2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice | 1.800.558.6868 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 73 Description Cat. No. Price n Full Restraint Seat Belt/Harness Kit The ultimate for aerobatic competition consists of 3” TSO’d military style lap belt with lap restraint pads, 2” aerobatic divided shoulder harness with shoulder harness restraint pads, plus a fully adjustable crotch strap. Unique features allow for quick comfort adjustment. Positive lock buckle with quick release. Safety and comfort primary in design. Retain your own aircraft fittings. Black. 1500 lb. rating. Complete System Code 8 H-824-000 $295.00 n 3” Military Style Seat Belt TSO’d3” metal to metal seat belt, heavy duty construction with military style quick release buckle for convenience. Extra strength webbing provides increased durability. Complete with triangle endfittings to accommodate most aircraft. Retain your own aircraft fittings. Adjusts from 33-1/2” to 49-1/2” in length. Code 4 Black H-725-002 ea. $249.00 Olive H-725-003 ea. $249.00 Silver H-725-005 ea. $249.00 Brown H-725-009 ea. $249.00 Red H-725-006 ea. $249.00 Navy H-725-010 ea. $249.00 Royal Blue H-725-007 ea. $249.00 Tan H-725-011 ea. $249.00 n Aerobatic Shoulder Harnesses Metal fitting for attachment to seat belt buckle. Easily adjustable, harness combines with the 3” military/aerobatic seat belt for a matched set. Retain your own aircraft fittings. All Code 8 Color Divided Cat. No. Price Y-Style Cat. No. Price Black H-726-002 ea. $95.00 H-827-100 ea. $92.50 Olive H-726-008 ea. $95.00 H-827-200 ea. $92.50 Silver H-726-005 ea. $95.00 H-827-400 ea. $92.50 Red H-726-006 ea. $95.00 H-827-500 ea. $92.50 Royal Blue H-726-007 ea. $95.00 H-827-600 ea. $92.50 Brown H-726-009 ea. $95.00 H-827-800 ea. $92.50 Navy H-726-010 ea. $95.00 H-827-900 ea. $92.50 Tan H-726-011 ea. $95.00 H-827-901 ea. $92.50 SEAT BELTS, HARNESSES n Y-Type Shoulder Harness FAA approved. Hardware mates to buckle of model Cat. No. H-701 Series and most American Safety models. Retain your own aircraft fittings. Longest length, 79”; Shortest length, 29”. 1 lb. each. Code 4 Color Cat. No. Price Black H-702-201 ea. $97.50 Navy H-702-202 ea. $97.50 Brown H-702-203 ea. $97.50 Royal Blue H-702-204 ea. $97.50 Red H-702-206 ea. $97.50 Tan H-702-207 ea. $97.50 Olive H-702-208 ea. $97.50 Silver H-702-209 ea. $97.50 n Seat Belts | “Y” Harness Combination TSO’d seat belts, PMA’d shoulder harnesses. Set includes one Cat. No. H-701 series seat belt with 3 bar slide and one Cat. No. H-702 series “Y” type shoulder harness with metal to metal hardware. Hardware not included. Retain your own aircraft fittings. Code 4 Black H-858-001 set $155.00 Navy H-858-002 set $155.00 Brown H-858-003 set $155.00 Royal Blue H-858-004 set $155.00 Red H-858-006 set $155.00 Tan H-858-007 set $155.00 Olive H-858-008 set $155.00 Silver H-858-009 set $155.00 H-830-000 H-823-000 H-831-000 H-706-000 We Make Safety Affordable Call 1-800-558-6868 Send your defective belts (include TSO tags) and all hardware to: AERO FABRICATORS, 1216 North Road, Burlington, WI 53105 If your civilian or military aircraft is equipped with a unique belt or harness, Aero Fabricators can replace the webbing at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. We encase your TSO tags in a plasticized cover for protection, and recertify your unit. We are fully FAA approved and carry a complete selection of colors in 2” and 3” widths. An $86.00 Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) charge on seat belt repairs if required. Please Note: We cannot repair belts exceeding 1,500 lbs. The FAA Requires readable TSO tags on all seat belts! Seat Belt, Harness Refurbishing Certified Repair Station #A14R244N All Repairs FAA Approved Code 4 Standard TSO’d Belts Standard metal to metal seat belt retrofits most popular production aircraft. High-strength nylon webbing, fully tested belt is rated at 1500 lbs. Belt features standard metal to metal type buckle and are FAA/ TSO Approved. Adjusts from 13” to 62” in length. 3-BAR SLIDE (Retain your present endfittings.) TRIANGULAR & 3-BAR SLIDE QUICK DISCONNECT & 3-BAR SLIDE Color Cat. No. Price Cat. No. Price Cat. No. Price Black H-701-001 $75.25 H-701-101 $78.50 H-701-201 $122.00 Navy H-701-002 $75.25 H-701-102 $78.50 H-701-202 $122.00 Brown H-701-003 $75.25 H-701-103 $78.50 H-701-203 $122.00 Royal Blue H-701-004 $75.25 H-701-104 $78.50 H-701-204 $122.00 Red H-701-006 $75.25 H-701-106 $78.50 H-701-206 $122.00 Tan H-701-007 $75.25 H-701-107 $78.50 H-701-207 $122.00 Olive H-701-008 $75.25 H-701-108 $78.50 H-701-208 $122.00 Silver H-701-009 $75.25 H-701-109 $78.50 H-701-209 $122.00 Repairs For: Estimated Repair Cost 2” Seat Belt (complete lap assembly) $59.00 3” Seat Belt (complete lap assembly) $105.00 Single Shoulder Harness $59.00 “Y” Shoulder Harness $73.50 “H” Series Shoulder Harness $73.50 “Y” Shoulder Harness Set w/ 3” Lap Belt $164.00 Military 3” Lap Belt $111.00 n Seat Belt Webbing Minimum order 5 yards.Code 5 Color 2” Webbing 3” Webbing $10.50per yd. $12.50per yd. Black RM00100 RM00020 Navy RM00110 RM00080 Brown RM00120 RM00070 Royal Blue RM00130 RM00060 Red RM00150 RM00050 Tan RM00160 RM00090 Olive RM00170 RM00030 Silver RM00180 RM00040 n Adjustable Crotch Strap Color Code Cat. No. Price Black 8 H-825-000 $47.75 Olive 8 H-825-100 $47.75 Silver 8 H-825-300 $47.75 Red 8 H-825-400 $47.75 Royal Blue 8 H-825-500 $47.75 Brown 8 H-825-700 $47.75 Navy 8 H-825-800 $47.75 Tan 8 H-825-900 $47.75 n Pads 3” Lap Restraint Pads (Black) 8 H-827-000 pr. $19.95 2” Shoulder G-Restraint Pads (Black) 8 H-826-000 pr. $27.75 n End Fittings All Code 8 3-Bar Slide H-830-000 $9.90 Quick Disconnect Fitting H-823-000 $27.50 Triangular End Fitting H-831-000 $12.00 2” Chrome Seat Belt Tip Ends H-706-000 $3.75 n 2” Seat Belt Extensions Mates with Wag-Aero’s seat belts only. 24” long. Code 8 Black H-705-001 ea. $47.25 Navy H-705-002 ea. $47.25 Brown H-705-003 ea. $47.25 Royal Blue H-705-004 ea. $47.25 Red H-705-006 ea. $47.25 Tan H-705-007 ea. $47.25 Olive H-705-008 ea. $47.25 Silver H-705-009 ea. $47.25 Y-Style Harness Divided Harness