2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice | 1.800.558.6868 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 39 n 12V Electric Fuel Pumpby Facet Description Cat. No. Price Inlet-outlet. Can be used as primary or auxiliary fuel transfer pump. Facet P/N 480-543. Pumps 6.5 to 7.5 PSI. Code 8 I-313-000 $96.95 n Fuel Primer by ACS The 10920 Fuel Primer by ACS is machined from 6061 Aluminum Billet and anodized per MIL-A-8625. All internal valving components and springs are made from stainless steel. O-rings are made of Viton. The pump has a detent locking feature and positive fuel cut off when the knob is in the “in” position. Code 8 G-604-400 $189.00 n Fuel Primer Seal Kit by McFarlane FAA/PMA’d Kit contains two MIL-SPEC fuel-proof fluoroelastomer (Viton) o-rings required to service most standard fuel primers. P/N FPS-KT-1. Code 4 G-604-100 $6.95 n Fuel Strainer For fuel tank outlets. Brass fittings 3/8” male pipe thread which fits AN867-3 weldingflange, and 1/4” female pipe thread for valve or fuel line fitting. Screen is 16 mesh brass. Code 8 G-775-000 $6.75 n Aluminum Weldable Outlet Flanges Fits Piper J3C-50, -50S, -65 (Army L-4, -4B, -4H, -4J, Navy NE-1,-2) -65S, PA-11, PA-11S , J3F-50 ,-50S ,-60, -60S, -65 (Army L-4D), -65S, J3L, -S, -65 (Army L-4C), -65S. Ideal for LSA and homebuilt aircraft. Code 4 1/8” AN2 to AN5 Outlet E-398-000 $7.50 1/4” AN6 Outlet E-399-000 $8.25 3/8” AN8 Outlet E-400-000 $8.45 1/2” AN10 Outlet E-401-000 $8.75 3/4” AN12 Outlet E-402-000 $11.50 n Metal Fuel Tank Bushing & Adapter Drill 9/16” hole. Use Adapter Cat. No. E-480-100 1/8” NPT male and 1/4” NPT female. Code 8 Bushing (Pictured Above) E-480-000 $8.95 Adapter (Pictured Above) E-480-100 $2.65 n Vinyl Tubing Ideal for fuel sight gauges, oil lines. Soft, pliable. Code 8 1/4” I.D. x 1/16” Wall M-566-000 per ft $.35 1/2” I.D. x 1/16” Wall M-566-100 per ft $.65 3/8” I.D. x 1/16” Wall M-566-200 per ft $.68 ACCESSORIES n Fuel Testers, Filters All Code 7 GATS Jar Fuel Tester Used to collect preflight inspection fuel samples. It separates any co-mingled fuel and water, by allowing only the fuel to be poured back into the tank through our special built-infilter which traps the water behind. G-781-000 $17.85 Fuel Sampler CupStainless steel pin, new crystal clear plastic material. G-620-000 $6.00 8” Fuel Tester P/N ASA-AFT1 G-761-000 $8.95 6” Fuel Tester P/N 39IS G-785-000 $6.40 Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter Filters out free water and solids down to .005 inch while you refuel. You can visually inspect your fuel supply for dirt and water that can cause microbial growth, corrosive acids, electrolysis and rust. Works with gasoline, diesel, kerosene and mixed 2 cycle fuels. 10 year warranty. Small-6” H x 3-1/2” W with a flow rate of 2.5 GPM P/N F1C K-250-001 $17.75 Large-10” H x 8-1/2” W with a flow rate of 5.0 GPM P/N F8C K-250-000 $34.45 E-480-100 E-480-000 G-775-000 I-313-000 n Fuel Gauges by Fuelhawk Easy to use, simply insert slowly until gauge touches bottom of tank. Place finger firmly over top opening to lock fuel in tube. Remove to see instant readout in gallons usable on calibrated card. Eliminates the guess work. All Code 7 11” Universal Gauge Any aircraft, used for both main and auxiliary tanks. G-780-000 $12.50 16” Universal GaugeFor any aircraft, used in deeper wing and on tip tanks. G-780-004 $16.35 26” Universal Good for Piper Cubs, helicopters & aircraft with deep tip tank G-780-007 $19.50 Cessna 152 GaugePrecalibrated for standard 13 gallon tanks (usable on 12 gallons). Great for flight schools, student pilots for working weight, balance, and fuel range problems. G-780-003 $10.50 Cessna 172 Gauge Precalibrated for standard 21 gallon tanks (usable on 19 gallon tanks). G-780-002 $12.50 Cessna 182 GaugePrecalibrated for standard 42 gallon long range tanks (usable on 39 gallon tanks). For bladder tanks only. G-780-001 $10.50 Cessna 172with 26.5 gallon per tank. G-780-005 $10.50 Cessna 182with 43.5 gallon per tank. G-780-006 $12.50 The Original Fuel Stop Fits all standard straw fuel gauges and prevents gauge from ever slipping into the tank. Code 7 G -780-100 $6.95 G-620-000 G-781-000 G-761-000 G-785-000 K-250-001 K-250-000 n Filler Neck & Gaskets Cessna Style Outer diameter 2-1/4”, Inner 1-3/8” and 1/8” thick. Heavy duty white nitrile rubber. MIL-R-25988. Code 5 E-422-000 $3.95 Piper Style Outer diameter 3-3/8”, Inner 2-1/8” and 1/2” thick. Black. Not compatible with auto fuel. Code 8 E-421-000 $3.50 Fuel Strainer Gasket Kit For late single engine Cessna Styles using aluminum fuel strainer, P/N 0756005-1. Uses 1/4” pipe thread valve. Code 5 G-759-000 $10.50 E-421-000 G-759-000 E-422-000 n Gascolator Accessories Complete Quick-Drain Kit Unit includes high quality bowl, screen, gaskets, and Curtis drain valve at this one low price. Suitable for original installation or replacement. Usable on engines up to 200 hp. 2-1/8” dia. 1/4” pipe thread inlet and outlet. Use Cat. No. G-627-000 mounting bracket for installation. Code 8 Description Cat. No. Price G-616-000 $97.50 Firewall Installation Bracket Code 2 G-627-000 $21.50 Gascolator Firewall FittingThis special bulkheadfitting is designed to provide a solid mount for the gascolator as well as a feed through for the fuel entering. Simply rivet to thefirewall and a reinforcing plate on the cabin side. Machined from zinc plated 1045 steel. Code 8 G-616-100 $23.50 Gascolator Gaskets & ScreenFor the gascolator quick drain kits. Cork gaskets cannot be used with auto fuel. Screen grade is 120 X 108 brass, 127 microns. All Code 8 2-1/8” Cork Gasket Only G-603-218 $4.40 2” Cork Gasket Only G-603-200 $5.00 2-1/8” Neoprene Gasket For use with auto fuel. G-603-201 $6.25 Replacement Screen G-626-200 $1.75 G-616-000 G-616-100 G-603-200 G-627-000 G-603-201 G-626-200 n Safe-T Syphon Establishes flow, air pressure maintains it. Works on liquids including water, gas, kerosene, thinners and paint. Made of copper tubing, a glass marble and a stainless steel spring. The outlet end is 1/2” standard pipe and can be attached to a garden hose. Code 7 G-852-000 $7.95 G-604-400 G-604-100 E-398-000