2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice | 1.800.558.6868 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 43 GRIPS SEALS VENTS n Cessna, Piper, Mooney Door Seals It conforms to the sealing surfaces, forming a perfect sealing bond between the door and the fuselage. The seal is 3/8” thick by 7/16” wide andfits in the channels around the door openings. Includes a special 60-pound pressure sealing adhesive. New molded seal for Beech aircraft doors and windows using a special hybrid rubber compound. The seals provide air tight as well as water tight doors and windows and greatly reduces the cabin noise level. Seals come in complete kits and are available at a fraction of the cost of OEM seals. FAA/PMA’d certifiedfor use on Beech, Cessna, Piper and Mooney (un-pressurized with reciprocating engines). Requires only a log book entry. Call for Special Pricing. Code 4 H-833-000 H-703-100 H-919-000 H-940-000 H-703-000 Description Cat. No. Price Nonretractable Snap Vent Adjustable for intake of fresh air or exhaust of cabin air. Made of transparent plastic. 2” dia. Code 8 H-703-000 pr. $19.25 Retractable Snap Vent Retracts to a closed position nearly flush with the slip stream. 3-1/4” dia. Code 8 H-703-100 pr. $22.35 Original PA-18, -20 & -22 Air Vent Can be installed inside window, door skin or side skin. Operates easily and gives a positive closure. 2-3/4” square with 1-1/2” square opening. Ideal for homebuilts. Code 4 H-919-000 $79.95 Window Ventilator Plexiglass cabin ventilator. Mounts firmly at four points. Closes tight for winter flying. Uses 2-1/2” dia. hole. Code 8 H-833-000 $23.25 Kool ScoopPlexiglass cockpit ventilator. Fits Piper, Beechcraft, Mooney & most other low wing airplanes with a side vent window (left hand). For ground use only. 7” x 6” x 2”. Code 8 H-940-000 $34.20 LATCHES Description Code Cat. No. Price Flush Door Fits Beech Sierra Sundowner Style. Locking type. Includes striker. Fits standard 1-1/2” width door or has bushings that can be cut to fit narrower doors. P/N 1040-B. 8 M-242-000 $99.50 Cabin Door Latch For Aeronca Models 7A, 7BCM, 7CCM, 7DC, 15AC and 7EC. Improved internal component construction with yellow chromate for corrosion protection. Ideal for experimental use. OEM P/N 1-2594. 4 H-909-000 $75.00 Cowl Latch Replacement for most Pipers. Also usable on many homebuilts. 4 required. 4 M-738-000 ea. $174.30 Lock & Key Set Includes lock and two matching keys. Ideal for doors, baggage compartment, glove box, many other applications. 8 H-857-000 $5.50 n Door Handle Trim Crank Handle Same type as used on J-3, J-5 and others. 8 H-815-001 $19.95 Description Code Cat. No. Price Black Stick Grips 1” to 1-1/8” I.D. x 4-1/2”L Round Softex Grip 7 H-710-000 $3.95 1” I.D. x 4-1/2” L Ribbed Grip 7 H-832-000 $2.95 H-710-000 H-832-000 M-242-000 H-909-000 M-738-000 H-857-000 H-815-001 Description Location P/N Cat. No. Price H-965-000 Cessna All single engine and 336 & 337 Front Door Seal C1401 H-965-000 $112.60 Baggage Seal C1402 H-965-001 $47.60 Piper PA28-140, -150, -160, -180, -235; PA28R-180, -200; PA32-260, -300; PA32R-300; PA34-200 Front Door Seal (1200 series) P301-1 H-967-001 $112.60 PA28-140, -150, -151, -160, -161, -180, -181, -201T, -235, -236; PA28R-180, -200, -201, -201T; PA28RT-201, -201T; PA28S-160, -180, PA32-260, -300, -300T, -301, -301T; PA32R-300, -301, -301T; PA32S-300; PA32RT-300, -300T; PA34-200, -200T (Seneca I/II), -220T (Seneca III/IV/V) Front Door Seal (1200 series) P301-23 H-967-002 $112.60 Mooney All MK 20 Series Vent Window 500-1003 H-960-002 $8.95 CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING