2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

50 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice SENSENICH WOOD PROPELLERS, SPINNERS Description Code Length Thread Length P/N Cat. No. Price Decorative Wood PropFor the den, recroom, greatroom or hangar office. We have a limited number of authentic, wood props (display only) from Sensenich. They are finished as the genuine product, but do not meet airworthiness standards. Approx. 72”. $15.00 handling fee. NOTE: Color and tip style may vary. 7 U-141-000¨ $593.00 n Propeller Accessories Wood-Prop Bolts For wood props 3-3/8” thick with 3/8” bolt holes. The length of the bolt required depends upon, the thickness of the prop hub, the thickness of the crush plate and spinner bulkhead use. NOTE: Multiple washers may be needed for proper installation. Drilled Head & Shank 5 4-7/16” 9/16” AN6H-43 I-327-000 ea. $9.40 Drilled Head 5 3-15/16” 9/16” AN6H-37A I-325-000 ea. $9.45 Propeller Crush Plates For wooden propellers. Continental 4-3/8” hole pattern. Flange equivalent to Cont. For use with A-65, C-85 installations 8 3991 I-925-000 $19.75 LycomingFlange equivalent to Lyc. For use with Lyc. 0-235 thru 0-360 engines with SAE2 Bolt Pattern engines. 6 holes, each 3/8” 8 45688 I-925-100 $36.75 Prop Bushings For tapered shaft installations. Set of 6 4 I-924-000 $46.30 “For Sale” Banner Red banner fits prop blades for display. Waterproof vinyl with fringe and extra bold white lettering. 33-1/2”L x 12”W. Attachments included. Sold per pair 7 H-715-000 $28.50 n Cessna Spinners Description Cat. No. Price Cessna 150 Style Spinner and Backplates Copies of original, fits McCauley HCM, GCM, or OCM prop using a prop spacer. Standard set includes unpainted aluminum spinner and two backplates. 11-1/2”H x 10” dia. Not FAA approved parts. Code 8 Spinner w/Two Backplates I-340-000 $239.00 Spinner Only I-340-100 $119.00 Front Backplate (Diameter 7-7/8”) I-340-101 $66.00 Rear Backplate I-340-102 $66.00 Cessna 170 & 172 Spinner FAA Approved Replaces Cessna P/N 0550162-7 and backplate P/N 0550162-3. Front backplate attached directly to spinner. Used with McCauley propeller Model DM or MDM with Cont. 0300, A, B, engines. Rear 8-hole backplate included. Dia. 9 1/2”, Height 13”. Code 4 I-949-000 $410.00 n Homebuilder Spinner Spinner set includes front and rear backplate. Adaptable to most homebuilts. Designed for prop thickness of 3”. Size: 10-1/2”dia. x 11-5/8” high. Requires the builder to cut prop opening and prop bolt attaching holes. Code 8 Standard Spinner w/Two Backplates I-842-000 $169.00 Spinner Only I-842-100 $92.50 Front Backplate, 3-1/4 I.D., 9-1/4” O.D. I-842-101 $46.00 Rear Backplate, 3” I.D., 10-1/2 O.D. I-842-102 $46.00 I-340-000 I-842-000 n Piper Spinner Assembly, Skull Caps FAA Approved Description Cat. No. Price PA18, 20 & 22 Kit Assembly Installation Eligibilty: Piper aircraft models PA-18-105, -125, -135: PA-20w/0-290 engine; PA-22 w/0-235 or 0-290 engine, Using Sensenich Propeller (AM Series) Includes spinner and two bulkheads. Replaces P/N 13661-00, 13663-00 & 13664-00. 12” dia. X 7” high. Code 4 I-962-000 ea. $430.00 Skull Caps Small Spinner Kit Fits Sensenich 74CK-0, 74CK-2, 76AM6-2, 76CK, 72CK, 76AK-2, 74FKT, 74FK; McCauley CM74, CM73, CM71, CM70, LM72. 5” Dia. Code 4 I-807-000 $62.00 Large Spinner Kit For McCauley props on Cessna 170’s. 6” Dia. Code 4 I-808-100 $72.50 I-807-000 I-808-100 72CK I-924-000 I-925-000 I-925-100 A GREAT GIFT FOR HOME OR OFFICE! H-715-000 I-327-000 I-325-000 AIRFRAME PARTS I-962-000 I-949-000 Visit us at wagaero.com for complete product listings These wood propellers were original equipment on Piper, Aeronca, Taylorcraft, Ercoupe, early Cessnas, and other classic aircraft. Metal tipping and high quality lacquer finish. Bolts and mounting plates not included. All models from Sensenich are available and popular models are in stock. 18 lbs. $15.00 handling fee. All Code 4 Aircraft Models Engine Standard Cruise Climb Price Aeronca 7AC, 11AC, 11ACS Cont. A65 72CK-42 72CK-44 $2,179.00 Cessna 120, 140 Cont. C85 72GK-48 $2,846.00 Luscombe 8A Cont. A65 76CK-42 76CK-44 $2,941.00 Piper J-3, J-4A, PA-11, PA-17 Cont. A65/C65 72CK-42 72CK-44 72CK-40 $2,179.00 Piper J-3 (Duster) Cont. A65 70DK-40 $2,530.00 Piper J-3 L65 S Lyc. O-145B 70LY-32 $2,748.00 Piper J-4E Cont. A75 70DK-42 70DK-44 70DK-40 $2,530.00 Piper J-4F Lyc. O-145B 70LY-36 70LY-34 $2,748.00 Piper PA-12 Lyc. O-235C1 76RM-46 $3,258.00 Piper PA-14, PA-16, PA-18, PA-20 Lyc. O-235C1 74FM-49 74FM-47 $3,313.00 Piper PA-15 Lyc. O-145B 70LY-36 70LY-38 $2,748.00 Piper PA-18, PA-18A Lyc. O-290D 74FM-50 74FM-48 $3,313.00 Piper PA-20, PA-22 125, 135 Lyc. O-290D/D2 74FM-54 $3,313.00 T-Craft BC-65, BC-12 65, L2, DC-65, DC0-65 Cont. A65 72CK-42 72CK-44 $2,179.00 T-Craft BC-12D, BC-12D1 Cont. A65 72CK-42 72CK-44 $2,179.00 T-Craft BC-12D85, BC-12D485 Cont. C85 72GK-48 72GK-50 $2,846.00 ¨Oversize shipping charges apply.