Spring/Summer 2018 - Wagaero

14 | onlinecatalog.wagaero.com | 1.800.558.6868 | Prices and Supplies are subject to change without notice Description Cat. No. Price Plexus Cleaner Clean and protect your aircraft with this plastic cleaner. Convenient aerosol applicator, simply spray and wipe. No buffing, mess, or waste. Code 7 7 oz. Can K-400-100 $16.75 13 oz. Can K-400-000 $21.00 Prist Acrylic, Plastic & Glass Cleaner Non-abrasive cleaner works on acrylic, stretched acrylic, polycarbonate, lexan, glass and coated glass windscreens. Dissolves grease and sticky residue, while preventing static charge build-up. Code 7 13 oz. Aerosol Can K-272-000 $6.95 Meguiar’s Plastic Cleaner/Polish (No. 18) Restores clarity to plastic windshields, windows and other plastic surfaces. Code 7 8 oz K-383-000 $6.95 Meguiar’s Plastic Cleaner Removes fine scratches from windshields, canopies, and windows. Maintain windshields and canopy. Extends window life! Code 7 Plastic Cleaner (No. 17), 8 oz K-381-000 $7.40 Plastic Polish (No. 10), 8 oz. K-282-000 $7.40 Kit Cleaner/Polish (No. 17 & No. 10) K-282-100 $12.75 K-394-000 K-416-000 K-281-100 K-412-001 K-412-000 K-412-002 K-400-000 K-400-100 K-383-000 K-282-000 M-204-000 K-381-000 K-272-000 K-449-000 K-449-001 K-449-003 K-288-000 K-392-000 CLEANERS POLISHES K-336-000 Description Cat. No. Price Prop N’ Spinner Maintenance Polishing Kit Maintain your prop & spinner with this kit. Includes one each 4 oz. bottle of compound and sealant, two velcro buffing pads, one velcro backing plate and one applicator instruction book. Rolite products meet Boeing & McDonnell Douglas Certifications (CSD-1 & ASTM Requirements). Code 7 Individual Rolite Pre-Polish/Metal Polish K-394-000 $29.95 Met-All Aluminum Polish Removes and prevents pitting. Cleans, polishes, waxes, and protects. Great for propellers and all aluminum airframe parts. Code 7 1 lb. Can K-281-100 $10.85 2 lb. Can K-281-000 $17.50 Mothers Aluminum Polish Create a chrome-like lustre. Chemically abrasive composition won’t scratch delicate polished surfaces. Use on magnesium, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, silver, copper or chrome. Code 7 10 oz. Can K-336-000 $9.50 Description Cat. No. Price Aero Gloss For cleaning and protecting fabric, painted metal and aluminum aircraft. Forms a clear film which won’t crack, chip or peel. Code 7 Pint M-204-000 $12.95 Gallon M-204-100 $44.85 Race Glaze Polish & Sealant Introducing a polish/sealant that is three products in one. A cleaner that removes tree sap, tar stains and pollutants. A micro fine leveling agent that removes fine scratches, blemishes on clear coats, and a durable/breathable clear poly/acrylic protective coating. Safe for all painted surfaces and windows. Code 7 16 oz K-412-000 $14.35 Race Glaze Gloss Highlighter This gloss highlighter is formulated to enhance gloss and protection between Race Glaze polishings.This is the ideal mist and wipe quick detailer. It can be used on paint, vinyl trim, plastic, rubber, chrome, and glass surfaces. 16 oz Code 7 K-412-002 $9.95 MAINTENANCE K-282-100 Extreme Simple Green Aircraft and Precision Cleaner The water-based formula cleans engines, aircraft, vehicles, metals, plastics, high tech alloys and parts. This non-corrosive, low foaming cleaner degreaser does not contain reagents that oxidize finishes, cause rust or degrade elastic materials such as rubber or vinyl. Protects the life of hoses, seals, gaskets, paint finishes and hard surfaces. Meets Boeing Spec D6-17487P. Code 7 Spray Bottle, 32 oz. K-449-000 $10.50 Container, 1 gallon K-449-001 $17.50 Pail, 5 gallon K-449-002 $82.00 Spray Foamer (spray container only), 96 oz. capacity (dilution range = minimum 12:1/maximum 128.1) K-449-003 $49.95 1 Gallon Extreme Simple Green and Foamer Kit K-449-100 $58.95 All Kleer keeps plastic windshields free of dirt and grime, on the ground and up in the clouds. Dissolves grease, bug residue and other substances. Simplifies airplane maintenance. Nothing sticks but the shine and improved vision. Non-pressurized 8 oz. size bottle with no-leak top is perfect to carry onboard your airplane. Code 7 8 oz. Plastic Bottle K-288-000 $6.75 Micro Mesh Kit Removes scratches and restores your windshield and windows. Code 7 Includes seven 3”x 6” sheets of unique abrasive, one foam block, one 2 oz. Micro-Gloss, and flannel towels. K-392-000 $23.65 Description Cat. No. Price Race Glaze L.A.S. Wash This wash is simply the finest vehicle wash available anywhere. This hyper concentrate is very economical to use for washing aircraft, boats, autos, and trucks. Code 7 16 oz K-412-001 $7.40 Sontara Window Wipes Wipes engineered by DuPont™ to be gentle on aircraft windows. Package of 25 wipes Code 7 K-416-000 $9.15