2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

36 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice n Oil Tank Cover Kits For most Cont. 65 thru 100 hp. Keep that engine warm! Easy to install. Quick snap on and off. Set of 4 induction sleeves included. 4 & 5 Qt. Kit 8 I-831-000 $59.75 6 Qt. Kit 8 I-832-000 $64.95 Oil Tank Plug5/8”-18fitting on bottom of oil tanks. Drilled for safety wire. 6 I-260-000 $1.50 Oil Tank Gaskets A must when replacing your tank. Reusable Silicone Gasket For Cont. P/N RG3577 4 I-231-000 $8.75 Replacement Gasket, P/N SA3577 4 I-206-000 $4.70 n Dipsticks New manufactured oil tank dipsticks stamped with proper calibration markings. Made in the USA by Aero Fabricators. Long Neck designed for standard long neck oil tank. 8 I-944-000 $49.75 Short Neck designed for short neck oil tanks. 8 I-944-100 $49.75 Short Neck 6 Qt. designed for short neck 6 qt. oil tanks. For Cont. 0-200, C-90 application. 8 I-944-200 $49.75 n Lycoming 90 Degree Oil Filter Adapter Kit by B&C Specialty Products Description Cat. No. Price FAA ApprovedFits Lycoming 0-235 through IO-720 engines. Includes mounting hardware, gasket and Champion CH-48108-1filter. Weights 2.25 lbs. with the filter. Prepayment required. Shipped FOB. Shipping charges billed later. Code 4 Oil Filter Adapter Kit P/N BC-700-1 I-899-000 $465.50 Spacer Kit for Oil Filter Adapter Kit May be used with three sizes of spacers to move the adapter aft - all machined from a solid bullet of aluminum - facilitate installation on a wide range of aircraft. Kit includes hardware and additional mounting gasket. For BC700-1 and BC700-H only. P/N FK502-1.4 I-899-100 $55.00 n Lycoming Spin-on Kit FAA ApprovedConvert your engine to a spin-onfilter. For Lyc. O-235, O-320 (except O-320H2AD), O-340 and IO-720 series. Includes the spin-on oil filter. Adapter P/N 77852, 8-1/2” total length withfilter. All Code 4 I-245-100 $680.00 Base Assembly Only I-245-001 $675.00 Spin-on Adapter Gasket I-245-003 $6.50 OIL TANK ACCESSORIES n Approved Oil Coolers by Aero-Classics P/N FAA Approved Replacement For: Stack Size Code Cat. No. Price 8000075 Cessna: 150, 152, 170, 172, 175, 177. PA23, PA24, PA28, PA30. Niagara: 20002A, Harrison: 8526250, Piper: 18622-00 4.5”H x 3.6”W x 6.5”L 4 I-820-000 $376.75 SET OF 4 INDUCTION SLEEVES INCLUDED n Remote Mount Oil Filters by Airwolf NO MORE MESSY OIL CHANGES FAA/PMAapproved on any single or multi engine aircraft up to 450 hp. Replaces original oil screen and housing. Provides oil line connections to remote mount full flow oil filter. Mounts onfirewall. Easy to install, extends engine life and allows you to change oil in minutes. Lightweight, under four pounds. Hoses not included. All Code 4 Universal Lycoming Kit for Homebuilts P/N AFC-K001 I-999-000 $540.00 STC’d Super Cub Kit, includes factory made, TSO’dhoses P/N AFC-K006. I-999-100 $899.95 STC’d Universal Lycoming Kit, fits all Lycoming engines (except I0720 series engine) using the 4 bolt oil screen housing on rear of an accessory case P/N AFC-K007-A I-999-200 $569.00 STC’d Universal Continental Kit, fits A50, A65, A75, A80, C75, C85, C90, C125, O200, & IO240 engines P/N AFC-K008-A I-999-300 $569.00 STC’d Universal Continental Kit, fits C145, O300, GO300 & IO360 P/N AFC-K008-B I-999-400 $569.00 STC’d Universal Continental Kit, fits O470, IO470, IO520, TSIO520, GTSIO520 & IO550 engines, P/N AFC-K008-C I-999-500 $569.00 I-245-001 I-899-000 I-899-100 ENGINE PARTS I-944-000 I-944-100 n Lycoming Oil Filter Adapter Kits by Casper Labs Fits Lycoming engines from O-235 through IO-720 (except 76 series O-320 with single magneto drive). No hoses, fittings or brackets to contend with. 90˚ oil filter conversion kit includes gasket, two seals and detailed instructions.Average installation time is 1.5 hours. Uses 48108 oil filter listed above. Experimental Adapter Only. P/N CL1000A-EXP Code 8 I-301-001 $325.55 Experimental Adapter w/CH48108-1 Kit Code 8 I-301-000 $361.72 FAA/PMA’d/STC’dAdapter Only. P/N CL1000A-STC Code 4 I-301-002 $345.17 FAA/PMA’d/STC’dAdapter with CH48108-1 Kit. May require more parts for O-235 engine. Code 4 I-301-100 $369.75 Oil Filters on page 12 I-301-000 I-301-100