2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

38 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice FUEL TANKS / ACCESSSORIES E-482-000 E-333-100 E-450-000 E-481-000 M-133-000 M-133-100 E-476-200 n Tanks Description Cat. No. Price J-3 Main Tanks Exact replacement, aluminum. Ideal for most homebuilts. 12 gal. tank. 17-1/2”L x 13”W x14-1/2”H. Uses Cat. No. G-658-000 drain valve, not included. Code 4 E-316-000¨ $575.00 J-3 Fuselage Strap Kit For main fuel tank applications. Consists of two top, two bottom straps with padding. Code 4 E-462-000 $132.50 PA-12 Wing Tanks 18 Gallon Has provisions for sight gauge. Sight gauge is not included. Code 4 RH E-451-001¨ ea. $785.00 LH E-451-002¨ ea. $785.00 J-3 Wing Tanks Kit includes mounting brackets, installation instructions, and STC paperwork. Uses Cat. No. E-481-000 gas cap, requires a 2-way shut-off valve Cat. No. G-749-000 and 3/8” x 1/4” brass fuel strainer Cat. No. G-775-000 not included. All Code 4 8 Gallon Kit LH E-426-000¨ ea. $560.00 RH E-427-000¨ ea. $560.00 11-1/2 Gallon Kit LH Wood Spar E-424-001¨ ea. $650.00 RH Wood Spar E-425-001¨ ea. $655.00 11-1/2 Gallon Kit LH Metal Spar E-424-002¨ ea. $650.00 RH Metal Spar E-425-002¨ ea. $655.00 J-3 Wing Tankswith a provision for wing root sight gauge. Gauge not included. 11-1/2 Gallon Kit LH Wood Spar E-424-101¨ RH Wood Spar E-425-101¨ ea. $655.00 11-1/2 Gallon Kit LH Metal Spar E-424-102¨ RH Metal Spar E-425-102¨ ea. $655.00 J-3 Wing Fuel Tank StrapsAll Code 4 Front Spar Strap E-425-003 $30.00 Rear Inboard Spar Strap E-425-004 $30.00 Rear Outboard Spar Strap E-425-005 $30.00 Front Strap E-425-006 $30.00 Rear Strap E-425-007 $30.00 Rubber Strap, 30” Long, Code 8 E-425-008 $9.95 Aeronca Wing Tank Kit Comes complete with left and right hand tanks, fittings, fuel line, mounting brackets, installation instructions and drawings. Fuel capacity is 5 gallons for each tank. Includes two Cat. No. E-476-200 fuel caps. Code 4 E-476-000¨ set $889.00 5-Gallon Auxiliary Tank Kit LH E-476-101¨ $485.00 5-Gallon Auxiliary Tank Kit RH E-476-102¨ $485.00 5-Gallon Auxiliary Tank Only LH E-476-001¨ $375.00 5-Gallon Auxiliary Tank Only RH E-476-002¨ $375.00 Taylorcraft Aluminum Wing Fuel Tanks 6 gallon for Taylorcraft Models B, B12, BC, BC12D, BCS, BCS12D, 19, F19, F21. OEM P/N 1546. Code 4 LH 1546L ea. $540.00 RH 1546R ea. $540.00 Taylorcraft Fuselage Fuel Tank 12 gallon for Taylorcraft Models B12, 19, F19. OEM P/N 0797. Code 4 0797 ea. $680.00 ¨Oversize shipping charges apply. n Gas Caps Description Code Cat. No. Price Flange Vented CapFits most standard tanks such as Piper, etc. Use with aluminum welded neck Cat. No. E-448-000. 8 E-482-000 $7.35 Pressure Fuel CapThese caps are non-vented and made with Buna-Nitrile gaskets. 2” size. P/N 55010-3. 8 E-333-100 $51.00 Ram Air Pressure Caps Tube through cap allows forced air into tank which forces fuel out. Used on our Sport Trainer & 2+2 wing tanks. Ideal for homebuilts. 8 E-481-000 $47.00 Used with wing tank kits Cat. No. E-476-000, E-476-101 and E-476-102. 8 E-476-200 $33.75 Piper Caps FAA Approved Fits PA-24-250 S/N-24-01 to 24-3687; PA-24-260 S/N24-4993 to 24-6000; PA-24-400 S/N-26-02 to 26-148; PA-30 S/N-30-02 to 30-2000 and PA-39 A/N-39-01 to 39-155. Replaces OEM P/N 27221, 2-3/8” dia. 4 E-333-200 $125.00 Fits PA-23-150, 160 S/N-23-01 to 23-2046. Replaces OEM P/N 17672, 1-7/8” dia. 4 E-333-300 $132.00 Flush Assembly CapFlange on mounting ring is 1/8” thick. Ring opening is 2-5/8” with overall dia. of 4-3/8”. Includes aluminum recessedflange. Can be welded, riveted or bolted. Sold as matched assembly only. Shipped non-vented. Drill for venting if required. Not suitable for auto fuel. P/N 10450-1. 8 E-450-000 $58.00 J-3, PA-11 Gas Cap & Float FAA/PMA’d. 15” depth. Replaces OEM P/N 71041-00 4 M-133-000 $79.00 J-3, PA-11 Replacement Cork Float For M-133-000. Cork replacement for Aero-Fabricators P/N M-133-000 only. Will not work with 3/32 wire. After replacement cork is installed it will have to be two part epoxy coated to seal. 8 M-133-100 $4.95 Description Cat. No. Price Homebuilder’s Header Has provisions for accepting wing tank fuel line, main fuel lines and vent line. Approximately 2 gal., 6” diameter, 18” long and 3 Oulets. Ideal for Sport Trainer owners. Code 8 E-475-000 $298.75 Aerobatic Header Tank Same features as Cat. No. E-475-000 above. Uses flop tube assembly Cat. No. M-264-000. Two gallon capacity, 6” diameter by 18” long. Code 8 E-475-100 $230.00 1. 4. 2. 3. 5. n Homebuilder’s Fuel Tank Parts Create your own fuel tanks with the following assemblies. Description Cat. No. Price 1. Aluminum Weldable Neck Used where short or recessed neck is desired. 1-1/4” H x 2-1/4” O.D. 8 E-448-000 $8.40 2. Mild Steel Filler Neck threads into Cat. No. E-322-000 listed below. Aluminum weldableflange 8 E-323-000 $14.95 3. Filler Neck Cap Non-vented 8 E-324-000 $9.50 4. Aluminum Tank Flange 8 E-322-000 $12.25 5. Steel Filler Neck 4 124626 $14.00 E-476-000 1546L, 1546R 0797 E-424-001, E-425-001 E-424-101, E-424-102 E-475-100 AIRFRAME PARTS