2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

32 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice n Lycoming Starters by Sky-Tec STARTERS ENGINE PARTS n Continental Starters by Sky-Tec n Sky-Tec StartersNow carry a $200 core charge/credit. Pricing assumes core charge of $200. Your will receive a $200 credit upon return of an acceptable core. Core must be returned within 30 days. Starters for Continental Engines, FAA Approved. Sky-Tec FlyweightTMStarter for Continental engines replaces old, heavy starters on Continental engines from C85-12 through TSIO-550 AND the continuous running sprag clutch assembly on smaller CMI engines. Light weight, gear reduction for unmatched torque and low current draw. Simple, bolt-off and bolt-on installation. Two year factory warranty. Sky-Tec Models Code Cat. No. Price C12ST2 Key Start Starter O-200 key start & C85, C90, C145 & O-300A-C previously converted to a key start (by installation of a needle bearing). 4 I-242-000 $1,046.67 KCST2 Conversion Kit Converts pull start to push button start. Includes C12ST/C starter, switch, wiring harness, STC and instructions for conversion of 0-200, C85, C90, C145 & O300A-C. 4 I-282-000 $1,148.86 Starter Gasket For Continental C85 thru 0300. Use with Cat. No. I-242-000 and Cat. No. I-282-000 . P/N 653673 4 I-290-000 $8.98 Ultra Light Series XLT Starters for Lycoming Engines FAA/PMA’d The lightest PMA certified Lycoming starter ever! Weighs just 6.5 lbs. and is every bit as capable as the original flyweight LS and PM starters. Ideal for all 4-cylinder Lycoming engines. Still up to twice the spin as old, heavyweight Bendix starters and saves up to twelve pounds! The lightest starter available for Lycoming O-235 through IO-390 engines. Ideal for 4-cylinder Lycoming engines. Two year limited factory warranty. 6.5 lbs. Sky-Tec Models Code Voltage Cat. No. Price 122-12XLT – 122 Tooth Ring Gears 4 12 I-292-001 $830.00 Super Flyweight Starters for Lycoming Engines FAA/PMA’d and STC’d. The Original Flyweight™ is also the lightest toughweight in the business. Newly improved strontiumfortified alloy casting. Twice as fast as old, heavyweight OEM starters. Faster spin = easier engine starts. Especially improves hot engine start performance. Two year limited factory warranty. 8.25 lbs. 149-12PM The PM model have the solenoid located toward the right side of the aircraft 4 12 I-234-003 $599.00 High-Torque Inline Lycoming Starters Top Seller! Universal fit. Tough. Very high torque. Very durable design. High efficiency woundfield motors. Low current draw Replaces most original equipment starters on non-geared Lycoming engine-powered aircraft. 9.3 lbs. 122-NL 4 12 I-289-000 $799.00 149-NL 4 12 I-289-001 $821.00 I-242-000 Crush Gaskets / Annular Copper Gaskets I.D. Code Cat. No. Price ea. 10+ Price ea. AN900-5 MS35769-5 5/16” 5 I-233-000 $2.20 $1.98 AN900-6 MS35769-6 3/8” 5 I-233-001 $1.31 $1.18 AN900-7 MS35769-8 7/16” 5 I-233-002 $.76 $.68 AN900-8 MS35769-9 1/2” 5 I-233-003 $.65 $.58 AN900-9 MS35769-10 9/16” 5 I-233-004 $.60 $.54 AN900-10 MS35769-11 5/8” 5 I-233-005 $1.50 $1.35 AN900-11 MS35769-13 11/16” 5 I-233-006 $1.35 $1.21 AN900-12 MS35769-15 3/4” 5 I-233-007 $2.18 $1.96 AN900-14 MS35769-18 7/8” 5 I-233-009 $1.58 $1.42 AN900-15 MS35769-20 15/16” 5 I-233-010 $2.30 $2.07 AN900-16 MS35769-21 1” 5 I-233-011 $.70 $.63 AN900-17 MS35769-24 1-1/16” 5 I-233-012 $1.58 $1.42 AN900-18 MS35769-26 1-1/8” 5 I-233-013 $1.29 $1.16 AN900-19 MS35769-29 1-3/16” 5 I-233-014 $.70 $.63 AN900-20 MS35769-31 1-1/4” 5 I-233-015 $.82 $.74 AN900-28 MS35769-48 1-3/4” 5 I-233-016 $.90 $.81 These starters solve all the problems for other starter design have had – worn-out clutches, broken pinions, nagging oil leaks and catastrophic failure modes. Featuring the durability of all-steel gears and heavy-duty ball-bearings, and the efficiency of a high-torque series-wound motor, this starter is light weight. It provides greater starting torque, while saving 4.3 to 5.2 lbs. over the old key-type and pull-cable type starters (respectively). This is the only starter design on the market that has provided reliable, long-term service for these engines. Includes Installation Kit. Prepayment Required. Shipped FOB Factory. Shipping charges will be billed after shipment. B & C Specialty Products Models Code Voltage Cat. No. Price 12V Continental Starter for Existing Key-Type STC/PMA’dfor Continental engines (C-75, C-85, C-90, O-200, IO-240 and O-300-A, -B and -C) P/N BC320-1 & P/N FK501-1 4 12V I-852-001 $706.35 12V Continental Starter Kit for Pull Cable-Type STC/PMA’dfor Continental engines (C-75, C-85, C-90, O-200, IO-240 and O-300-A, -B and -C) P/N BC320-1 & P/N FK501-3 4 12V I-852-002 $722.30 n Continental Starters by B & C Specialty Products I-852-001 I-282-000 I-292-001 I-234-003 I-289-001 SlickSTARTTM FAA/PMA’d. SlickStartTM magneto booster system is a starting booster that delivers up to 340% more spark energy than conventional mags. SlickSTARTTM produces and easier and more reliable start every time, even when dealing with fouled spark plugs, poor priming, hot engine restarts, and extreme cold weather conditions. SlickSTARTTM is not approved for TCM/Bendix 20, 200, 1200, D-2000 or D-3000 series impulse coupler or retard breaker magnetos. Can use with either impulse coupled or retard breaker magneto or 12V or 24V electrical systems. Fits Slick impulse coupled or retard breaker 4200/6200 series and 4300/6300 series magneto. . P/N SS1001 4 I-987-000 $1,022.00 I-987-000