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12  |  onlinecatalog.wagaero.com  | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice Description Cat. No. Price Phillips 66 XC 20W 50 Oil The first approved multiviscosity aviation oil for opposed piston engines. It provides better engine performance in all weather conditions. Formulated with an ashless dispersant package allowing for cleaner engine operation. Code 5 Quart B-236-000 $6.45 Quart Case (12) B-236-100 $70.65 Gallon B-237-000 $24.95 Gallon Case (4) B-237-100 $94.85 Phillips 66 Victory 100 AW Oil In addition to providing Lycoming LW-16702 anti-scuff protection, this is an ashless dispersant (AD) oil containing the highest viscosity index number and lowest pour point of any single-grade aviation oil on the market. This mineral-based aviation piston engine oil provides robust protection for your Lycoming engine. Code 5 Quart B-238-000 $6.10 Quart Case (12) B-238-100 $71.75 Description Cat. No. Price AeroShell Oil Multigrade 15W-50 is an anti-wear, anti-corrosion, less dispersant, semisynthetic oil. It is fully approved in all Lycoming, Continental, and Pratt & Whitney aircraft piston engines. Eliminates the need for seasonal oil changes. Code 5 15W-50 Quart B-121-000 $7.95 15W-50 Case (12) B-121-100 $91.75 AeroShell W100 Single Grade is an ashless dispersant oil that provides excellent service in all four-cycle aircraft piston engines. Code 5 W100 Quart B-122-000 $6.50 W100 Case (12) B-122-100 $76.50 Aeroshell Oil W100 Plus Use in four-stroke cycle aircraft reciprocating engines. Single grade is an ashless dispersant oil that contains the Lycoming LW16702 anti-wear additive technology for improved camshaft and lifter protection. Contains anti-corrosion and anti-rust additives for improved protection during down times. For most Lycoming and Continental opposed aircraft engines operated in mild to warm ambient temperatures. Meets Lycoming Service Bulletin 446C and 471, plus Service Instruction 1409A MIL-L-22851(obsolete) SAE J 1899 Continental recommended FAA Airworthiness Directive 80-04-03 Note: Not recommended for use in automotive engines converted for use in aircraft or for use in helicopters that utilize a common engine and transmission oil sump system. W100 Plus is NOT USDA H2 approved. Code 5 W100 Plus Quart B-135-000 $7.50 W100 Plus Case (12 B-135-100 $87.20 AeroShell 80 Mineral Oil Used as a break in oil. Code 5 80 Quart B-132-000 $6.45 80 Case (12) B-132-100 $71.45 AeroShell W80 Oil A combination of aviation engine oil stock and an ashless dispersant. Code 5 W80 Quart B-130-000 $7.75 W80 Case (12) B-130-100 $86.75 AeroShell Sport Plus 4 for ROTAX® 912/914 Multigrade oil for any climate. Suits the requirements of integrated gearbox and overload clutch. High thermal stability. Better cold flow characteristics for easier starts. Anti-corrosion, anti-wear and anti-foaming additives. Can be used with unleaded fuels and AVgas 100LL. Code 8 Liter B-241-000 $12.10 Case of 12 B-241-100 $132.99 ENGINE OILS B-121-000 B-130-000 B-122-000 B-241-000 n  Spin-On Type Filters from Champion Replaces oil filter element • Easy to install • Saves time and clean-up • FAA Approved Description P/N Cat. No. Price Champion Fits most models of Cessna, Piper and Mooney; Beech Musketeer andTravel Air. New shorter 5” height. Code 4 CH48110-1 I-957-000 $26.75 Champion Cessna 320, 340, 401 & 402, Piper Seneca II, others. 4-3/4”H Code 4 CH48108-1 I-239-000 $26.75 Champion Beech Bonanza Debonair and others. 6-1/4”H. Code 4 CH48109-1 I-240-000 $26.75 Champion Fits Cessna 172N, 177, 177RG, R182, T182, TR18, FTR182; Mooney 50 M20J-201; Piper PA-28R-180, 236, 32R-300, 32RT-300T, 32-301, 32R-301, and others. 4-3/4”H. Code 4 CH48103-1 I-341-000 $26.75 Champion Fits Cessna 320A and 411 thru S/N 126; Beech 56-TC, A56-TC, 60, A60, B60; Piper PA-36, PA-31P-425 requires Champion P/N CH48922 Converter & Stud kit for conversion from element to Spin-on Filter. 5-3/4” H. Code 4 CH48104-1 I-238-000 $26.75 Champion Fits Beech 65, 70, 80, 88, 880; Cessna 172P, 320A, 320B, C, 404, 411; S/N 127 fwd, 421 A, B, C. 5-3/4”H. Code 4 CH48111-1 I-237-000 $26.75 Champion Replacement Element High capacity. Superior performance. Tough resin impregnated cellulose filter. Replaces AC P/N OF6A. Code 4 CFO100-1 I-857-001 $26.75 Airwolf Oil Chiller Includes 20 aircraft quality aluminum gold anodized fins that are precisely bent to mold around the outside of any standard oil filter. These fins generate 300 sq. in. of cooling area to suck the heat from your oil filter, cooling your engine oil. Easily secured to the oil filter with two hose clamps. Code 8 I-380-000 $169.95 I-957-000 I-239-000 I-240-000 I-341-000 I-238-000 I-237-000 OIL FILTERS OIL FILTER BIB B-132-000 B-135-000   MAINTENANCE Engine Preserving Kit by Tanis Includes cylinder dehydrator plugs, desiccant bags, streamers, warning sign and the proper preservative oils. The cylinder oil comes ready to spray into your cylinders. The crankcase oil is added to your own mineral oil to make the proper preservative mix. While Supply Lasts! Code 8 Four-Cylinder Kit P/N PKL 4 M-921-001 $139.00 Six-Cylinder Kit P/N PKL 6 M-921-002 $169.00 Engine Oil Analysis Kit Know the exact condition of your engine through the use of spectrochemical lube oil analysis. Take a sample at your next oil change or have your FBO take a sample. Sample bottle and prepaid shipping container supplied with each kit. For a prompt accurate diagnostic report. Code 7 Cat. No. Price I-954-000 $24.50 Oil Filter Bib This unique disposable product takes the mess out of changing aviation oil and oil filters. It makes a seal around the filter and catches the oil without spilling a drop. Code 7 Description Cat. No. Price 3 Pack I-203-003 $9.95 10 Pack I-203-010 $29.95 Sale