Spring/Summer 2018 - Wagaero

48 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice Aircraft Models Engine Standard Cruise Climb Price Aeronca 11AC Cont. A-65/65 74CK-0-46 $4,520.00 11BC, 11CC Cont. C-85/85 74CK-2-46 $4,520.00 15AC Cont. C-145-D 74DR-0-52 74DR-0-54 $4,538.00 S11AC Cont. A-65/65 74CK-0-40 $4,520.00 S11BC, S11CC Cont. C-85/85 74CK-2-40 $4,520.00 S15AC Cont. C-145 74DR-0-48 $4,538.00 AG-5B Lyc. O-360/180 76EM8S10-0-63 76EM8S10-0-65 76EM8S10-0-61 $4,738.00 del 19A, M19A Lyc. O-320/150 74DM6-0-58 $4,520.00 23 Lyc. O-320/160 74DM6-0-60 74DM6-0-56 $4,520.00 Skipper” Lyc. O-235/115 72CKS12-0-52 $4,502.00 Lyc. O-320/150 74DM6-0-58 $4,520.00 Lyc. O-320/150 74DM6S5-0-54 74DM6S5-0-58 $4,569.00 er” Lyc. O-360/180 76EM8S5-0-60 $4,625.00 Cont. IO-346-A 74DC-0-60 74DC-0-56 $4,583.00 Cont. A-65 74CK-0-46 74CK-0-44 $4,520.00 C-90 76AK-2-46 76AK-2-48 76AK-2-44 $4,520.00 0 76AK-2-42 $4,520.00 5-L2C/115 72CKS8-0-52 $4,404.00 -320/150 74DM6-0-57 74DM6-0-52 $4,520.00 c. O-320/150 74DM6S8-1-56 74DM6S8-1-52 $4,582.00 Lyc. O-320/150 74DM6-0-52 $4,520.00 Cont. A-65 74CK-0-40 $4,520.00 Cont. C-85 76AK-2-44 76AK-2-42 $4,520.00 Cont. C-85 76AK-2-40 $4,520.00 Lyc. O-320/150 74DM6S5-0-58 $4,569.00 K Cont. O-200 69CK-0-50L 69CK-0-52L 69CK-0-48L $4,187.00 0L, 150M, A150M Cont. O-200 69CKS12-0-50L 69CKS12-0-52L 69CKS12-0-48L $4,227.00 TC Sensenich Lyc. O-235-L2C/110hp 72CKS6-0-54 72CKS6-0-56 $4,303.00 /180hp Lyc. O-360/180hp 76EM8S5-0-56 76EM8S5-0-60 76EM8S5-0-54 $4,625.00 170 series Cont. C-145 74DR-0-56 74DR-0-58 74DR-0-54 $4,538.00 172/180 hp/Avcon Conv. Lyc. O-360/180hp 76EM8S5-0-56 $4,625.00 172/172A/180hp Lyc. O-360/180hp 76EM8 Series $4,585.00 172, thru 172C Cont. O-300-C, D 74DC-0-56 $4,583.00 172/145hp Cont. O-300-A, -B 74DR-0-55 74DR-0-56 74DR-0-53 $4,538.00 172L, thru M/150hp Lyc. O-320/150hp 74DM7S14-0-58 74DM7S14-0-60 74DM7S14-0-56 $4,575.00 172N, 172P/160hp Lyc. O-320/160hp 74DM7S14-0-58 74DM7S14-0-62 74DM7S14-0-56 $4,575.00 175/180hp Lyc. O-360/180hp 76EM8 Series $4,585.00 177/180hp Lyc. O-360/180hp 76EM8 Series $4,585.00 SENSENICH METAL PROPELLERS We have the largest selection of Sensenich metal propellers and can offer all popular models, at a great price! When ordering, specify make, model and engine of aircraft, and standard, cruise or climb pitch. Orders must be prepaid and are noncancellable and nonreturnable. Shipped FOB Factory. 40 lbs. Approximate $40.00 shipping charge is added to all metal prop orders. Sensenich is charging $100 if an 8130-3 tag is required for an International Customer. $10.85 handling fee. 40 lbs. All Code 4 Sensenich upgrades will provide increased performance and smoother operation, and will allow greater pitch ranges, plus blade tips may be reworked if damaged. Description Cat. No. Price Cessna 150 STC Kit For all late Model L & M 150’s. Direct replacement for McCauley, provides increased smoothness and performance. Includes a new spinner kit, prop bolt kit, and necessary paperwork. Combination S69CKS12-0-50 I-947-002 $4,503.00 Cessna 152 STC Kit Avoid a costly McCauley AD with this conversion. Kit includes high performance propeller, all new spinner, attaching prop bolt kit and necessary paperwork. Cruise S72CKS6-0-56 I-945-001 $4,585.00 High Performance Standard S72CKS6-0-54 I-945-002 $4,585.00 Cessna 172 STC Kit For Models I through P. Kit includes factory new propeller, spacer, mounting bolts, and all necessary paperwork. No need to modify your existing inner. Comb DM7S14-58 I-946-002 $4,573.33 American General Beech Mo Model Model 77 “ Model A-23-19 Model B19 “Sport” Model B23, C23 “Sundown Models A23, A23A Bellanca 7AC 7EC, 7FC, 7JC Cont. 7EC, 7FC, 7JC, 7CCM Cont. C-9 7ECA Lyc. O-23 7GCA, 7GCB Lyc. O 7GCAA, 7GCBC Ly 7GCBA S7AC (Float version of 7AC) Cessna 120, 140 120S, 140S 150 (All)/150 150, thru 150 150L, A15 152 /S 170 sp ination 74 Key to Hub Design C: Fits SAE ARP-502 flange K: Fits SAE # 1 flange M6: Denotes hub drilled for SAE #2 flanged shaft with 6/16-in. thick attaching bolts and 5/8-inch diameter drive bushings M7: Denotes hub drilled for SAE #2 flanged shaft with 7/16-inch thick attaching bolts and 11/16-inch diameter drive bushings M8: Denotes hub drilled for SAE #2 flanged shaft with 8/16-inch thick attaching bolts and 3/4-inch diameter drive bushings R: Fits SAE #3 flange Spacer length is designated in 1/4-inch units. The 74DM6S5-2-60 propeller includes a 5/4-inch spacer. Example of Model Designation 74 D M6 S5 -2- 60 L (KEYED EXAMPLE) Designates design change Blade pitch (inches) at 75% radius Reduction (inches) from basic diameter Spacer length (in 1/4-inch units) Propeller hub design Blade design Basic propeller diameter (inches) AIRFRAME PARTS