2022-2023 Wag-Aero Catalog

Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice | 1.800.558.6868 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 17 OIL FILTER TOOL n Oil Filter Tools All Code 7 Description P/N Cat. No. Price Oil Filter Cutter Kit Filter turns easily against the heat treated 4140 steel cutting edge. Blade replacement needed after approximately 50 uses. Includes oil filter cutter adapter. M-896-300 $67.00 Replacement Cutter Blades M-896-100 $9.65 Oil Filters on page 12 Spark Plug Trays Steel tray holds up to 12 spark plugs for the convenience and ease of handling plugs. Tray is numbered to correspond with engine cylinders. Protects plugs against contamination. Code 7 Champion Red Tray, Size: 5-3/4”H X 8”L X 3-3/4”W M-241-000 $66.12 Forbes Blue Tray, Size: 5”H X 8”L X 3-1/2”W M-241-100 $32.30 Impulse Magneto Coupling Puller Code 7 T-106 M-943-000 $167.55 Timing Pin T-118-10 M-944-000 $10.35 E Gap Tool T-150-10 M-945-000 $24.55 Impulse Coupling Inspection GaugeCode 7 T-155 M-946-000 $100.60 Spark Plug Socket w/Magnetic Interior Easy installation or removal. Works with all Champion and Autolite aviation spark plugs. Made of chrome vanadium steel. Code 7 ATS950 M-936-000 $32.00 M-896-300 Champion Gap Tool Efficient gap setting tool for closing gaps on massive electrode type aviation spark plugs. Designed for use as a hand tool, mounting on a bench, or held in a vise. Complete with one adaptor for 18mm spark plugs only and one 450 gap gauge. All Code 7 CT415AV M-558-000 $198.75 Champion Fine Wire Gap Tool CT457 M-558-100 $49.50 Retractable Gap Gauge CT450 M-558-200 $45.15 Replacement Wire Pack CT450-WG M-558-201 $19.35 M-945-000 M-944-000 M-946-000 M-896-100 SHEET METAL HAND TOOLS n Sheet Metal Hand Tools All Code 7 Description Cat. No. Price Instrument Hole Punch It’s not easy to make a perfect instrument hole, but this tool will make it a snap. It’s a punch made out 4140 tool steel that has been hardened and precision ground to produce clean, flawless holes in aluminum up to 1/8” thick. Dual reversible design for punching both 2-1/4” and 3-1/8” holes. M-961-000 $178.35 Instrument Hole Drill Template A precision template for locating and drilling screw mounting holes after instrument holes have been cut out in the panel. 2-1/4” & 3-1/8” hole patterns on one drill template. M-961-100 $25.00 Heavy-Duty Hand Punch Includes hinged hard plastic box, hand punch, 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”, 7/32”, 1/4” and 9/32” round punches and dies. M-249-000 $56.95 Hand Fluting Tool Produces neat, even crimps. M-251-000 $25.00 Hand Seamer For sheet work. Deep jaws. Produces neat, tight fold and seams. M-250-000 $26.65 Sheet Metal Practice Kit Includes 4130flat steel stock in assorted sizes and thicknesses for practice with the tool above, or for practice welding. M-247-416 $11.95 Practice Welding Material Kit Includes miscellaneous tubing in assorted sizes and wall thicknesses for practice welding. M-247-411 $15.75 M-249-000 M-961-000 SPARK PLUG TOOLS MISCELLANOUS TOOLS n Cleco Tool, Fastener All Code 7 Cleco Pliers M-259-000 $5.95 Fasteners Cadmium, 3/32” M-259-100 ea. $.63 Copper, 1/8” M-259-200 ea. $.63 Black, 5/32” M-259-300 ea. $.63 Brass, 3/16” M-259-400 ea. $.63 M-259-000 M-558-000 M-241-100 M-251-000 M-241-000 M-558-100 M-961-100 M-250-000