2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice | 1.800.558.6868 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 19 RIVET TOOLS M-337-000 M-336-000 M-256-000 Strut g n Differential Cylinder Pressure Tester Code 7 Tester allows quick determination of location and cause of engine’s loss of efficiency. Defective rings, intake or exhaust valves, gaskets, or spark plug bushings all located quickly. Includes quick-disconnect attachments, heavy-duty gauges, extra long high-pressure hose, 18mm plug adapter and precision regulator. Description Cat. No. Price TP-104 Gauge with 18mm Spark Plug Adapter M-410-000 $121.00 12mm Spark Plug Adapter only M-410-300 $12.50 14mm Spark Plug Adapter only M-410-100 $12.50 18mm Spark Plug Adapter only M-410-200 $16.00 n Rivet Hand ToolsCode 7 Description Cat. No. Price Rivet Removal Tool Kit Remove rivets with NO errors and protect the integrity of the hole. Tool also keeps drill bits from “skating” off heads of rivets, gouging the corrosion barrier on the skin and damaging your paint job. M-256-000 $129.95 Aircraft Rivet Squeezer Designed to squeeze 1/16” thru 5/32” rivets and dimple 3/32” thru 3/16”. Lightweight, extremely versatile. M-336-000 $154.50 Precision Squeeze and Dimpling Set For above squeeze. Six pieces consisting of 1/8” male and female dimple die, 1/8”, 3/32” and 5/32” universal rivets, plus a flush. M-337-000 $52.50 Air Hammer Short length, will accept most .401 shank tools. Retainer included. Light duty hammer. M-252-000 $37.50 Riveting Set For use with Cat. No. M-252-000 aircraft riveter. Most popular sizes: one each of 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”. Flat set and mushroom. M-253-000 $49.95 n Nicropress Tools All Code 7 Swaging Tools Easy to use. Swaging pressure applied by use of wrench to tighten bolts. Description Cat. No. Price Cable size 1/16”, 3/32” and 1/8” M-276-001 $21.75 Cable size 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16” and 1/4” M-276-002 $41.00 24” Compound Cable Swager Heavy duty, heat treated, steel handles and alloy jaws. Swages 1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32” and 3/16” oval and stop sleeves. Imported M-932-000 $104.80 M-410-100 M-410-200 M-410-300 M-410-000 n Deluxe Screw Type Brake Rivet Tool This rivet tool makes the job of relining brakes easier than ever. The threaded screw action insures a perfect roll on brake rivets every time without damaging the liner. Code 7 M-406-100 $36.25 PRESSURE TESTER SWAGING HAND TOOLS SHOCK CORD TOOLS Description Cat. No. Price Shock Cord Tool Use with shock cords already on aircraft. With little effort install shock cords on most aircraft. Not for use with hydrasorb shock struts. Code 7 M-008-000 $299.00 Shock Cord Tool Use before mounting strut on aircraft. Fits J-3 shock struts only. An easier way to install shock cords! Code 7 M-528-000 $172.75 SAFETY WIRE, TOOLS M-017-000 M-278-000 Combination Special! Purchase wire twister and one roll of wire for special price. (Set includes Cat. No. M-275-000 pliers.) Code 7 Description Cat. No. Price 9” Pliers w/.032 wire M-245-001 $29.50 9” Pliers w/.041 wire M-245-002 $29.50 Wire Twister and Cutoff Unique twisting mechanism for safe tying of all hard-to-reach spots. One tool for both safe tying and cutoff. Code 7 9” Safety Wire Pliers M-275-000 $22.50 6” Safety Wire Pliers M-244-000 $21.45 6” Reversible Safety Wire Pliers by Milbar Switches from right-handed (clockwise) to left-handed (counterclockwise) twisting at theflick of a switch. Excellent for series wiring where you must switch directions with each bolt. Code 7 6” Reversible Twister M-278-000 $79.95 Safety Wire Stainless steel safety wire comes in a unique one-pound dispenser that helps eliminate wild uncoiling and kinking. Code 5 .020 MIL Spec. 20995C20 M-013-000 ea. $10.15 .025 MIL Spec. 20995C25 M-015-000 ea. $10.95 .032 MIL Spec. 20995C32 M-011-000 ea. $9.15 .041 MIL Spec. 20995C41 M-012-000 ea. $9.40 Wire Tool A tool every mechanic, homebuilder, and private aircraft owner will need. Code 7 M-017-000 $26.00 M-253-000 M-252-000 M-406-100 M-008-000 M-528-000 Safety Wire M-275-000 M-276-001 M-276-002 M-932-000 M-244-000 New!