2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice | 1.800.558.6868 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 7 ENGINE HOUR METERS MANIFOLD GAUGES 2-1/4” Manifold Gauge by UMA 10-50 inches Hg abs. Brand new units. High quality, neat face presentation. P/N 7-100-10. Code 8 A-097-000 $167.32 3-1/8” Manifold Gauge This 3-1/8” manifold pressure gauge utilizes a dual diaphragm construction for median isolation and precision readings. Connects directly to intake manifold of engine. Full sweep dials for easy readability. P/N 7-300-50. Code 8 A-253-000 $219.95 3-1/8” Manifold Gauge by United InstrumentsFAA Approved The Manifold Pressure Indicator is used on aircraft to indicate the absolute pressure of the aircraft engine intake manifold in Inches of Mercury Absolute. 10-50 inches Hg abs. Code 4 A-072-000 $796.50 A-253-000 A-072-000 A-097-000 Description Cat. No. Price 2-1/4” Round Hour Meter by ENMAutomatically logs engine hours. Fits standard 2-1/4” instrument hole. This unit records true time and cruising time and starts when oil pressure reaches 4 lbs., stops when pressure drops below this point. Oil PSI switch not included. Warranted for 1 yr. by manufacturer. 8-32VDC. Code 9 A-049-000 $66.00 2-1/4” Round Hour Meter by DatconElectronic12/24V DC P/N 100690. Code 9 A-054-000 $71.75 Rectangular Hour Meter by ENM Fits 7/8” H x 1- 3/8” W. Ideal where space is a factor. High quality digital unit. Oil PSI switch not included. Warranted for 1 yr. by manufacturer. 10-80V. P/N T41E4506P. Code 9 A-048-000 $45.00 Description Cat. No. Price Vibration Hour Meter Fits 7/8” H x 1- 3/8” W. Features LCD display with 6-digit hourglass running indicator and operates only when it is introduced to engine vibration or any other machine vibration. Can be installed anywhere and is powered by an internal Lithium battery. Code 8 A-255-000 $68.95 Quartz Hour Meter by HobbsFits 7/8” H x 1- 3/8” W. Same features as above unit, Oil PSI switch not included. 10-40 V. Meets MIL-Spec M-3971. P/N 85311. Code 5 A-045-000 $129.50 Oil Pressure Switch For all hour meters 1/8” NPT. Switch closes at 3 PSI. P/N PS4020. Code 8 A-055-000 $19.95 A-049-000 A-054-000 A-255-000 A-055-000 A-045-000 A-048-000 Digital Air Temp by Davtron Use minimum panel space with this lightweight unit. Features include automatic dimming, miniature remote probe, 90” cable, incandescent display, and auto polarity. Model Temp. Scale Voltage Code Cat. No. Price 301-C -40°C to +100°C. 12/28 VOH. 4 A-125-000 $215.00 301-F -40°F to +199°F 12/28 VOH. 4 A-125-100 $165.50 A-212-000 Description or Part No. Code Cat. No. Price 2-1/8” Gauge This free air thermometer has both C and F dial graduations. Install through plexiglass windshield, cowling (3/8” hole), or through center strip of windshield. Gauge has weather-proof head and a sunproof crystal. 4” stem length. 8 A-006-000 $41.50 2-1/4” Panel Mount Unlighted Temperature Gauge by WestbergMonitor the outside temperature with this panel mounted gauge. Reads -40°F to +120°F. Includes 50” temperature sender. Non-TSO’d. P/N 2A3-3 8 A-212-000 $138.50 Unlighted Temperature Gauge Only 8 A-212-100 $88.50 Replacement sender only. P/N 399OT 8 A-212-200 $58.70 2” Digital Air TempMeasures temperatures from -40° to +199° F. Easy to read, 1/2” bright red LED digits. Updated temperature readings 3 times per second for accurate information. 2” panel mounting case fits existing round hole panel openings of 2-1/16” to 2-1/4” diameter. 83” cable included. 12V (with auto polarity). Mounting hardware not included. P/N 20DT/ACX 8 A-124-000 $58.00 A-125-100 A-125-000 A-006-000 A-212-200 OUTSIDE AIR TEMPERATURE GAUGES Description Code Cat. No. Price 20/20 Scale by Reiker For authentic restoration use this 5-1/2” long scale. 8 A-017-000 $91.50 10/10 Scale by Reiker For authentic restoration use this 6-1/4” long scale. 8 A-018-000 $95.00 A-018-000 A-017-000 INCLINOMETERS