2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

72 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice SEAT BELT / HARNESS KITS Choose from the following kits for your FAA/STC/PMA approvedinstallation for Cessnas! Our line of seat belts and harnesses is constructed with the highest quality materials and with careful attention to workmanship. Each installation kit shown includes one belt, one harness, attaching hardware and installation instructions. The standard seat belt with 3-bar slide and the Y-style shoulder harness included is shown and described further on page 73. Installation Kits only $216.00 each Color 120/140 150A-H, J-M A152/152 170A & B 172, A-I, K, L-N, P, F172N, P 175A,B,C 180 A-H, J, K 182, A-H J-N, P-R T,TR182 185A-E A185E 206, U206A-G TU206A-G 207, 207A T207, T207A Black H-600-000 H-601-000 H-602-000 H-603-000 H-615-000 H-604-000 H-605-000 H-606-000 H-612-000 H-613-000 Brown H-600-100 H-601-100 H-602-100 H-603-100 H-615-100 H-604-100 H-605-100 H-606-100 H-612-100 H-613-100 Red H-600-200 H-601-200 H-602-200 H-603-200 H-615-200 H-604-200 H-605-200 H-606-200 H-612-200 H-613-200 Navy H-600-300 H-601-300 H-602-300 H-603-300 H-615-300 H-604-300 H-605-300 H-606-300 H-612-300 H-613-300 Royal Blue H-600-400 H-601-400 H-602-400 H-603-400 H-615-400 H-604-400 H-605-400 H-606-400 H-612-400 H-613-400 Tan H-600-500 H-601-500 H-602-500 H-603-500 H-615-500 H-604-500 H-605-500 H-606-500 H-612-500 H-613-500 Silver H-600-600 H-601-600 H-602-600 H-603-600 H-615-600 H-604-600 H-605-600 H-606-600 H-612-600 H-613-600 Olive H-600-700 H-601-700 H-602-700 H-603-700 H-615-700 H-604-700 H-605-700 H-606-700 H-612-700 H-613-700 n Piper Kits, FAA Approved Description Color Cat. No. Cat. No. J-3, PA-11 Kits Front $216.00 Rear $249.50 Black H-617-001 H-617-101 Navy H-617-002 H-617-102 Brown H-617-003 H-617-103 Royal Blue H-617-004 H-617-104 Red H-617-006 H-617-106 Tan H-617-007 H-617-107 Olive H-617-008 H-617-108 Silver H-617-009 H-617-109 PA-18 Kits Front $216.00 Rear $280.00 Black H-620-001 H-620-101 Navy H-620-002 H-620-102 Brown H-620-003 H-620-103 Royal Blue H-620-004 H-620-104 Red H-620-006 H-620-106 Tan H-620-007 H-620-107 Olive H-620-008 H-620-108 Silver H-620-009 H-620-109 PA-20 Kits Black H-607-000 Brown H-607-100 Red H-607-200 Navy H-607-300 Royal Blue H-607-400 Tan H-607-500 Silver H-607-600 Olive H-607-700 PA-22 S-150, 160, PA-22/22-108, 135, 150, 160, Kits Black H-608-000 Brown H-608-100 Red H-608-200 Navy H-608-300 Royal Blue H-608-400 Tan H-608-500 Silver H-608-600 Olive H-608-700 PA-28 Front Seat Kits Includes seat belts, harnesses and hardware for front seats. Pr. $540.00 Black H-619-001 For ceiling vent system, modification may be needed to the existing system for our seatbelt/ shoulder harness installation. Drawings & instructions are unavailable for this modification. Navy H-619-002 Brown H-619-003 Royal Blue H-619-004 Red H-619-006 Tan H-619-007 Olive H-619-008 Silver H-619-009 Spar ➞ Spar ➞ FORWARD➞ TOP OF AIRCRAFT ➞ ➞ MS20365 Nut P/N/ RB-7 Plate P/N RB-8 Bushing AN960-416 Washer Triangular Fitting AN960-416 Washer AN970-4 Washer Headliner AN4-6ABolt Typical Installation for Cessna Aircraft Cessna Harness Kits FAA Approvedshoulder restraint systems in your aircraft provide the best possible safety for your crew and passengers. We developed these affordable systems for production aircraft in cooperation with the FAA, therefore each H-600 series comes with anFAA STC/PMA. Our high quality belts come in a full array of colors. The kits include one standard belt with a 3-bar slide (retain your present fitting), one “Y” style shoulder harness (with attaching hardware) and installation instructions. All Code 4 SEAT BELTS n Aeronca Kits, FAA Approved 7AC, 7ACA, S7AC, 7CCM, S7CCM, 7DC, S7DC, 7EC, S7EC, 7ECA, 7FC, 7GC, 7GCA, 7GCAA, 7GCB, 7GCBA, 7GCBC, 7HC, 7JC, 7KC, 7KCAB Color Cat. No. Cat. No. Front $221.50 Rear $221.50 Black H-618-001 H-618-101 Navy H-618-002 H-618-102 Brown H-618-003 H-618-103 Royal Blue H-618-004 H-618-104 Red H-618-006 H-618-106 Tan H-618-007 H-618-107 Olive H-618-008 H-618-108 Silver H-618-009 H-618-109 n Stinson Kits, FAA Approved ea. $216.00 Black H-609-000 Brown H-609-100 Red H-609-200 Navy H-609-300 Royal Blue H-609-400 Tan H-609-500 Silver H-609-600 Olive H-609-700 n Beech Kits, FAA Approved 35 Series A-G, R Pilot $238.50 Co-Pilot $275.00 Black H-616-101 H-616-001 Navy H-616-102 H-616-002 Brown H-616-103 H-616-003 Royal Blue H-616-104 H-616-004 Red H-616-106 H-616-006 Tan H-616-107 H-616-007 Olive H-616-108 H-616-008 Silver H-616-109 H-616-009