2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice | 1.800.558.6868 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 41 n Pillow Blocks Great for Homebuilts! Provides bearing surface for control stick torque tubes. Standard on Pitts, Acro II and others. Original equipment on PA-15. Aluminum. 3”L x 2”W x 1”H. Code 8 M-482-000 pr. $53.25 n Bug Nut, End Clevis Bug Nut Provides a crimped adjustable lock for all push-pull cables. Suitable for engine, mixture, and most other controls. Code 8 I-951-000 $6.95 End Clevis Standard 10-32 female, zinc plated control end for throttle, mixture, flap and other uses. For use with any cable with 10-32 threaded ends. Code 8 I-942-000 $7.75 n Control Knob, Lock Throttle Knob Fits J-3 Style & homebuilt applications. Black plastic. 1-1/2” dia. 3/8”-16 thread. Code 8 I-958-000 $6.95 Throttle Lock Insure aircraft security with this heavy gauge, cadmium plated steel lock for most Cessna type push-pull throttles. Accepts shafts up to 3/8” dia. Padlock not included. Code 8 I-811-000 $15.50 n Quadrants Military Style Quadrants Universal mounting. Code 8 2-Control Unit I-941-002 $76.90 3-Control Unit I-941-003 $83.35 n T-Handle Control Positive locking unit. Bright nickel finish handle. .062 wire. Code 8 5 ft. Length I-833-000 $44.95 8 ft. Length I-833-100 $41.50 CONTROLS I-858-000 I-814-000 I-951-000 I-942-000 I-941-002 I-941-003 n Stainless Steel Firewall Shields Flat shields for use in thick firewalls. Two piece shields are for grommet protection over cables or wires with large end-fittings or existing installations. Actual hole size in 2 piece shields is slightly larger than indicated to prevent chafing cable. Dimple shields accommodate rubber grommets up to 7/8” O.D. Shields have 5/32” mounting holes. Spacing is 2 1/4”. Code 8 3/4” dimple x 3/8” hole 2 pc. I-902-003 $11.50 1” dimple x 1/8” hole 2 pc. I-903-001 $11.50 1” dimple x 1/4” hole 2 pc. I-903-002 $11.50 1” dimple x 3/8” hole 2 pc. I-903-003 $11.50 I-902-003 I-903-001 I-903-002 I-903-003 I-865-006 I-986-072 I-959-138 I-877-060 I-877-148 I-971-000 I-875-000 n Throttles Description Cat. No. Price Throttle Cable Fits J-3 and other Piper Models (except J-5) requiring 54” in length. Includes clevis on carburetor end and a 90° bend at throttle arm. Usable on any aircraft with tandem seating where front & rear throttle is desired. FAA/PMA’dCode 4 I-858-000 $134.00 Push-Pull Friction Lock Straight-wire type. Can be cut to any desired length. 60” L. .076 wire. Black knob. Code 8 I-814-000 $75.75 Dual Panel Mount Throttle Control by McFarlane For ROTAX 912/914 engines and Homebuilts. Allows clean throttle installation without a splitter box. Features a smooth friction lock, all metal construction, teflon liner, heavy .062” stainless cables. Available in 6 ft. and 12 ft. lengths. Measured from panel fitting to end of conduit, cable extends 6” beyond conduit. Easily trimmed to length. Code 8 6’ ft. I-865-006 $177.05 12’ ft. I-865-012 $183.85 n Push-Pull Controls Description Cat. No. Price Aluminum knob push-pull, .050 wire controls are adaptable to all light and homebuilt aircraft. Non-friction lock. Available with inserts as listed. 58” length. Code 8 Carburetor Heat I-824-000 ea. $22.85 Cabin Heat I-825-000 ea. $22.85 Starter I-823-000 ea. $22.85 Mixture I-826-000 ea. $22.85 Parking Brake I-827-000 ea. $22.85 Gas I-828-000 ea. $22.85 Push-Pull Controls for Aeronca Ratchet design has 3/8-24 UNF threads with a .050” diameter stainless steel straight wire end which may be shortened as desired. Available in black or red plastic knob. Polyethylene lined cable. Knob diameter 1-1/8”. Code 4 27” Black Knob 191651 $47.75 58” Black Knob 191652 $49.75 37” Black Knob 191653 $48.75 43” Red Knob 191654 $54.75 967” Black Knob 191655 $55.20 48” Black Knob 191656 $49.75 48” Red Knob 191657 $52.45 20.5” Black Knob 191658 $54.50 n Vernier Controls Description Cat. No. Price Engineered for precise adjustment. Push release button in center and push or pull control for fast adjustment. For fine slow adjustment, knob turns left and right. Ideal for throttle, mixture, propeller control. Code 8 48” L 10-32 Threaded End Black w/Silver I-971-000 $87.15 60” L 10-32 Threaded End Black w/Silver I-875-000 $89.75 Universal Vernier Mixture Control, FAA/PMA’d This control is applicable to many aircraft, including Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Maule and Stinson. Extra long. Trim to exact length. Replaces Alcor P/N 93882. Code 4 72” Length Wire End P/N MC600-72 I-986-072 $207.50 n Control Cables Cable Controls with Threaded Ends For use with quadrants. Push-pull throttle cable housing for dual cockpit. While Supply Lasts! Was $7.95! Code 6 SALE! Length 138” Thread 10-32 I-959-138 $2.50 Cable Controls For use with quadrants with 10-32 threaded ends. Uses Cat. No.I-942-000 Control End Clevis. Code 8 60” 9 oz. I-877-060 $49.95 148” 2 lbs. I-877-148 $68.75 Push/Pull Wire.072 SS Push/Pull Wire. Code 8 I-830-000 per ft. $1.00 Push/Pull Conduit Code 8 I-830-100 per ft. $3.45