2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

18 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice CABLE TOOLS INSPECTION TOOLS MAINTENANCE I-330-000 Heavy-duty cylinder base nut wrenches. All Code 7 Continental 9/16” Hex M-404-001 $35.00 Continental 5/8” Hex M-404-002 $31.50 Continental 1/2” Hex M-404-003 $31.50 Lycoming1/2” Hex M-599-001 $42.60 Lycoming3/8” Hex M-599-002 $45.00 Vacuum Pump Wrench M-940-000 $24.00 Description Code Cat. No. Price Synchronizer w/Tweeter Measure the change of inductance in the magneto coil when points open or close. 100% solid-state, latest digital integrated, fail-safe circuitry. Accurate readings from LED display and four phase audio signal make adjustments simple. Strong anodized aluminum case, unit measures 3/4” x 3” x 5”. TP-105 7 M-411-000 $65.35 Timing Light Easy to install, compact unit gives an extra margin of safety by creating perfect timing of magnetos and synchronizing magnetos to engine. Fail-safe circuitry. 6-1/2”wide. TP-102 7 M-403-000 $101.12 Timing Indicator Complete with top dead center locator and mounting bands. Accurate to within one-half degree. 7 M-440-000 $80.90 Piston StopFor above timing indicator. 7 M-440-100 $18.50 Mag-Lock Tool Now make mag replacing simple. Use of the mag-lock tool permits magneto locking so that readjustment of point and subsequent installation on the engine is eliminated. For most Bendix mags. 7 I-330-000 $20.10 Description Code Cat. No. Price E-Z Squeeze Bearing Packer Unit saves time as it flushes out old grease with new in 4 seconds. No air hose. Packs 50-60 bearings with onefilling. Two year manufacturer’s warranty. 7 M-585-000 $21.95 Handheld Cable Cutter This unit has triangular cutting blades. Handles cable up through 3/16” wire rope and 1/16” dia. spring wire. Triangle jaws never leave a frayed end. 7 M-339-000 $59.45 M-411-000 M-403-000 M-440-000 BUCKING BARS SAF-T-BLOKS WRENCHES Military Style Tool Bag Ideal for tools or light travel, this olive drab canvas tool bag has a roomy main compartment, two outer snap-shut accessory pockets, plus inside dividers. Hardfiber shaperetaining bottom and brass zipper. 11” x 7” x 6”. Code 7 Cat. No. M-266-000 $11.90 Made of ductile iron to insure a non porous finish which is very important in order to have that highly polishedfinish, heat treated to 38-42 RC and can be re-polished many time without changing hardness. Work surfaces are highly polished. Description Code Cat. No. Price TP692 7 M-254-001 $18.33 TP669 7 M-254-002 $17.40 TP670 7 M-254-003 $24.00 TP1111 7 M-254-004 $32.85 TP1112 7 M-254-005 $49.87 Description Code Cat. No. Price Standard Aero Bolt Accepts 8-32, 10-32, 1/4-20, 1/4-28, and 5/16-24 bolts. Just thread bolts into required depth, then drill hole in bolt. 7 M-822-000 $31.75 Nut Accepts nuts up to 3/4” diameter. Insert nut into V groove, tighten down with bolt supplied and drill diagonal hole. 7 M-821-000 $34.25 M-254-001 M-254-002 M-254-003 M-254-004 M-254-005 M-822-000 M-821-000 M-585-000 M-339-000 M-599-001 M-940-000 M-404-001