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Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice | 1.800.558.6868 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 23 E-04 ELT 121.5/406 MHz by ACK FAA approved. This is a direct replacement for model E-01 ELT. Fits directly into current E-01 mounting trays and uses the same remote control panel indicator. The external antenna will utilize your current antenna mounti and wiring installations. This model is designed for use in aircraft used for general and commercial aviation. Older generation ELT’s were very limited in their ability to rapidly locate and identify a downed aircraft. Often it took several passes of the orbiti satellites to get an approximate fix on a downed aircraft. The older generation ELTs gave rescuers no information on type of aircraft, owner/operator, or contact information. The new generation 406 MHz ELT’s provide much better and faster location accuracy along with providing information to search and rescue organizations about the aircraft type, ownership, and emergen contact information. Location accuracy with older generation ELT’s was limited to about a 15 - 20 mile radius and could take several hours to provide accurate location data. For new generation 406 MHz ELT’s without GPS position information, the avera time to process and identify the aircraft location is 1-2 hours, with a search radius of about 2 miles or less. With GPS informatio the time to locate the aircraft position is 10 minutes or less, with an accuracy of about 300 feet. Accepts GPS position input dat from Bendix/King, Garmin, Nema 0183 GPS. 5 Watts at 406 MHz for 24 hours and 100 mW at 121.5 MHz for 48 hours. Audible ale indicator. Lithium battery pack has a five year battery life. Description Code Cat. No. Pri E-04 4 C-190-000 $47 ACK ELT Retrofit Kit Uses your existing remote control panel indicator and cable, antenna coax cable, mounting tray and straps. This E-04 retrofit kit replaces the E-01 installed in your aircraft. Provides the necessary components you need to change over, including the new 406/121.5 MHz frequency antenna, the Audible Alert Indicator and the E-04 itself. 4 C-190-100 $46 ACK E-04 ELT Replacement Battery 4 C-190-200 $14 A-30.5 (Mod 5) Altitude Encoder by ACK Technology FAA/TSO’d The smallest (6”x2.65”x1.3”), and lightest (weighs 5.1 ozs.) encoder available. Compatible with most transponders. Reports to 30,750 ft. Reliable solid-state electronics. Add Mode C capability. Includes quick release mounting tray, 4 ft. color-coded wiring harness with prewired jack, static line and fittings for installation, and installation manual. Operates on 10-32VDC, between -4˚F and +131°F. Installs in less than one hour. One year Manufacturer’s warranty. 4 C-156-077 $223.95 A-30.9 (Mod 9) Altitude Encoder by ACK Technology FAA/TSO’d Ideal for use with most GPS and Terrain Awareness Systems (TAWS). This encoder works well with most of today’s mode S transponders. Features Gray code in 100 ft. increments. Furnished with a 4 ft. harness, pre-wired jack, quick release mounting tray, RS232 in 10 or 100 ft. increments, fittings, static line, and installation manual. Reports altitude to 42,000 ft. One year warranty. 4 C-156-078 $242.95 TRANSCEIVER ENCODERS C-383-001 C-260-100 C-152-002 C-266-000 C-260-300 C-381-000 C-156-028 C-260-200 EMERGENCY LOCATOR TRAN ELT BATTERIES Replacement batteries. TSO’d Description Code Warranty Cat. No. Price EBC 102A 4 BP1045 (24 months) C-152-002 $23.75 EBC 502 4 GS-52 (24 months) C-383-001 $70.00 Narco ELT-10 4 BP-1010 (24 months) C-156-028 $32.00 Dorne & Margolin 4 BP1020 (24 months) C-260-100 $33.00 CIR II 4 BP1026 (24 months) C-260-200 $49.95 Pointer 3000 4 BP1030 (24 months) C-260-300 $23.50 Sharc 7 4 BP1015 (24 months) C-266-000 $28.65 Artex 110-4 4 452-0130 (24 months) C-381-000 $164.50 Larago 4 BP1005 (24 months) C-391-000 $43.75 PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to return an ELT battery, it must be returned within 14 days from the date of purchase. FL-760 Transceiver by Flightline Non-TSO’d . • Frequency Range: 118.0 to 136.975 MHZ (Receive: 108.00 to 136.975 MHZ) • Mode: AM (6K00A3E) • Acceptable Power Supply: 11.7 to 33 VDC (Negative Ground Only) • Usable Temperature Range: -200˚C to +600˚C • Frequency Stability: +/- 5ppm • Current Drain: TX 3A (max), RX 0.8A (max) • Exposed Dial Face: 2-1/4” • Output Power: 5W Carrier, 16W Pep This unit is one of the smallest and lightest VHF transceivers in the industry. For use in experimental and light aircraft requiring compact size and low power consumption. Unit is loaded with features including: Flip-Flop Frequency Selection, Built-In 4-place VOX Intercom, Backlit Display, 32 Programmable Memory Channels, One Touch Emergency Channel Call-Up, and 25 KHZ Channel Spacing. 61 W X 159 D X 61 H (MM), weighs 14.11 oz. One-year manufacturer warranty. 8 C-366-000 $715.00 C-391-000 ng ng cy ge n, a rt ce 5.00 7.00 3.95 SMITTERS C-190-000 C-395-000 406AP - Automatic Portable ELT by EBC FAA approved under TSO-91a and TSO-C126 for fixed wing aircraft. The EBC 406AP is designed for installation in the cabin or cockpit of a fixed wing aircraft. It transmits on the frequencies of 406.028 and 121.5 MHz. The system comes with a transmitter, portable/ survival antenna, mounting bracket, external whip antenna with a 6 foot coax cable and a battery pack. Since it is installed near the pilot, a remote control monitor is not required. If the ELT is activated a built-in monitor emits a loud beeping tone and the LED flashes. The portable/survival antenna allows the ELT to transmit a good signal when used outside the aircraft. The EBC 406AP is meant to be installed near the pilot. This eliminates the need for a remote control monitor and thus reduces the cost of installation and the need to use panel space. This type of installation also allows for easy removal of the ELT in case of an emergency – just disconnect the antenna cable and attach the portable/survival antenna after leaving the aircraft. A self-test feature is built into the EBC 406AP. This feature allows the pilot to test for output power on both 406.028 and 121.5 MHz, test the connection with the antenna, and test the condition of the digital signal. Water and fire resistant. Yellow baked enamel. Two year Manufacturer’s parts and labor warranty. Overall size with mounting bracket 7.8”H x 3.7”D x 3.7”W. Weighs 2.5 lbs. including battery. Description Code Cat. No. Price 406AP 4 C-395-000 $995.00 External ELT/VHS Antenna, FAA Approved. Designed for all ELT systems. TSO’d for Dorne & Margolin and Sharc 7 only. Epoxy coated. 23” long. 4 C-186-000 $58.35