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2 onlinecatalog.wagaero.com 1.800.558.6868 Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice On the Cover The top cover photo (N98700) has a heart-warming story behind it. Dan, right, owned this plane in 1975 and sold it in 1978. He kept his eyes open and found it for sale again 30 years later and bought it back. It had sentimental value as his two daughters got their first airplane rides in it. Dan flies his J-3 out of Galt Airport in northeastern Illinois, the photo was taken there. The bottom photo was taken on a camping trip to the Mississippi River. Dan purchased this J-3 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was in poor condition and Dan rebuilt it with help from good friend Dick Wydra to like-new condition using many parts and supplies from Wag-Aero including fabric and finishing materials, wing tanks and interior. He used this plane for flight instruction doing seaplane ratings for a couple of years. He sold the plane several years ago to a local pilot who then sold it last spring. Dan got a call from the present owner asking about the rebuild project. As Dan tells it, The phone conversation started with Hi, Im Tom Reeder. The voice and name sounded familiar and I asked if this was the Tom Reeder that flew DC-3s for Air Sunshine in Key West in 1976. His response was, Dan? Both men had started their airline careers together 40 years ago. They hadnt kept in touch all that time, but were reacquainted through the Cub. The plane is now kept on Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia where Tom and his wife live. Where Dreams Take Flight Piper J-3 Muffler, FAA/PMA'd Fits all J-3, Wag-Aero Sport Trainer and homebuilts using A-65, A75, C85-8 engines without accessories. Code 4 Description Cat. No. Price Replaces OEM Part # 71053-02 E-311-000 $427.95 Piper J-3 Muffler Shroud, FAA/PMA'd Fits most J-3, Wag-Aero Sport Trainer, and homebuilts using A-65, A75, C85-8 engines without accessories. Code 4 Replaces OEM Part # 70963-00 E-330-000 $278.50 Piper J-3 Main Fuel Tank, FAA/PMA'd Exact replacement, aluminum. Ideal for most homebuilts. 12 gal. tank. 17-1/2L x 13W x 14-1/2H. Code 4 Description Cat. No. Price E-316-000 $510.00 Piper J-3 Gas Cap & Float, FAA/PMA'd 15 depth. Code 4 Replaces OEM P/N 71041-00 M-133-000 $77.25 Piper J-3 Lift Struts, FAA/PMA'd J-3 front and rear lift struts manufactured to revision levels and installed per AD-93- 10-06 are an FAA approved Alternate Means of Compliance (AMOC) and is considered terminating actions for repetitive inspection requirement of AD-99-01-05. Includes jury strut clamps. Lift strut is oiled and sealed. For lift struts, forks require a 500 hour inspection per A.D. 93-10-06. Original size 7/16 x 20 thread. Made with 4130N Streamline tubing, not Mild Steel. Dimensions 2.67 x 1.44 x .049. Code 4 Description Cat. No. Price Front Strut M-111-100 $654.90 Rear Strut M-112-100 $536.90 J-3 Cowling Assembly, FAA/PMA'd Complete unit includes top and bottom half. Nose pieces on cowling are made of high strength fiberglass. Replaces OEM P/N 72543-00 & 72473-00. Code 4 Cat. No. M-048-000 $849.50 J-3 Boot Cowl Kit, FAA/PMA'd Includes firewall, windshield frame and small pulley covers for J-3 and Sport Trainer. Replaces OEM P/N 23993-00. Code 4 Cat. No. M-104-000 $474.95 J-3 Engine Mount, FAA/PMA'd New engine mount for Piper J-3 with Continental engines. Has 7/16 bolt hole and requires our Cat. No. I-907-300 bushings. Code 4 Cat. No. M-093-000 $581.00 Cub Exterior Decal 8-1/8W x 9-1/4H. Authentic reproduction of originals. Durable and high quality. Easily applied. Code 8 Cat. No. H-722-000 $8.50 Piper J-3 Boot Cowl Nameplate Exact reproduction of the original. Raised metal lettering Unfinished. 1/8 x 1-1/2. Code 4 Cat. No. H-817-000 $25.25 How to Fly a Piper Cub Manual A step-by-step pictorial of how to fly this special airplane. Code 7 Cat. No. F-496-000 $7.85 FAA Approved Piper J-3 Parts Made in the USA by Aero Fabricators More Piper J-3 Parts on Pages 17, 34, 40, 41, 43-48, 50-53, 59, 61, 62, 66, 69, 78-84 Dan and his daughters, Jana and Stacie, pose with their J-3 Cub. Dan's youngest daughter soloed in this plane. Dan and his wife, Nancy, are pictured below E-330-000 E-311-000 E-316-000 The Wag-Aero Group is not connected with Piper Aircraft Corporation. See page 119 for a full disclaimer. M-104-000 M-048-000 M-093-000 M-111-100 The Dan Johnson Family M-133-000

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