2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice | 1.800.558.6868 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 77 RANDOLPH COVERING MATERIAL n Randolph Covering Materials All Code 4 P/N Pint Cat. No. Price Qt. Cat. No. Price Gal. Cat. No. Price Nitrate Dopes and Thinner Rand-O-Proof (green) G-6302 K-428-100 $23.40 K-428-200 $74.52 Nitrate Thinner 286 K-403-100 $17.00 K-403-200 $47.65 Non-Tautening Nitrate (blue) W-7868 K-429-100 $23.25 K-429-200 $76.55 Non-Tautening Nitrate (clear) E-4964 K-401-100 $23.85 K-401-200 $77.05 Engine Enamel Black 24-303 K-378-000 $27.00 Engine Enamel Continental Gold D-5973 K-260-000 $34.00 Engine Enamel Lycoming Gray G-5436 K-258-000 $25.30 Enamel All White K-502-104 $29.40 K-502-204 $97.70 Enamel All Other Colors K-502-105 $33.65 K-502-205 $117.80 Enamel Metallic Colors (only available in Tampa Green, Newport Blue, Silver, Reno Gold) K-502-106 $25.25 K-502-206 $94.35 Enamel Thinner 257 K-505-100 $19.20 K-505-200 $50.60 Enamel Hardener/Glass Additive E-9313 K-507-000 $33.85 Specialty Items for Randolph Coverings Universal Retarder Y-9910 K-432-100 $19.07 K-432-200 $48.80 Butysolv Rejuvenator J-3000 K-405-100 $30.80 K-405-200 $93.00 Paint Cleaner C-2210 K-333-100 $17.85 K-333-200 $49.50 Butyrate Dopes & Thinner Rand-O-Fill (silver) G-6303 K-431-100 $20.30 K-431-200 $61.10 Butyrate Thinner 9703 K-402-100 $16.95 K-402-200 $48.50 Butyrate Dope (insignia white) K-408-100 $28.95 K-408-200 $98.90 Butyrate Dope (all whites) K-440-100 $28.95 K-440-200 $96.90 Butyrate Dope (all other colors) K-441-100 $30.65 K-441-200 $107.15 Butyrate Metallic Colors (only available in Tampa Green, Newport Blue, Silver and Reno Gold) K-441-101 $27.85 K-441-201 $97.40 Non-Tautening Butyrate (clear) A-1690 K-406-100 $20.05 K-406-200 $61.75 Non-Tautening Butyrate (tan) W-8350 K-430-100 $20.00 K-430-200 $62.05 Tautening Butyrate (clear) 9701 K-407-100 $18.70 K-407-200 $58.00 Non-Tautening Butyrate Metallic Colors (only available in Tampa Green, Newport Blue, Silver and Reno Gold) K-406-101 $16.70 K-406-201 $49.90 Ranthane High Solids PolyurethaneHS Ranthane with Catalyst (insignia white) K-456-100 $98.00 K-456-200 $325.40 (all other whites) K-457-100 $98.00 K-457-200 $325.40 HS Polyurethane (all other colors) K-458-100 $121.30 K-458-200 $392.55 HS Ranthane Metallic Colors (only available in Tampa Green, Newport Blue, Silver and Reno Gold) K-458-101 $121.30 K-458-201 $392.55 Ranthane Thinner G-4200 K-445-100 $17.35 K-445-200 $55.55 Ranthane Accelerator D-7201 K-446-000 $50.85 HS Ranthane Catalyst AU-CAT-2x1 K-447-100 $36.85 K-447-200 $71.60 Ranthane, Enamel, Butyrate Colors (M) after Names are Metallic Color No. Name B-3534 Madrid Red W-3665 Pontiac Red M-9530 Vermillion Red B-9163 Colorado Red M-9522 Tennessee Red J-9555 Cadillac Red H-9150 Santa Fe Red X-5680 Boston Maroon X-5749 Stinson Maroon R-8175 Sandalwood Brown Y-9775 Hickory Brown E-6428 Aeronca 7AC Orange M-9526 Cruiser Orange P-8600 Cess. Tiger Orange C-2065 Ocala Orange M-9501 AN Orange Yellow M-9512 Lemon Yellow D-9270 AG Cat Yellow E-6427 Aeronca 7AC Yellow F-6285 J-3 Cub Yellow Y-5783 Dallas Yellow N-3353 Federal Yellow M-9521 Lockhaven Yellow R-4869 Olive Drab F-2406 Federal Green Y-6350 Forest Green F-5830 Montego Green W-8427 Tampa Green (M) W-3554 Lakeland Blue H-9170 Bahama Blue W-8430 Newport Blue (M) X-5700 Miami Blue W-9506 AN True Blue M-9502 Insignia Blue Q-1050 New Insignia White Q-1916 Randolph White B-4243 Juneau White J-9545 Daytona White K-7641 Cessna Vestal White W-9170 Tropic White X-5260 Tucson Cream M-9518 Diana Cream Z-7245 Sun Valley Ivory R-8174 Platinum Gray F-7790 AG Cat Gray Y-6100 Polar Gray R-4870 Neutral Gray H-6117 Black M-9514 Silver (M) B-9916 Reno Gold (M) n Ceconite Tapes Code 4 Description Yard Rolls Cat. No. Per Roll Pinked Edge Linear Surface TapeC102. 1” 25 K-265-100 $28.14 1.5” 25 K-265-150 $30.36 2” 25 K-265-200 $36.60 2” 50 K-265-201 $45.84 3” 25 K-265-300 $44.40 4” 25 K-265-400 $50.70 Straight Edge Linear Surface Tape C102. 1” 50 K-253-100 $28.20 1.5” 50 K-253-150 $37.80 2” 50 K-253-200 $45.90 n Ceconite Fabrics NOTE: Fabric is cut to your order and is nonreturnable. Breaking Strength Avg. Bursting Strengh Tear Strength Weight Width Thread Count Code Cat. No. Per Yard 101 113.5 lb./in. 279 psi Warp 108 lbs/fill 119 lbs. 3.4 oz/sq. yd 72” 144 x 57/inch 4 K-263-100 $17.58 102 108 lb./in. 255 psi Warp 109 lbs/fill 118 lbs 3 oz/sq. yd 72” 144 x 73/inch 4 K-263-200 $15.78 Description Yard Rolls Cat. No. Per Roll Pinked Edge Bias TapePrices adjusted to account for 5% tape lost due to necessary sewn splices in bias tape and inevitable minor defects. 2” 25 K-266-200 $42.84 3” 25 K-266-300 $60.90 4” 25 K-266-400 $75.72 Cloth Anti-Chafe & Masking Tape 1” 60 K-255-100 $20.05 Ceconite Super Seam Cement (Quart) K-254-100 $30.00 NOTE: Colors other than Insignia White are specially mixed and are nonreturnable, noncancellation and must be prepaid.