2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

24 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice LED ANTI-COLLISION, POSITION LIGHTSFAA/TSO’d LED ANTI-COLLISION & POSITION LIGHTSNon-TSO’d n Whelen LED Position Light Assemblies Can be combined with either the Orion 650 or 600 series. LED Forward Position Light Assembly FAA/TSO’d (28 Volt only) Shock resistant high quality, long lasting modern alternative to existing incandescent and halogen position lights. Limited Supply!Code 4 Red 01-0770875-02 B-227-002 $99.00 n Whelen LED Orion Series Lights Simply the brightest form of LED Anti-Collision and Position lighting available. The Orion series incorporates the latest state-of-the-art LED technology available in an all-inclusive package, eliminating the need for external flasher boxes. Flush mountable for a wide variety of applications. Exceeds FAA minimum visibility requirements for maximum visibility and increased safety of flight. 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty. All Code 4 Orion 650 Series LED Wingtip Aviation Lights FAA/TSO’d. 1.68” H x 1.79” W x 3.95” L Description P/N Cat. No. Price 12V Green Wingtip PTA, .3 lbs. 01-0790725-01 B-286-001 $499.00 12V Red Wingtip PTA, .3 lbs. 01-0790725-02 B-286-002 $499.00 Orion 600 LED Wingtip Position/Anti-Collision Light FAA/TSO’d. 2.04” H x 1.78” W x 5.65” L 12V Green w/Strobe, .5 lbs. 01-0771733-01 B-246-001 $561.75 12V Red w/Strobe, .5 lbs. 01-0771733-02 B-246-002 $561.75 Orion 500 LED Tail PTA Light Visible 1.34” H x 1.71” W x 1.75” L 12V White, .29 lbs. 01-0771774V01 B-259-012 $455.00 n Whelen Microburst™Series LED Wingtip & Tail Lighting State-of-the-art lighting for your experimental or LSA aircraft. LEDs are self-contained (no external power supply needed), lightweight, low current, incredibly bright, synchronizable and vibration and moisture resistant with CometFlash®180° LED-Strobe... the ideal lighting technology for your needs. Polycarbonate lenses. 14V. All Code 8 Description P/N Cat. No. Price Microburst III Kit – Forward & Rear Facing Wingtip Nav Light with CometFlash 180° LED StrobeForward facing wingtip nav and rear facing white nav. 1.5” H x 1.6” W x 4.6” L, current draw 0.45 amps @ 14VDC 1 each MB3R (red) & MB3G (green) MB3K B-254-000 $449.00 Microburst II Kit – Forward Facing Wingtip Nav Light with CometFlash 180° LED Strobe 1.5” H x 1.6” W x 4.6” L, current draw 0.40 amps @ 14VDC 1 each MB2R (red) & MB2G (green) MB2K B-255-000 $349.00 Microburst I – Nav Taillight with CometFlash 180° LED Strobe1.7” H x 1.5” D, current draw 0.45 amps @ 14VDC MB1 (white) MB1WT B-256-000 $249.00 Microburst II with Taillight Kit 1 each MB2R (red), MB2G (green) & MB1WT (white) MB2KWT B-257-000 $549.00 B-255-000 B-256-000 ORION™ 600 Ø.50” 1.70” (43mm) 1.75” (44mm) 1.00” (25mm) 2.35” (60mm) 5.65” ø1.150” .875” (22mm) 2x ø .125 THRU (For Install with #4 Screws) 1.75” (44mm) ORION 500 .500” (13mm) .72” (18mm) 3.95” (100mm) 3X ø 1.50 THRU 1.750” (44mm) 1.00” (25mm) 1.79” (45mm) ORION 650 n Kuntzleman Navigation Light Systems LED-SLC Strobe & Position Light Assembly Uses a common controller to power the strobes and furnish the heads with a junction point for synchronizing and selecting one of the 7flash patterns of the LED STROBES. It also allows a separate power source for the navigation red, green & white LEDs in the Position light part of the heads. Includes 2 wing tip heads, 1 left & 1 right, adapter plates for mounting to a radius, 50 feet of 3 conductor wire, plugs, pins, 1 controller, misc. wire connectors and mounting hardware. Code 8 LED-SLC B-289-000 $389.95 Strobe Only LED-SL B-289-100 $315.00 LED Combo Controller This controller is capable of powering up to 4 of our special strobe heads. So, if you would like to add more visibility, we have 3 additional heads to choose from that will work in conjunction with the two wing tip heads. LED-HACW is a streamline strobe & white aft position light, LED-SO is a streamline strobe only and LED-TLS is a round taillight style strobe only. Each additional head requires a Y-PC patch cord. All Code 8 LED-CO B-289-101 $136.75 Streamline Strobe Only LED-SO B-289-102 $97.75 Streamline Strobe & White Aft Position Light LED-HACW B-289-103 $136.75 Round Taillight Style Strobe Only LED-TLS B-289-104 $97.75 Patch Cord Y-PC B-289-105 $14.50 Replacement Position/Strobe Head, Red LED-HACR B-289-106 $136.95 Replacement Position/Strobe Head, Green LED-HACG B-289-107 $136.95 B-246-001 B-246-002 B-286-001 B-286-002 B-259-012 PSA LED Plastic Taillight Draws 0.13 amps at 12 VDC. Weighs only 1.5 ounces. Polycarbonate optical lens lasts up to 50,000 hours. Bulbs draw less than .2 amps. All Code 8 12V Assembly, Clear 918TL B-223-100 $89.95 Replacement Bulb for B-223-100 B-214-003 $33.50 12V Taillight/Beacon Assembly, White 936TL B-12V B-214-011 $124.95 12V LED Flashing Bulb P936-45-12VW B-214-009 $79.95 24V LED Flashing Bulb P936-45-24VW B-214-109 $79.95 B-223-100 LED TAILLIGHTSNon-TSO’d B-289-105 B-289-102 B-289-103 B-289-104 B-289-000 ELECTRICAL Sale B-227-002