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50 | onlin e change without notice OD PROPELLERS, SPINNERS These nd other cla luded. All models from All Code 4 Aircraft Models Price Aeronca 7AC, 11AC, $1,812.00 Cessna 120, 140 $2,308.00 Luscombe 8A $2,395.00 Piper J-3, J-4A, PA-11, PA-17 44 72CK-40 $1,812.00 Piper J-3 (Duster) $2,166.00 Piper J-3 L65 S L $2,239.00 Piper J-4E Cont 42 70DK-44 70DK-40 $2,166.00 Piper J-4F Lyc. O-14 0LY-36 70LY-34 $2,239.00 Piper PA-12 Lyc. O-235C1 76RM-46 $2,652.00 Piper PA-14, PA-16, PA-18, PA-20 Lyc. O-235C1 74FM-49 74FM-47 $2,694.00 Piper PA-15 Lyc. O-145B 70LY-36 70LY-38 $2,239.00 Piper PA-18, PA-18A Lyc. O-290D 74FM-50 74FM-48 $2,694.00 Piper PA-20, PA-22 125, 135 Lyc. O-290D/D2 74FM-54 $2,694.00 T-Craft BC-65, BC-12 65, L2, DC-65, DC0-65 Cont. A65 72CK-42 72CK-44 $1,812.00 T-Craft BC-12D, BC-12D1 Cont. A65 72CK-42 72CK-44 $1,812.00 T-Craft BC-12D85, BC-12D485 Cont. C85 72GK-48 72GK-50 $2,308.00 Description Code Length Thread Length P/N Cat. No. Price Decorative Wood Prop For the den, recroom, greatroom or hangar office. We have a limited number of authentic, wood props (display only) from Sensenich. They are finished as the genuine product, but do not meet airworthiness standards. Approx. 72”. NOTE: Color and tip style may vary. 7 U-141-000 $590.00 n Propeller Accessories Wood-Prop Bolts For wood props 3-3/8” thick with 3/8” bolt holes. The length of the bolt required depends upon, the thickness of the prop hub, the thickness of the crush plate and spinner bulkhead use. NOTE: Multiple washers may be needed for proper installation. Drilled Head & Shank 5 4-7/16” 9/16” AN6H-43 I-327-000 ea. $9.40 Drilled Head 5 3-15/16” 9/16” AN6H-37A I-325-000 ea. $4.10 Propeller Crush Plates For wooden propellers. Continental 4-3/8” hole pattern. Flange equivalent to Cont. For use with A-65, C-85 installations 8 3991 I-925-000 $34.75 Lycoming Flange equivalent to Lyc. For use with Lyc. 0-235 thru 0-360 engines with SAE2 Bolt Pattern engines. 6 holes, each 3/8” 8 45688 I-925-100 $36.75 Prop Bushings For tapered shaft installations. Set of 6 4 I-924-000 $46.30 “For Sale” Banner Red banner fits prop blades for display. Waterproof vinyl with fringe and extra bold white lettering. 33-1/2”L x 12”W. Attachments included. Sold per pair 7 H-715-000 $28.50 n Cessna Spinners Description Cat. No. Price Cessna 150 Style Spinner and Backplates Copies of original, fits McCauley HCM, GCM, or OCM prop using a prop spacer. Standard set includes unpainted aluminum spinner and two backplates. 11-1/2”H x 10” dia. Not FAA approved parts . Code 8 Spinner w/Two Backplates I-340-000 $219.00 Spinner Only I-340-100 $106.00 Front Backplate (Diameter 7-7/8”) I-340-101 $61.00 Rear Backplate I-340-102 $59.50 Cessna 170 & 172 Spinner FAA Approved Replaces Cessna P/N 0550162-7 and backplate P/N 0550162-3. Front backplate attached directly to spinner. Used with McCauley propeller Model DM or MDM with Cont. 0300, A, B, engines. Rear 8-hole backplate included. Dia. 9 1/2”, Height 13”. Code 4 I-949-000 $379.00 n Homebuilder Spinner Spinner set includes front and rear backplate. Adaptable to most homebuilts. Designed for prop thickness of 3”. Size: 10-1/2”dia. x 11-5/8” high. Requires the builder to cut prop opening and prop bolt attaching holes. Code 8 Standard Spinner w/Two Backplates I-842-000 $155.00 Spinner Only I-842-100 $81.00 Front Backplate, 3-1/4 I.D., 9-1/4” O.D. I-842-101 $42.00 Rear Backplate, 3” I.D., 10-1/2 O.D. I-842-102 $42.00 I-340-000 I-842-000 n Piper Spinner Assembly, Skull Caps FAA Approved Description Cat. No. Price PA18, 20 & 22 Kit Assembly Installation Eligibilty: Piper aircraft models PA-18-105, -125, -135: PA-20w/0-290 engine; PA-22 w/0-235 or 0-290 engine, Using Sensenich Propeller (AM Series) Includes spinner and two bulkheads. Replaces P/N 13661-00, 13663-00 & 13664-00. 12” dia. X 7” high. Code 4 I-962-000 ea. $279.00 Skull Caps Small Spinner Kit Fits Sensenich 74CK-0, 74CK-2, 76AM6-2, 76CK, 72CK, 76AK-2, 74FKT, 74FK; McCauley CM74, CM73, CM71, CM70, LM72. 5” Dia. Code 4 I-807-000 $54.00 Large Spinner Kit For McCauley props on Cessna 170’s. 6” Dia. Code 4 I-808-100 $59.95 I-807-000 I-808-100 catalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to SENSENICH WO wood propellers were original equipment on Piper, Aeronca, Taylorcraft, Ercoupe, early Cessnas, a ssic aircraft. Metal tipping and high quality lacquer finish. Bolts and mounting plates not inc Sensenich are available and popular models are in stock. 18 lbs. $10.50 handling fee. Engine Standard Cruise Climb 11ACS Cont. A65 72CK-42 72CK-44 Cont. C85 72GK-48 Cont. A65 76CK-42 76CK-44 Cont. A65/C65 72CK-42 72CK- Cont. A65 70DK-40 yc. O-145B 70LY-32 . A75 70DK- 5B 7 72CK I-924-000 I-925-000 I-925-100 A GREAT GIFT FOR HOME OR OFFICE! H-715-000 I-327-000 I-325-000 AIRFRAME PARTS I-962-000 I-949-000 Visit us at wagaero.com for complete product listings