easy-to-understand video that presents all you need to know to cover your own airplane using PolyFiber aircraft coatings. 7 F-610-000 $39.95 K-329-000 K-325-000 COVERINGS Check Out Our Webstore at wagaero.com Curved Needle M-351-001 M-001-100 K-455-000