2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice | 1.800.558.6868 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 49 SENSENICH METAL PROPELLERS Aircraft Models Engine Standard Cruise Climb Price Glassair I TD, II TD, IIS TD, FT, RG Lyc. O-320/160hp 70CM6S16-0-77 70CM6S16-0-79 $5,558.00 Grumman American AA1C Lyc. O-235/115hp 72CK-0-56 72CK-0-52 $5,200.00 Piper J3C65, L4, (AG), J3C65S Cont. A-65/65 74CK-0-40 $5,953.00 J3C65, L4, “Cub” Cont. A-65/65 74CK-0-46 74CK-0-44 $5,953.00 J3C85 Cont. C-85/85 76AK-2-42 76AK-2-38(AG) $5,953.00 J3L65, L4C Lyc. O-145-B 74CK-2-36 $5,953.00 PA-11/100hp Lyc. O-235-C/100hp 76AM6-2-46 $5,953.00 PA-11, J4A Cont. A-65 74CK-0-46 74CK-0-44 $5,953.00 PA-11S, PA-18S/90hp Cont. C-90 76AK-2-40 $5,953.00 PA-12 “Supercruiser” Lyc. O-235-C/100hp 76AM6-2-46 76AM6-2-44 $5,953.00 PA-12 “Supercruiser”/108 Lyc. O-235-C1/108hp 76AM6-2-48 76AM6-2-46 $5,953.00 PA-14 “Family Cruiser”/108 Lyc. O-235-C1/108hp 76AM6-2-48 76AM6-0-50 76AM6-2-46 $5,953.00 PA-16 “Clipper”/108 Lyc. O-235-C1/108hp 76AM6-2-50 76AM6-0-52 76AM6-2-48 $5,953.00 PA-17/”Vagabond” Cont. A-65 74CK-2-48 74CK-2-46 $5,953.00 PA-18 125, L-21A Lyc. O-290-D 74DM6-0-50 74DM6-0-52 $5,483.00 PA-18 135 Lyc. O-290-D2 74DM6-0-52 74DM6-0-54 $5,483.00 PA-18 “Super Cub” 150 Lyc. O-320/150hp 74DM6-0-56 74DM6-0-58 74DM6-0-54 $5,483.00 PA-18, PA-18 105 Lyc. O-235-C1 76AM6-2-48 76AM6-2-50 $5,953.00 PA-18/180 Lyc. O-360/180hp 76EM8-0-54 76EM8-0-57 76EM8-0-52 $5,558.00 PA-18A “Super Cub” Lyc. O-235-C1 76AM6-2-44 $5,953.00 PA-20 “Pacer” Lyc. O-235-C1 76AM6-2-50 76AM6-2-52 76AM6-2-48 $5,953.00 PA-20, PA-22 135 Lyc. O-290-D2 74DM6-0-57 74DM6-0-55 $5,483.00 PA-22 150 Lyc. O-320/150hp 74DM6-0-60 74DM6-0-58 $5,483.00 PA-22 160 Lyc. O-320/160hp 74DM6-0-60 74DM6-0-58 $5,483.00 PA-22 108 “Colt” Lyc. O-235-C1B 76AM6-2-48 76AM6-2-50 $5,953.00 PA-25 “Pawnee” 150 Lyc. O-320/150hp 74DM6-0-52 74DM6-0-53 $5,483.00 PA-28-140 Cherokee Lyc. O-320/150hp 74DM6-0-60 74DM6-0-58 $5,483.00 PA-28-140 Cherokee/160 Lyc. O-320/160hp 74DM6-0-58 $5,483.00 PA-28-140, 4 Cherokee, -150 Cherokee B Lyc. O-320/150hp 74DM6-0-58 74DM6-0-56 $5,483.00 PA-28-150 Cherokee C Lyc. O-320/150hp 74DM6S5-0-58 74DM6S5-0-56 $5,534.00 PA-28-151 Warrior Lyc. O-320/160hp 74DM6-0-58 $5,483.00 PA-28-160 Cherokee C Lyc. O-320/160hp 74DM6S5-0-60 74DM6S5-0-58 $5,534.00 PA-28-161 Warrior II Lyc. O-320/160hp 74DM6-0-60 $5,483.00 PA-28-180 Archer Lyc. O-360/180hp 76EM8S5-0-60 76EM8S5-0-58 $5,605.00 PA-28-180 Cherokee B Lyc. O-360/180hp 76EM8-0-60 76EM8-0-58 $5,558.00 PA-28-180 Cherokee C Lyc. O-360/180hp 76EM8S5-0-60 76EM8S5-0-58 $5,605.00 PA-28-180 Warrior Lyc. O-360/180hp 76EM8-0-60 $5,558.00 PA-28-181 Archer II (‘78) Lyc. O-360/180hp 76EM8S5-0-62 $5,605.00 PA-28-181 Archer II Lyc. O-360/180hp 76EM8S5-0-60 $5,605.00 PA-28-181 Archer III (‘94) Lyc. O-360/180hp 76EM8S14-0-62 $5,817.00 PA-38 Tomahawk Lyc. O-235/112hp 72CK-0-56 $5,200.00 Stinson 108, -1, -2, -3 Franklin 6A4-165-B3 74DR-0-56 74DR-0-58 $6,019.00 108-3 Franklin 6A4-165-B3 74DR-0-52 $6,019.00 Taylorcraft BC12D85, BC12D485, 19 Cont. C-85 74CK-2-46 74CK-2-44 $5,953.00 BC65, BC1265, BCD12D, BC12D1 Cont. A-65 74CK-0-48 74CK-2-46 $5,953.00 Van’s Aircraft RV-3/150 Lyc. O-320/150hp 70CM6S16-0-77 70CM6S16-0-79 70CM6S16-0-75 $5,558.00 RV-3/160 Lyc. O-320/160hp 70CM6S16-0-79 70CM6S16-0-81 70CM6S16-0-77 $5,558.00 RV-4/150 Lyc. O-320/150hp 70CM6S9-0-77 70CM6S9-0-79 70CM6S9-0-75 $5,558.00 RV-4/160 Lyc. O-320/160hp 70CM6S9-0-79 70CM6S9-0-81 70CM6S9-0-77 $5,558.00 RV-6/RV-6A/150 Lyc. O-320/150hp 70CM6S9-0-77 70CM6S9-0-79 70CM6S9-0-75 $5,558.00 RV-6/RV-6A/160 Lyc. O-320/160hp 70CM6S9-0-79 70CM6S9-0-81 70CM6S9-0-77 $5,558.00 Zenair Zenith CH-2000/116 Lyc. O-235/116hp 72CK-0-46 72CK-0-48 $5,200.00 CH-2000A/150 Lyc. O-320/150hp 74DM6S5-0-58 $5,534.00 COMPETITIVE PRICING! SAMPLE LISTINGS – PLEASE CALL FOR YOUR MODEL!